Chefs will NO longer be restocking single flavours

I find it confusing with these cereal flavours that keep charging names. Flavor West is notorious for it with their Captain Crunch etc after getting cease and desist orders for using brand names. I have even bought the same flavours twice thinking that they were different only to find out that they are the same but with a different name. I doubt it does the ELR flavour database any favours either because of the confusion.


I’d go with Crunchy (Captain) Cereal on ELR

On their website TPA says:

Crunchy Cereal

Sweet plain, brown sugar and butter yellow cereal. Previously named “Captain Cereal Flavor”
~The flavor was renamed from Captain Cereal Flavor due to trademark issues.~

and Chefs says on their website: Stays crunchy, even in milk! A delicious sugary crunch cereal flavour; the “plain” alternative to TFA - Berry Cereal.


TPA website has otherwise 6 cereals listed

while ELR has only 5 listed

Have no idea if this Silly Rabbit Cereal was deleted OR merged with something else on ELR but it’s been on the market for 6+ years already (and still is) and it was in database before (and now several thousands or maybe even 57,239 of recipes are compromised since noone knows what flavor is actually used). It probably should be added back, but that’s not my call.


Ya it has to be the Crunchy Cereal…It isnt the Berry Ceteal which i was hoping…Ty @Mikser and @SessionDrummer

Damn i didnt even see that FML

Time to start making some Cereal recipes lol 4oz of a flave ive never tried smh


That matches the color of the Berry Cereal but if you are not getting the berry flavor then it’s probably Rice Crunchies. Crunchy Cereal is a yellowish color


Bad Pic the flave is definetely yellowish .


That looks very smartly done @Iv3shf.


So, I was scrolling thru the chefs fb post about this again the other day and I found this:

:open_mouth: now I thought all single flavours were being discontinued including CSC which I thought was strange as this line is pretty new.
So I used the “contact form” on the chefs website to enquire.

The response started with “I’m pleased to confirm that for the time being the Chefs Super Concentrates range will be staying.” and went on to explain the reasonings behind the discontinuations etc. etc.
I asked “To avoid any further confusion, would you mind if I share your email in its entirety on the ELR site?”
The response was:

"I’ve had a chat with our directors and at this time, we don’t want this information distributed elsewhere as this is a confidential email. I’m sure you can understand, this is our news to share and isn’t an official statement so my views do not reflect those of the company.

If you’re finding people are getting in contact with yourselves regarding this, we’d much prefer you direct them to us where we can explain the situation ourselves. "

So CSC are staying - at least for now but if anyone has any further questions - please contact Chefs directly.


Thanks for the information but I find their response a little strange.
Personally I doubt I’d buy from them again as I enjoy having a better choice than one manufacturer and Nomnoms still fits that criteria.


I’m finding their way of dealing with the whole situation is lacking in transparency. I didn’t think the information contained in the email was out of the ordinary and I don’t understand the response that I couldn’t share it :woman_shrugging:

Anyway, not for me to understand I guess :grin:

At least CSC’s are available for those who “need” until an alternative can be found.



Received this earlier via email.

Hi guys, it is with a heavy heart, I am here to tell you that we will not be re-opening the website and we have made the difficult decision to cease trading.
This may not come as a surprise as it’s been a tough few years for everyone and we were not immune to the pressures of surviving these difficult times.
I would like to thank each and every one of our customers who have supported us over the years. I hope our flavours helped keep you away from cigarettes and maybe even helped you quit nicotine all together.
Both Karl and I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support you have shown us over the years. We have made many friends and have some amazing memories that we will never forget.
Love you all equally
Lewis & Karl


I got an email saying that they closed their doors altogether. :cry: Their website states that they are simply “closed for maintenance.” In here they show they are just stopping “single flavors”. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Well, until we get the actual situation, here are a few other sites I found that sells some of their products. I sure hope they haven’t completely closed.


My understanding is that they will ni longer be doing any business at all


Just received a email saying they have closed for good, iv also seen it posted on Facebook by chefs themselves saying they have closed all together what a big shame


It’s a shame. For my first four years of vaping I used Chef’s exclusively as they were the only big company that would ship to the UAE. I always had excellent service from them. I wish them all well.


Does this mean I can get unbanned from their twitch channel?


Used them since i got to the uk its a pretty sad. Things changed and competition grew. Too bad they didnt try to fix it earlier. Its too bad


It sucks because I can’t get the English Trifle one shots anymore. Very tasty stuff.
I have a few bottles left though.
Hopefully I can mix something close


Damn! Just damn!


I enjoyed their selection of one shots, sadly, nobody could match up… I do know that with Diesel reserves being super low in the US a lot of people won’t be getting flavours in due time either, nor will they get food or whatever else shipped.


I emailed them to find out if they planned on at least selling anything to their former competitors. And what i got is this

There are no plans in place for any remaining stock right now but we will update once we know more

Kind regards


When i looked on thursday they had a lot left. I can so see their remaining stock on rainbowvapes beginning next year. Rainbow loves buying others leftovers after closing. Once other place run out its gone forever. Would be cool if they released mfic recipe. By far one of their best solos ever