Covid and Vaping

Yahoo article says vapers suffer worse Covid symptoms.


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I’m going to have to deep dive that, because I feel a LOL coming on …

Vapers risk more symptoms from COVID-19

E-cigarette users infected with the coronavirus may be more likely than infected non-vapers to experience COVID-19 symptoms, according to research published in the Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. The researchers compared 289 vapers with 1,445 people of similar age and gender who neither vaped nor smoked tobacco, all of whom had tested positive for the coronavirus on PCR tests. Compared to infected non-vapers and after accounting for participants’ other risk factors, infected vapers experienced higher rates of chest pain or tightness (16% versus 10%), chills (25% versus 19%), body aches (39% versus 32%), headaches (49% versus 41%), problems with smell and taste (37% versus 30%), nausea/vomiting/abdominal pain (16% versus 10%), diarrhea (16% versus 10%) and light-headedness (16% versus 9%). “Our research was not designed to test whether e-cigarette use increases the risk of acquiring COVID infection, but it clearly indicates that symptom burden in patients with COVID-19 who vape is greater than in those who do not vape,” study co-author Dr. Robert Vassallo of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said in a news release. The inflammation caused by the coronavirus and the inflammation induced by vaping may combine to worsen the likelihood of inflammation throughout the body, with a resulting increase in symptoms, Vassallo and his colleagues suggested.

Before I further validate this, lil’ gem, …

+6% Chest Pain
+6% Chills
+7% Body Aches
+8% Headaches
+7% Smell/Taste
+6% Nausea
+6% D
+7% Light Headedness


Despite concerns from earlier in the coronavirus pandemic that vaping and smoking could lead to an increased risk of becoming infected with the virus, a new study found that tobacco and electronic cigarette users were not more susceptible to infection.

The study, conducted by Mayo Clinic researchers and published in the Journal of Primary Care & Community Health , found a lack of a connection between vaping and coming down with COVID-19. They discovered that smokers were 57 percent less likely to contract the virus.

However, there is significantly more data surrounding the impact smoking has on COVID infections than is the case with vaping.


Why would the contagiousness change because of strain? COVID-19 is Covid-19 is Covid-19. I got to believe the CDC put out another moving target in the name of keeping the economy chugging along at the same time putting another nail in the coffin of vaping. The CDC is nothing more than the political machine of the party in charge. They never should have shortened the contagious period for any offshoot.


Let’s see

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Ok, i’ll limit on this only.

  • 289 vapers… way too small number for any serious conclusions.
  • Nowhere is mentioned how many risky diseases / overall health any group had (because that is of most importance at Covid). What we can speculate is that many or most vapers were smokers before they started vaping - for many years. This means they are less healthy in average than the other group which for some reason were only people who ‘neither vaped or smoked tobacco’ (maybe never).
  • Without any professional knowledge and before the research even starts, every one of us can assume the end results of such study.
  • Due to unprofessional approach the end results and conclusions can be twisted in any direction researchers desire. Too convenient for a manipulation.


  • Any research about vaping that is not comparing results with smoking (as a control group or directly researching them both together) is not a research, but a propaganda serving some not very noble goals.
  • Not to be missed – the source. The research was delivered by Reuters… Lately, in times of strong media manipulation you have to double check anything they post since too often they are not the most credible source of information and the(ir) truth is often twisted or precisely the opposite.



Missing context. The number of subjects is too small for any conclusion, subjects are in unknown condition while this precisely is of most importance, control group of smokers is missing, source is questionable at best for any credible information about Covid-19.

The way the research was made and how the end results are presented makes the overall research questionable and too easy for manipulating the results, which opens a discussion about the real reasons for this research.

Cookie: for some reason not mentioned in Reuters article: The autor of the research Dr. Vassallo reports receiving grant funding support from Pfizer Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. for research activities unrelated to this study.


We rate the research and its conclusions: Misleading

Prognosis: most of the mainstream media will make an article out of this research.


I thought reuter is dependable…


As did I, but apparently from the article below they have deceptively turned left.


Vaping actually helped me when i had COVID.


How? What did it affect on? Your general state or relief pain?


I’ve, on the contrary, read that smokers or vapers suffer harder because of their habit. The Canada Drugs website states that smoking is already a known risk factor for many respiratory infections, that’s why it increases the severity of respiratory diseases such as Covid as well.


For me , not true. Been vaping 6 years. Had COVID twice. Symptoms were fairly mild. Just an inconvenience four days the first time 2 years ago and about a week the second time about 6 weeks ago. Everyone is different.
Not vaxxed either and never will be.


That’s interesting @robin.

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The ceo of Pfizer is on the board of directors for reuter


I sure miss the days when Journalists were for honest reporting. They used to get fined or punished if they got caught, not so anymore because they are only writing for their audience base now and those audiences are expected to be appeased.


Man, the GOOD Old Days @KC111.


Sad news


From Wiki:
The Exposé (formerly known as The Daily Exposé) is a British conspiracist and fake news website created in 2020 by Jonathan Allen-Walker.

Edit: What does this have to do with vaping, and isn’t there already a Covid thread?


They link the study, beside, I don’t trust the oligarchs that donate to wiki anyways


Seems like this topic is for both, sorry I’m new here and don’t know how this discorse works just yet :wink: