Choosing Dual Coil Squonk RDA


I’m looking for a cheap Dual Coil Squonk RDA 24mm (preferably bIack). I vape DTL with wide open Air Flow.
Anyone got recommendations for me? I also would buy Clones.



Hi luuul,
I don’t squonk so no help here, just wanted to welcome you to the community :smiley:
Maybe introduce yourself here :

Have a blast on your DIY journey :triumph:


The Pulse X is “good” but I really like using Goons on 2 of my Squonks that I’m using hopefully @ozo @Skullblade789 @Cutlass92 @RexRabbit might chime in, also look over at this thread…


Funny, I’m from Europe, Germany as well. I mean I think RTAs are srill a lot more comfortable than squonkers, but I think RDAs just taste more intense.

I thought about buying the Goon 1.5 Clone from Fasttech? What about the drop dead clone?


I haven’t used a dual coil when squonking for a while, but when I did I mainly used the Bonza and it was the best for me in this situation.

However, I have only used the Goon and the Drop Dead as a dripper and they are two of my favourites. But I see no reason why either would be out of place as a squonker.

The DD will be more forgiving to over squonking as the air slots are higher, but if I had to choose one it would be the Goon.


My go to’s right now are the Dead Rabbit, Bonza, and the Warrior. I also use the Goon and they perform quite well. Good time this weekend to find you a good sale!


When I purchased my Bonza I wasn’t squonking, now I’m trying to find my squonk pin for it… it’s down in the basement somewhere lol… I was able to purchase some pins for the goon off of fastteck.


Been there, that’s why some have remained drippers and others squonkers. :rofl:


The Drop Dead squonks great, I use 6 of them regularly on my squonk mods, great RDA all round IMO and cheap too.


This one can be a cloud beast but also good flavor

If you already own a twisted messes rda you can get squonk pins from the web sight.


Nice tidy post there @Dan_the_Man !!!


A+ on the Goon…(couple of models) I still use them and they remain a top
contender for any attys. It was a feat in the beginning to find a squonk pin
that fit the model you wanted, and they were almost as scarce as hens’ teeth.
First on a mech as a dripper, Goon had no rival, and with a hollow center pin,
although a bit narrow in diameter, a Goon became the top squonk atty at the time,
especially for build options, and great flavor, not even to mention good clouds.
I still put the Velocity V2 in the same great category…yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Sometimes you can’t beat or improve on a solid track-proven device.
As far as the Goon goes, I have a dozen+ in storage boxes just in case, along
with a baggie of squonk pins that fit both models, for peace of mind [if you will].

I have a Pulse X V2, it’s "good’, actually pretty good, but it would not be my 1st choice.

The entire thread [you posted above] is worth a regular visit to, for anyone.
@Rob62 did a wonderful thing when he made it…and it should always remain a
‘current’ good read. It is always growing.