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Custards ... You're favorite custard mix and maybe a recipe?

Me too. I love it in my Crown tank I got a few days ago. Third World Custard is wonderful. I went to vape party (I guess that’s what you’d call it) and I let several people taste it. Everyone said “It’s really good”. They had vaping competitions on who could blow the largest cloud. They had free 10ml ejuice when you came in the door and free: beer, food and even a DJ. Also a give-a-way worth about $150 bucks. It was put on by a local vape store. I had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of different tanks and mods, and I met a bunch of nice people. Not bad for a 55 yo lady going out spur-of-the moment.


That’s cool! I’d love it if they did that here in Copenhagen! Maybe when I get time, I should arrange it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a cool idea of them. It’s been my ADV for awhile now. It’s a good advertisemen for the vape store. I’m glad you had a,good time.


The good life starts around that time! Throw caution to the wind and GO!

Life if for living; letting it pass you by is a crime! ; )


I really need to make this

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I used to be the same as you. Custard absolutely would make me gag. I mix liquid for my parent’s vape shop. I’m constantly mixing, crafting stuff. Been on a kick lately using custard layered with various cream combos. What I’m finding is custard in lower percentages is providing some of my recipes with body. I made a butter mint flavor with custard creams and mint. Great flavor had body and a little cooling inhale/exhale So far I’ve only used up to 1.5 mls total in a 30ml mix. I say play with it. Steeping isn’t always required in my mixes.

Just tasted my first home made custard and first custard for that matter, 6 days old I think and it’s not bad. went simple and just custard, brown sugar and cheesecake but so far it’s not bad and I’ve got room to add to this.

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Aargh vanilla custard always seems to require 10% in mixes. I’m pg sensitive and trying to lower flavor%. I have FA custard, can anyone make a suggestion. I mixed a bottle of g vanilly 2 tonight subbing for 3% FA custard. Will see how it turns out. I mean a suggestion for subbing with FA custard

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A lot of my older custard mixes used heavy custard because i was custard loco! I have since come to realize that i can lower the VC V1 and get the same experience by adding Vanilla (MF) or Cheesecake (LA) in low amounts. My old plain Vanilla Custard was at 10% VC V1, now it is down to 5.5% and a couple drops/10ml of Vanilla (MF) or 1% Cheesecake (LA).

Custard (FA) will add a real custard note with lemon and egg. Its a good custard but im more of an American custard kinda guy preferring a vanilla pudding flavor.

In the recipe i posted above you can drop the VC V1 down to 5% easily.


Cool, I have LA cheesecake as well. So if I understand correct, recipes calling for 10% vc canbe subbed to 5% + 1% La cheese cake?


In my opinion, yes. I add the Cheesecake (LA) to replace the sweetness and creaminess missing with the lower custard %. With the Strawnana Custard mix above simply dropping VC V1 down to 5% without cheesecake works well.

Using Cheesecake (LA) will alter the taste but it is very pleasant. Once it is cured properly you probably wont even notice a difference.

BUT you may be one of those who loves Custard (FA), if so run with it. Flavorah’s custard is another to consider, it is more like a vanilla pudding type custard than FA.


And just to add to this using Vanilla (MF) adds a nice creaminess and vanilla to any liquid in very very low amounts. Its an excellent extract. This weekend i made 24oz of my plain custard and still have half a of V (MF) bottle left. Horrible taste if you vape right away but incredible just a few days later. Ill let this stuff sit a month to be perfect but after just a week it is a very nice vape.

Time for me to crash out now, ill check back when i wake in case you have anymore questions.


I’ll have to try this out. I’ve also been thinking about lowering VC below 10% but it’s tough messing with something that works well. I always found LA Cheesecake to be pretty sweet but I’ll take your word on it.


Yeah, Cheesecake (LA) is pretty sweet, i keep the %'s pretty low @ now more than 2% in any custard mix. I posted my plain custard somewhere the other day, i think it was reddit. Ill see if i can find it and edit this post.

To make it easier:

Simply Custard

6% Vanilla Custard V1 (5% will work too)
2% Cheesecake (LA)
2% Caramel (CAP)
Vanilla (MF) 2 Drops/10ml from the standard 15ml MF bottle, 3 drops/10ml if you drop VC V1 to 5%

One month curing time.


Ok, so I made my adaptation of your recipe @thirdworldorder and what I subbed was the Marshmallow (used TPA) and French Vanilla (used MF Vanilla) so I think I’m probably super duper close to your recipe…maybe even an unnoticeable difference. I love this stuff as you may have seen in the comments I left on the recipe. At only 10 days steep I can only imagine how much better it will be in another 10 - 20 days.

I want to use my adaptation for making a variety of different custards, and with your permission, post the base I’ve created. I’ve got it ready to post and I give you more than ample credit. Just won’t make it public without your blessing.

I took some of the custard I had steeped today and added FA Mango and CAP Sweet Mango. It’s fantastic. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. So, do you mind? It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want me sharing, I wouldn’t be the slightest offended. Let me know.


Absolutely, go for it! No need to even mention me either. I get lots of inspiration from recipes posted around here and I figure that’s why we all share these recipes with each other – building off each other’s successes.

I appreciate you reaching out. The only thing that offends me are the one-star guys who shit on people’s work, but that’s a different topic. I’ll have to try your recipe out when it’s public.


Cool, I appreciate it. Here’s the Mango Custard just adding Mango to the recipe already made. I think using a base I would cut that total custard back from 13.8 to 12%, but here it’s very good. Might even could use a tad more CAPs Sweet Manago -

Third World Custard (Mango)

Ingredient %
Butter (CAP) 0.5
Cake Batter (CAP) 1
Costarica Special (Mango) (FA) 1.5
Marshmallow (TPA) 1.5
Sweet Mango (CAP) 0.5
Vanilla (MF) 0.8
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 10

Flavor total: 15.8%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

By the way, I got my Mango (FA) from @River_Supply_Co and it just was labeled Mango. I don’t find that in the recipes list, just Cotarica Special. @daath this is the same thing, right?


It’s the same. FA likes to mess around with everyone and occasionally completely change the name of their flavors. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was. Thank you for the clarity!


I need to get some medicine flower in my life! Ironically, I’m going to substitute it for CAP French Vanilla, lol.