Diablo Styled RTA Thoughts and Review

@SthrnMixer - I think you are going to want to try this tank.

So after destroying the allen wrench and a set screw trying to get coils in this tank on my lunch I gave up on it. Later, after work I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my wife to drop off my son. I had time to spare so I pulled the tank back out and had another go at it.

It was then I realized I don’t have my coil jig with me. So I looked through my console and the only “rod” I could find was one of my kids suckers from Chuck E Cheese the night before. I laughed and said what the hell.

I built new coils 6.5 wraps around the stick and I had some really nice looking coils. I used the allen wrench in my Crius box this time and it worked much better after using one of the replacement set screws. The coils barely fit into the chimney. There is maybe a .005" gap between them and it took a bit of tweaking to get them in. I will find out what size they are and report back. But they came out to .07ohm on my iPV D3.

I got it wicked, and filled with a Strawberry Cheescake flavor. The first vape took me by surprise. This thing is pretty good! It has about as much airflow as the TFV4. And the flavor is really great.

Ok, here is my actual review…

This RTA is a clone of the Diablo RTA. I am not sure who makes this tank, but it has popped up on various sites priced around $13 average. I grabbed a Stainless one and a Blue one. The Blue one is Blue Anodize. It should be pretty durable, but in some areas I can see this will wear, like around the knurled rings at the top and bottom of the tank.

Here is everything in the box and the tank disassembled. Note: I took a few components from the blue and the silver tanks and mixed them around a bit. I think they look much better now. So in the pics you will notice there are different colored items from each tank.

The next photo is of the deck. The juice channels are pretty big, and the deck is pretty easy to build on. I have found that a 3mm coil with 6.5 spaced wraps fits pretty good. You have to keep the spacing between each coil pretty tight to get it to fit inside the chimney. And keep the coils high to get good airflow.

One thing I noticed is the washer at the bottom of the tank on the Authentic Diablo tank has raised details on it that when turned close off the airflow. On the clones, this is just a flat washer and does nothing at all. It threads onto the 510 pin connection, so maybe adjusting your 510 center pin out, and cranking this ring out to leave a gap increases airflow? I have no idea. I just left it screwed all the way up and the airflow is perfect for me.

I have found that the first coils I made were right around 3.5mm. It was a pain to get them to fit. But they did. 6.5 wraps using 22awg Ti clocked in at .07 ohm. The set I made for the second tank were wrapped around a 3mm rod and using the same wire clocked in at .06 ohm. This is the second set.

My cotton of choice

I peeled off a small strip and rolled it up loosely

When inserted into the coils I kept is just tight enough that if I pulled on it the mod would almost tip over. Then I fluffed them up.

I got them all juiced up and did some slight trimming. I kept the tips of the wick just below the top of the deck. I tried to make sure that when the chimney was installed there wasn’t a gap to the air inlets. I think that is why my first tank leaks a little when filling.

Here is the first tank atop my iPV D3.

And here are both tanks after trying each tank on various mods.

Now, I guess I have to describe the flavor and vapor production of these little tanks. I have found myself being reminded of vaping on my Goblin Mini because of their small size. The flavor… I love it. My Aromamizer is great at bringing out the nuances of any juice I stick in it. The flavors all seem to shine in that tank with a very similar build. I think it is actually the same build as my second tank here. I don’t think these tanks are quite that good. But I have to say these tanks are really impressing me.

And the clouds. Oh my lord the clouds are rivaling my TFV4. Side by side comparisons, this tank flows as much air as a TFV4 with the Quad coil installed. My Dual RBA TFV4 is a tad more restricted than these Diablo tanks. Here is a shot I took of my new rack on the wall with all my Capella, Flavor West, Medicine Flower, and One on One flavors…

And here it is after vaping the Diablo…

I think these tanks are well worth the small price I paid for them. I would definitely buy another if something happened to mine. I actually think I want to buy a black one and mix and match pieces with all three and see what I can come up with. The bad thing is now I will want a mod for each of these. Because I would love to keep these in rotation with my other tanks.

Final thoughts:
After vaping on this tank yesterday and today I must say… this tank rocks! I have some of @Ken_O_Where’s Strawnana Custard in it right now and the flavor is insane. It wicks well enough to chain vape the hell out of it without ever throwing up the dry coil error on my iPV mods. To test this, I just took 10 very large draws on this tank back to back as fast as I could, and set off my smoke alarms in the process with my ceiling fan running. This has never happened. The thing never got too hot, even though I am vaping at 75J. It is a very impressive little tank.

They are available for $11.99 HERE which is where I bought mine. In my opinion, this is one of my top 5 tanks, which as of right now consists of TFV4’s, Aromamizers, Advken Ohmega, Crowns, a Goblin Mini, Kanger Sub-Tank Mini’s, Crius, Griffin, Cubis, and a Goliath. At $11.99, this is a must have tank in your rotation.


I found out that this 2.5ml tank is the smaller of two available…and that it has smaller juice channels and is basically a lite version of the 5ml tank…I think I bought the wrong one

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Yeah, I will be buying the 5ml as well. This 2.5ml tank empties quickly. But I love this little guy. The airflow blows me away. It’s like a Goblin mini, but top fill. The flavor coming off of it is really good. I put quite a bit of wick in it, and it still flooded when I filled it. And it started to leak out a little bit. But a couple draws on it and it was business as usual. It has found it’s place atop my iPV D3, but I think I am going to buy a blue iPV D3 for it to reside on permanently.

he’s gotta potty mouth, but watch this…and pay attention to the detail of the tanks…i love the looks of the 5ml


Like the 5ml version,but god, he is one foul mouthed Aussie. Theres no need for all that language. I’m surprised he’s even a reviewer.


Wait a minute. I guess I got the 5ml version. I would be curious to know if this actually holds 5ml of juice though. That short one looks like a Goblin Mini in size. Here is mine next to my Goblin Mini…

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wow…that does look like the 5…did you watch that video? if so, then what do your juice channels look like? the 5 or the 2.5?

I have edited the title of this thread to reflect the fact that these are clones that I have.

These tanks I got are not the ones in that video. The airflow ring on mine does nothing. The juice channels are bigger than that small tank in the video. But not as big as the 5ml tank I don’t believe. At this point, the video is a completely different tank than these. Yeah, these are clones of those. But very bad ones. But I don’t care. I still love these tanks.


Jeebus he cusses a lot. Reminds me of the time Gramma had that part time job at the docks…


Good review for this tank. The price is way cheap. They look great. And for the flavor and vapor awesome. Nice job bro


Well, you made me want one so yeah, great review!


Thanks guys. I vaped on these tanks most of the day today. Every flavor I threw in these tanks was pretty darn good. I have yet to find anything that is a con to me. The lack of airflow adjustment would be a con to some folks. But not to me, because they made the airflow right where I like it. But I have to wonder what the heck they were thinking when they designed this thing. All I can do is sit and laugh at the lack of features on the bottom ring. If they weren’t planning on making the airflow adjustable, I wonder why they didn’t make the bottom one piece?


Looks like a great little tank LV. I’m thinking I’m o a buying hiatus for a while though. I think I’ll spend my vudget on flavors for a while. Lord knows there are tons I don’t have :slight_smile:

Good review @LordVapor - makes me want to get one so great job there! Oh and the Bogan, he’s alright just needs his mouth washed out with soap. I think he does that to compensate for being such a runt.


I only mentioned you in this because this tank reminds me a lot of the Goblin mini. But only if you wish your Goblin had more air flow would you like this one. I don’t use my Goblin a lot because I have yet to get a decent build on it that doesn’t restrict airflow. But after figuring out a couple tricks with these tanks as far as the wicking goes I think I know why. So I am going to rebuild my Goblin today and see if my experience with these tanks pays off.

But I understand what you mean about taking a hiatus from buying gear. I am on one now after the boatload of stuff I just bought. The Tugboat was the cherry on top that finished me off. And recent juice orders has me needing to restock some flavoring so now I need to make an order with Nicotine River to replenish.

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Oh man, you know me too well bro. That is definitely my style of tank. I love that Goblin Mini so anything that has its style will probably pique my interest. :thumbsup:

You guys seen the Goblin Mini v2 coming out? Larger build deck, top fill and I think they mentioned better airflow…

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I have heard about that. If it happens I will be buying one of those as well.

Lemme help you along with that, my brother:

This is the manufacturer isn’t it? Either way, its beyond production, its either almost available or already available…

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I’m waiting eagerly for that one. Always wanted a Goblin Mini, but that stupid fill screw held me back.


Yup, UD (Youde) is the manufacturer. That is great news! I can’t wait. But I bet the Diablo still has more airflow. Unless the bigger deck takes care of that issue for me. I would like it to have too much airflow and have the lever dialed back a little instead of wishing it went to 12 :smiley:

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