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Anyone else get a creativity block when it comes to making your own ejuice? Went to local store and checked out ejuice menus and bought a few bottles I thought were good and not in my normal vaping profile. Also broke out a list of what I have in my stash to get some new ideas. Let’s not forget the site here too.
Share if you get this creativity block and what you do.

When that happens, I either just walk away from it for awhile, or start browsing my list of flavorings, then maybe click on ‘what can I make’ here on ELR and browse other people’s recipes for inspiration. Sometimes I’ll browse too, just for fun:

Here’s one I may try to make this weekend:

Merignue Cake w/ Whipped Cream & Raspberries




Like @Alisa said, walk away and take a break. The best ideas come from the in between time.

I like switch up flavor groups between juices. If I make a dessert juice my next on will be in another category like, fruit, floral, or tobacco.

“Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor” - William Cowper :grin:


Sometimes I walk away, other times I choose to go back and single flavor test some of my flavors I haven’t mixed with in a while. This sometimes breaks the cycle of “what the hell do I mix now?” feeling I get from time to time. Plus, it helps you decide whether or not you really want to keep certain flavors in your stash or mail them off to someone who would like those cast off flavors. :wink:



What mostly happens for me when i get left out on creativity i take the less used flavor in my stash and try to think of something to do with it, Every time i just drop that flavoring and come up with something getting my flavors out. In french we say ‘‘L’appétit vient en mangeant.’’ Appetite comes eating if that makes any sense hehe.


Smoke a Doobie. Let the munchies guide you.

Ok Ok…that was the 70’s…sorry.


I don’t mix. I just vape and do other stuff until I get the urge to mix. It is the difference between hobby and work. We HAVE to work, we hobby when we want to. There has been occasion when I am taking a break from mixing and am inspired to mix a particular flavor profile. Inspiration returns. Other times I have been taking a break and get an order for some juice from a friend/family/co-worker; I mix it up and then get back to not mixing.
The flavors are there when you are ready to play with them. Don’t worry about it…unless you get the urge to just buy retail juice, then GET BACK TO MIXING.


Agree. Don’t mix.
Just received 34 new bottles of flavoring. No clue where to begin, so I’m
now going to do housework. :frowning:


I spy…a bottle of Hangsen Italian Cream!

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Oh yeah… my favorite heavy cream. Love it.

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20 years ago I’d be right there. It’s 4:20 somewhere.


Ok Superman (x-ray vision reference). How and where?

I don’t have creative blocks. I only mix when I am creative. So I have creative spurts. Kinda the glass is half empty, half full way of looking at it I guess. If I mixed to be mixing and tried to be creative that wouldn’t work for me. So I will just be sitting and vaping and think of something I wish I was vaping and I go make it.

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The top of a Hangsen bottle is showing in one of the bags. It is Alisa that introduced me to Italian Cream by sending me a sample of it. I then ordered a 50 ml bottle of it. Its the bottle with the rather large white cap. Unique to Hangsen. It is a wonderfully rich heavy cream flavor. Almost buttery but not quite full butter fat flavor. It’s damned good stuff in a creamy mix.


Ok, will add that to my shopping list when the site goes back up!

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You could write a Xmas poem for us :stuck_out_tongue:

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Couldn’t resist - Go experiment and discuss emojis ;D Maybe we should do a poll as JoJo suggested!

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I’m no wordsmith dear. Best I can do is:

AFter the tinsel and paper and string,
are all put away until next years’ bling,
Exhausted we are and ready for spring
For now a ‘Good night’ does a Big Smile bring!

I know… fairly lame. But, it’s how i’M FEElin.


I would typically do as some of the others have said take a break and research what profiles you want with that flavor. I like a few different sites to look at to see flavor combos and to get inspiration !

I look at different recipes and like to think about which flavor I have that closely could capture what I’m looking at whether it be a strawberry cream pie or a pineapple orange smoothie.

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