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I already do, and already can’t. All part of the conspiracy, you know.


This thread reads like Alice through the Looking Glass.




Exactly! Spot on!


Okay, i started reading a dan brown book and it drew my attention to the budget for NASA. 18.4 BILLION dollars a year, 35% of the entire budget for the USA every year. This article claims that every dollar spent brings 10 dollars to the economy…the article is compelling and confusing at the same time


How is 35% = 0.4%? :grin:


Omg. Derp derp. Wowza. Bahahaha


Doug Stanhope said he will do a lot more scientology bashing once he has a stronger legal team. Stay tuned :rofl:



These things keep cracking me up :smiley: :crazy_face: :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If it would be all a conspiracy, I still like to know what the purpose of it is. How would anybody benefit from the masses not knowing the truth?


Bro! THAt was a wormhole…
…so here’s my revenge


What do you mean by a wormhole?


That’s when one YT vid leads to another …or 5 …ok 10 :wink:

The idea is that you get sucked in …like a womhole


some conspiracies are well thought out clever and plausible, but you wont find those on youtube as the people on there make crap vids just to get ad revenue - well they did till the great youtuber purge came lol


Wherever they are, you can post them here :+1:



Was that you Ogre? It sounds like you got a bone stuck in your throat, must be a pesky bastard you had for dinner :bone: :laughing:


What. The. HELL?!?!?!?

It’s ENTIRELY too early to be watching this. I’m not even sure that there’s enough coffee in the world to get my brain ready for the Alumanaughty!


@Josephine_van_Rijn and @paingawd,

:rofl: The guy is a hoot! I have no idea how I stumbled across his videos but for awhile he was putting them out pretty regularly. Absolutely bizarre take on malicias and preppers and such. Always at war with the guberment and space aliens. Really dry humor to the point your not sure if he is serious or not. Classic!!!


If he starts to review vape stuff, I think I’ll be done with this hobby.

And are we sure that’s not really RIP behind the mask??


That is hilarious. He could be. The range of emotion is there.