Constant vapors tongue 👅

Hey guys, so I have like constant vape tongue. I can’t taste my juice for like 3 weeks out of the month with about a few days in between making up the extra week. I taste very very little in my juices. Like I get a general idea of what flavor I am vaping but after first two puffs it is like air. So I am blueberry, n strawberry cream obsessed and vape it all day long as well as other flavors in my dripper and other tanks. I vape a lot prob 1000 puffs a day 30 ml a day. Now since I can’t taste my juice I have been adding flavoring to my juices thinking maybe it’s weak (was already 15-20% flavoring as is) n that didn’t help. Now I’m starting to think I am over flavoring n it’s muting the flavor or just over kill on my taste buds. Is less really more? What’s the general rule of thumb on flavor percentages? I thought 15-20% besides super concentrates like FA and INw etc which are lower. Help I’m going crazy!


I do think that less is more when it comes to mixes.I used to mix a clone recipe that called for 20% total flavoring.I then found a variation that used the same flavors but at 10%.I could not believe the better taste that the one with 10% had.The flavor is not only stronger but way more pronounced.
I have about three flavors that I vape daily and I think that helps prevent VT.I like a cinnamon vape at times but it burns my taste-buds out pretty fast.


Let us see the recipes you vape when you’re experiencing this. Flavorings that contain EM will give you vaper’s tongue.

For example, all these flavors contain Ethyl Maltol to some degree:


I get vapers Tongue every once in awhile. My fix… Jalapenos. Fixes it every time for me. But here is a bit of interesting reading…


Ditto what others said. Also, if you are vaping the same type of juice (strawberry or blueberry) constantly your sense of smell (the biggest factor in taste by far) will start to get accustomed to it. Much like what happens when you put on perfume. After a little time, you don’t smell it on yourself anymore. One of the best suggestions for this particular issue is to switch to a drastically different flavor or no flavor liquid for a day. Worth a shot. And stay well hydrated!


I’m with LV on this one. Medium hot peppers are a good way to “reset” your taste buds. Another one that has worked for me is a big fat juicy heavy on the garlic dill pickle. Dunno if it’s the dill or the garlic, but it has worked for me. @daath is spot on with his reason as to the cause. There are other flavors that seem to give me VT. Heavy strawberry mixes seem to get me pretty often. Especially Sweet Strawberry (CAP).


That’s a very handy chart, Lars. Thank you!


Unfortunately they throw my intestines in a turmoil and I find that much more uncomfortable than VT, I always have a bottle of lemon water and that fixes it quite well and I get hydrated at the same time.


I def stay hydrated. I DRINK a lot of water and iced tea. I could never get through an entire day vaping unflavored lol. Sometimes I will throw this menthol fruit mix in my dripper and that seems to help wake things up a little, as well as open up my airways. I’ve tried eating jalapeños garlic listerine lemons smelling coffee etc, none of it worked. I can get the general overall flavor but not clear. But those random days where I can taste my juice is clearly is so awesome bc it tastes so good.


I love sweet strawberry! Lol. I’m a unicorn milk anything blueberry freak. I was thinking yesterday that maybe I should pick up strawberry raspberry and blueberry by LA, since everyone says LA has a more candy like taste. So u can vape the flavors I like but just give it a new perspective

I am working on a Pineapple version of Unicorn Milk. But I am basically changing all of the flavors to Flavorah and Inawera. So it will hopefully be a better Unicorn Milk. I am going to call it… wait for it…

Unicorn Piss :smiley:


It was sad already. But should be said again. Water water and more water.

Many people don’t drink their 8-10 8oz glasses of water per day. For me I feel better and taste things better if I drink my 42 ozs in the morning over the period of time while I’m at the gym. Oh yeah, 4 trips to the bathroom at the start of my work day. Then another 60ozs during the day.

When I am bad a drinking water throughout the day I do notice it’s hard to taste the vape. I stop at that point and start drinking more water.


Wow! That can end up being a lot of EM! I haven’t had full blown vape tounge since I started making my own. Of course the store bought ones I was buying were super sweet so I’m guessing a lot of EM. I have on occasion noticed less taste when vaping some mixes constantly and looking at this list I’m going to guess why. Q. I have heard FA does not add sweetener, what about FLV, INW? Buy using more of these and adding stevia for sweetness will this end vapors tounge? Or are there other chemicals and factors?

I have found the same thing. I am guessing dehydration of the tongue but have heard we get more taste from our nose so I’m not sure. I drink close to a gallon daily when working to make sure I am fully hydrated and go max vg as pg I have found is extremely dehydrating. 30% pg will dry my tounge out very fast

As far as I understand, adding ethyl maltol (and others like it) is common… I don’t know how much Flavoah and Inawera uses… I think Flavorah as GCMS-docs on a lot of their flavorings though!

This is what I do too. I make a huge glass of ice water and put real lemon juice in it and drink it. Sometimes I will add frozen fruit to it and drink it. This helps two ways cleansing my palette and rehydrating it also is detoxing but that’s another thread.


I do get vape tongue at times. I made a peppermint cream flavor and it seems to do the trick. I vape it for about an hour and the vape tongue dissipates. I have also heard menthol helps.

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As Daath asked, could we see the recipes you are vaping during a typical day?
Do you vape mainly one recipe all day?
Does your recipes all contain EM and how much percentage wise in each recipe?
Do use use EM crystals, if so how do you mix them?
I’m thinking (probably some other members too) that EM may be the culprit. You may have an EM intolerance. The obvious way to check that, is only vape flavor with no EM for awhile and see how it goes. Vaper tongue disappears, problem fixed. Intolerances are hard to pin down. It could be PG/nic or other flavors that is causing the problem.

I vape the unicorn milk clone recipe that I tweaked and subbed sweet raspberry in place of sweet strawberry everyday in one tank, as well as my andromeda recipe which is:
Blueberry wild tfa 5%
Bb extra tfa 5%
Pomegranate tfa 3%
Harvest berry cap 3%
Marshmallow tfa 2%

In another tank almost always.

In my other two tanks I switch it up. Sometimes my mega melon clone, Neptune nectar clone, vanilla sugar cookie recipe(I don’t know how to link the recipes from my page to the forum and have to go back and forth to type them all out) crunch berries, a sugar drizzle clone, bird brains etc. drip different things through out the day as well. Lately I have been feeling like store bought juice has stronger flavor than my DIY juice…also since I started vaping I have been constantly breaking out, like hives on my face and chest…I’ve been taking a Allegra allergy pill daily to stop the hives and itching…thought it was an allergy to pg but not sure

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