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Some minds:


… Shame they didn’t add “for repairs”! :rofl:


I knew about the spraying of marihuana crops with poison from aeroplanes. The US has always been paranoid about the evil weed with stupid propaganda movies full of disinformation.
The war on drugs is still raging big time. I’m still waiting for the US to finally declare war on war.
I guess it’ll be a long wait :nauseated_face:

Only certain men, cocaine use by the rich is fine.

“Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.”

Weird, me thinks that those two are completely opposite disorders. Reminds me of the advice pregnant women used to get (and maybe they still do). Is your baby growing too fast, stop using salt. Is your baby not growing fast enough, stop using salt.


Its amphetamine. A derivitive of methamphetamine haha
My foot is successfully inserted :joy:


How is that irony? The supernatural is unexplainable, science likes to explain things.
Calling for a supernatural force, in my opinion, is the lazy way out. “I can’t be bothered to find an explanation, so let’s call in the man in the clouds”


I think its more “the evil hemp” since it would put an end to a lot of industries including and not limited to the paper industry


All in good fun man…

All possibilities = literally any and every possible explanation, without exception.

And then you listed an exception. ::laughing: :wink:


Well let me take that exception away then. The moment there is proof of a deity, I’m sure the whole science community will accept it.
There’s just plenty reason there’s not a lot of hope for such proof. An overwhelming amount of things that were attributed to the hand of god (in whatever religion), have been explained already.


Explained how they were done, sure, if the human conclusions are sound anyway. I’m not convinced that the higher power forbids us to seek out answers like that, or maybe even encourages us to push ourselves to learn more. Bully for little old us I suppose. Space-time and dark matter, that’s the next ones for me. I want to know how He did that, and what the heck it all is, same as anyone else. Maybe I’m just reluctant to deprive that higher power of the credit. I’m constantly amazed by the arrogance of scientists. They think they find a conclusive answer, pat themselves on the back, and move on, never giving credit to who or whatever caused it all to be in the first place.

Reminds me of that joke… A guy is driving around the block, looking for a parking space. There are none. So he says a little prayer… “Dear God, if you help me find a parking space, I will go to church. I will stop drinking and gambling, and stop associating with loose women. Amen.” Just then, a space opens up. He quickly says “Dear God, forget I said it. I found a space.”

Now, government conspiracies? You’d have to be nuts to believe the governments of the world hide nothing from the sheeple.


When I was a child, my mom would stir a bowl of mud, pour it into a pan and a little while later we had chocolate cake. It was miraculous! As I grew up, I learned about recipes. Eventually I learned to make my own chocolate cakes. The miracle was “explained away”. Did I disprove the existence of my mom? Or Betty Crocker? Maybe everything within creation can be explained… (gasp! that word!) that doesn’t mean it’s wasn’t helped along in some manner by a higher intelligence. Evolution wise, humans are scarcely toddlers in understanding our world. Figuring out how something happened, doesn’t mean it’s not miraculous.


He? If there is such a creature it’s most definitely a she :sunglasses:


You may be right. Which is, of course, the point. Who knows? Not humans. All we know is what our little minds are capable of figuring out. Look at the calendar. Is that based on a cosmic truth? No, it’s based on the orbit cycles of our planet, devised by us humans. Think a supermassive black hole cares what time we think it is?


“Science community” most scientists can’t rule out intelligent design if they are being honest because the odds of our existence appearing from nothing are impossible. Even Darwin rejected his theory of evolution before he died.


That is quite true, there are also many scientists who are religious.
The scientology church is an example of the two things combined. They are of course batshit crazy but that’s beside the point. :sweat_smile:


Yeah scientology is a strange cult from what I understand. They do a pretty good job of not letting their literature get out because they brainwash their members. Pretty sad really.


Just to keep things a little bit light hearted…

There, enough said about religion for me. Back to the conspiracy theories (although I kinda see religion as a conspiracy as well lol)


If you haven’t heard of this before check it out. I’m going to scratch the surface of some disturbing truth…


Albert Pikes letter to Mazzini



Holy wow. My interest is totally peaked. That was a scary, good read.


The truth is stranger than fiction. George Bush senior putting the thousand points of light right out there for people who don’t know to rub it in our face and then talk about the NWO right after. The depth of their perversion has no end


One day you will KNOW, but you won’t be able to tell anyone. I think that is the point. If anything is Divine, then that is Curiosity …otherwise we may still be grinding our millet with the the tusks of Sabertooth Tigers …and dragging @Josephine_van_Rijn into your lair by her ponytail would still be “socially acceptable” …yet equally as dangerous.