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If he ever lets loose with a random, “Sick as TITS!” then we’ll know for sure.


I felt I was def watching a vape review of his. truck load full of dildos right there.


I think he’s an acquired taste, one I haven’t acquired yet.




My 2 favourite conspiracy movies are Zeitgeist and who killed the electric car, both are well worth watching.


zeitgeist is good but its purposefully inaccurate (mostly in the religion segment)
which dosen’t help the rest of the movie.
I dont do much conspiracy reading lately but they do exist. its hard to believe that
in the middle of the cold war the government spent millions of dollars on a giant dildo and used calculator grade technology to guide it 400,000KM away as its practically unsteerable. somehow landed on the moon on first mission all for bragging rights.
This was the 60’s how tha fk would they navigate and steer the rocket with their tech
and moon rocks that were donated to various museums turned out to be fakes I hear


Personally I don’t talk about religion or politics, it’s a waste of time.
Rockets have been around since the 30’s, all mechanical in v2 rockets used by the Germans. Simple rocket science isn’t that complicated, simple calculations with thrust vectors. As for the fake moon rocks, I would put that down to a few enterprising people who did a swap to make a few bucks, after all there was over 350 kgs of rocks/samples taken on moon missions with only a couple of fakes found.


im not 100% saying they never did it, just saying its hard to believe. you say “simple thrust vectors” got them to the moon? it took them over 3 days to get there and the moon is orbiting thats not a simple vector, vectors are straight lines. I know they used a moon lander but theres not much room for error.

plus the cost of doing all that when they are in the middle of a war


You know the junk they left on the moon is still there. We should go check it out snap some pics and go home =)



Shit the edit tab is broken…


WAIT a minute…how did they know they were fake if they didn’t have a REAL example to compare them to???:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just watched this flat earth docu on netflix a few days ago… I had no idea :rofl:


have not read as how to how but I imagine they can compare it to rocks found on earth
maybe a combination of carbon dating and oxidation like (iron rusting on earth but there is no oxygen in space and no real atmosphere) and other weathering. for all I know they have real moon rocks since they have sent unmanned probes to the moon. I’m sure geologists are capable



whats your point cutlass?
I did say I never read as to how geologists compare rocks.

Oxygen molecules were found in star forming territories quote “may have formed after starlight heated the dust and released water, which then broke down into the detected oxygen molecules” in general there is no ambient oxygen in floating in space

pretty interesting but still whats your point?


I didn’t know that @Cutlass92


me neither but it makes sense oxygen is 3rd most common molecule in the universe and its in stars and released when they die and combines with other gases to make new stars, space is interesting

as for dating rocks looks like they don’t use carbon for anything older than 50k years but its fundamentally the same thing with a different element. guess i could have said radiometric dating.
but I never read about it cuz rocks are boring


Ancient Aliens, I mean, the stuff is pretty weird on how they point out pictures and hieroglyphs to you know… the grays, but its kinda eerie, like the more you watch it, the more you’re like…damn, THAT does like an astronaut helmet!

but eh, just a bunch of conspiracy, but then you get folk who think Project: MK ULTRA is a conspiracy, even though the fact are out in front of our faces lmao