Different nicotine companies

Hello community! :slight_smile:

I know that we talked many times about different nicotine companies but time passes and we all try different nicone comp. and gain new opinions about the topic.

For the last tear I have used moslty liquid barn nicotine and I’m not quite happy with it. As for me, it has kind of a choking effect…

Looking for another brand. Please share your best experiences with nicotine companies here :slight_smile:

Which nic do you like the best and why? Will be gratefull for your answers, need to buy nic soon.


@WhiteRaven you may have opened Pandora’s Box here hehe. Soo many differing opinions, experiences, and more. I’ve used probably 6-7 different products, and always seem to keep going back to ONE. Nude Nicotine. In the not so recent past, they had had some issues with correct strengths being shipped, but after a dozen orders, and local testing, I never experienced that. They also suffered some supply chain/ fulfillment issues in the past, but with my last two orders, that seems to have been corrected as well.

Typically NN was on the higher end of the pricing graph which put some people off, but for me, didn’t matter. I am fairly picky when it comes to my PG, VG, and NIC, because they go in ALL of my mixes. Was always willing to sacrifice price, for a higher quality product, which I believe NN provides. They offer numerous versions of Salts, which never really excited me, and they also offer 3 levels of “Armor” protection as well. Armor 1 bottles topped with Argon gas, Armor 2 Argon gas topped which stays sealed, and you draw off with a special syringe till empty, and Armor 3 which is gasless, but with Ascorbic Acid.

Beyond a few fulfillment issues (delays), I’ve never had a second thought about using Nude NIC product. It has always been crystal clear, almost to totally odorless, and if stored in the freezer, stays that way for quite a long time. Everyone has their favorite, but for my tastes, I have returned to NN and stayed with them. They adjusted their pricing some months ago, which made them more competitive in the market, which was a bonus for me.

Clean and clear tasting NIC are my priorities, and they seem to deliver exactly that. See below for older posts, including a TWO YEAR reveal.



I’ve tried a few myself. My last nic purchase was from Nicotine River. I got their PurNicSalt Smooth and it’s been fantastic. From my experience this is the best I’ve had and no plans to try anything else. That said, I’m at 1mg strength now so most any nic is going to be sufficient. However, at 100mg/ml most nic base has a smell. Some more caustic than others. This one…nothing. And I’ve not kept it in the freezer either as I do most nic. Hasn’t changed color either.


For my daily use, I like smooth to medium throat hit. I use nicvape for this.

For stressful times when I crave cigarette, I like a harder throat hit. I used to use rts, but using dekang now for the harder throat hit.


I use to use Nic Select when Nic River carried it…but its no longer available there…they carry PureNic now…which is good…I have both the freebase and salts (smooth) they are good…then I got an email from LB that was selling CNT nic…when i have seen an read lots on it from other forums over seas…was not available in USA …they just started selling to end users …was mostly used in pharma like patches an gums …whatever…its made in Switzerland…I ordered some from LB when they had a intro offer of 50% off…when i recieved it I made a mix with it…it is probaly the smoothest nic i have used so far…but as said the Purenic from NicRiver is good also…


I’ve used a few vendors.
Nude Nicotine…unreliable shipping. I don’t care how many people say no problems. Just as many say they indeed had problems. Product was good but not worth the aggravation.

Nicotine River… had a few questionable shipping charges. No love for their shipping policies. Their nicotine suppliers have changed a few times. The nic I used to order was ok but harsh and had a strange taste that only went away with a few days steeping.

After a few others didn’t quite work out I settled on Vapers Tek nicotine about a year ago. They are a bit higher price-wise but the product is clean and smooth and they have timely shipping without any mysterious charges added on.


I believe @mjag turned me on to Vapers Tek and they are now my go to.

I will say this, and really don’t care who gets their panties in a wad about it, NR shipping charges, slow delivery and the crap nic they sent me last year made me decide to never order from them again.


Fuckin-a brother!


Thanks everyone for your answers! :slight_smile:


My favorite all time nic is Carolina Xtract http://www.carolinaxtract.com/ but there pricing has kept on rising to the point of not being worth it anymore. Cleanest nic I have ever tried, at 3mg you wont even think your vaping with nic but you will feel it. I am at 1.5mg nic now so it gets harder to tell the difference, might as well save money.

As @TheTinMan pointed out Vaperstek has always been a solid nic vendor. My go to now and there nic keeps well, opened a 120ml bottle I had from them in the freezer that was about 2 years old and just as good as fresh. They ship in PET bottles but I transfer that over to an amber glass bottle for long term storage.

Nude nic is good but no better than vapers tek IMO and the shipping is mind numbingly slow. Unless there having a killer sale I wont order from NN anymore.

Last time I got freebase nic from nicotine river it was shit, harsh and not vapable for me. There salt nic is good though but again slow ship times like NN.


I got a sample from Carolina 2 years ago…and you are right…its great…but pricey as hel…i did not want to part with a kidney to get some…but it is A+ nic…I like the idea its all American also…own grow tobacco, when i run out of my 10 years supply…I may get some…if we are allowed to by then…lol




I’ve been mixing my own only for a year and I have never had any issues with price, delivery or accuracy with Wizard Labs. They carry a number of top grade suppliers/manufacturers. I havent compared with others as i never had reason to, always vaped fine.


It seems wizard labs is using AmeriNic. It’s the same nic that DashVapes is using. I use the 100mg and Don’t mind it.