DIY N.E.T. ~ Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Moving and continuing the discussion from Senior Vapers concerning nicotine content in NET liquids…

I would hope everyone involved with NET would purchase and use a titration kit; I know I plan on doing so very soon. They aren’t that expensive.

I know that a couple of folks in the forum have experimented with testing their nicotine from certain vendors, after the nicotine scare from Nude Nicotine. There’s a thread on it somewhere on ELR…let’s not beat that dead NN horse in this thread. :tired_face::gun:

Anyway, I think it’s a good idea to know what level Nic is in your NET, just to be on the safe side; I’ll be buying a kit.

I finished the extraction phase of my first NET attempt. 15 g of RYO tobacco in a Ball canning jar, with enough PG to cover it. I gave it three 10 hour cooks, on low, in a slow cooker, with a cool down period between each cook. I strained it 4 times, through a paper coffee filter, and it’s now in day 4 of it’s steep time. I give it a daily shake.

I couldn’t resist a taste shortly after the filtering. If I had to describe the taste, it was like the taste of fresh, unlit tobacco, which makes sense to me, and I found that a positive. There was also a taste of earthy mustiness, for lack of a better description. I found that was a negative for me. I decided to put it away for a week or two, to see what that does. The plan is to use it as a flavoring, instead of a straight vape liquid. Percentages and mixes to be determined.


That’s a great description and I have tasted the same flavors in the tea NET which I made. The earthy musty flavor of the leaves is comforting to me; those natural flavors are the ones in which I have been searching, when it comes to a tobacco vape. DIY NET will be a joyous venture for me.

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I know just what you mean, Jim. In trying not to be long winded, I may have been too harsh in saying that earthy mustiness was a negative. It’s an element that fits nicely, but I’d like to see it at about 20% of the strength that I tasted, if that makes sense. It was fighting with the tobacco taste, for top billing. If I can find a balance of about 80 - 85% tobacco / 15 - 20% earthy mustiness (according to my taste buds), I think I’ll be a very happy camper. I’m hoping the steep time will help.

One thing for sure. The NET extraction concept is a good one. It will work. I’m just starting, and I’m no chemist, but even I was able to get from A to B, with things I already had laying around the house. Anybody can do it. Like anything else new, there’s a learning curve. That’s a big part of the fun for me. Anyone thinking about it, I encourage you to try. Tobacco, tea, coffee, experiment! (Safely)

I’ve been thinking about soaking / cooking it in Jim Beam Honey Bourbon next time!


Follow up, after 1 week steep:

Wow, what a wonderful difference a week makes. I’m actually a bit flabbergasted. It’s delicious. I’m shocked that I made something that tastes this good, on my first attempt, being a noob, and using what I’m sure would be considered a very average grade of RYO tobacco. I tested the NET extraction, by itself, in a borrowed drip set up. The tobacco / earthy mustiness flavors balanced out beautifully. What a difference a week makes. I was so impressed, I tried it in a simple recipe.

Being that I used all PG, to do the extraction. I just substituted my NET juice for the PG portion of a simple 50/50 PG / VG recipe. I added 4% Hangsen Desert Ship flavoring, and enough 36mg nicotine to get the mix to 8mg strength.

Oooh la la, what a rich, elegant twist, the NET added. The actual PG / VG mix came out to be 52 / 48, in the recipe calculator, after the nic & Desert Ship was added, but close enough for a taste test. I wasn’t sure exactly how to post the recipe into the thread, so it displayed properly. I saw the options for BBCODE, HTML, ect, but being new at this, I wasn’t sure which to use. If there’s any interest to see the recipe, let me know which format to copy & paste, and I’ll be happy to share.


It looks like you got your wish! :wink: Your description of the finished product sounds wonderful. Kudos on a successful NET!

Thanks Jim. There’s certainly room for improvements. Better filtering, better tobacco, maybe a better extraction medium, than just PG, etc. I was hoping to find out if the DIY NET concept was within my abilities, even at a basic level, like I attempted. I’m very happy with the results.

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In time, with every new NET we create, the process will be refined and improved upon. Trial and error is the way we create greatness! :wink:

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Paid respect to my local tobacconist shop today; he’s not a happy camper with respects to the FDA regs…who is? :rage: …not closing his doors yet, thus, I will support him by buying his tobacco as long as he’s open for business.

Getting ready for some tobacco maceration over the next couple of days/months, myself.

Peter Stokkebye Optimum (pipe)

Peter Stokkebye English Oriental Supreme (pipe)

Rocky Patel Nording (cigar)

Perique (pipe-blending)

Latakia (pipe-blending)

Just put the first three in the pot tonight; going for a simple PG maceration process; 8 hours at 150 degrees; cold steep for a month (pipe) or more (cigar).

It’s so tempting to order one or two of the Blowout Boxes from MVJ…such a good deal for $30…450ml of ready to vape NET. :scream:

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I just looked at the MVJ Blowout NETs. Man, those look tasty. It was tough, but I had to refrain.

The CC is in the ICU, after the recent stock up phase. It was tempting though. That’s quite a lineup.


Very interesting

Is there anyone here from UK or have any of you ever tried NET’s from . If so could you please advise me of the usual steep time for these NET concentrates when mixed into a 40/60 pg/vg mix… or is there a ball park figure which will suit most NET’s, its Desert Ship at 10% if that makes any difference ??? I’ve been mixing for >2yrs now and this is a first for me. Trying to keep my Dad off the baccy :confused: and not found something he REALLY likes yet. Got their RY4 too but thats more for myself to try, he’s not keen on the sweetness but he can try it anyways, you never know :wink: … Gonna try some Stixx NET’s next time round.


Personally, I have not tried anything from… however, not to be a Debbie Downer, but… I get this gut feeling that the concentrates which they sell are not true NET extracts. Having purchased tons of synthetic tobaccos throughout the years, I look at the names of their “NET concentrates” and most of them are similar, if not identical, to concentrates names sold under the “Super Concentrate” label by many vendors across the globe. This makes me go “Hmmmmm? NET? Really?”.

On one other hand, if any of their products get your Pops off the stinkies… so be it! Be they true NET or not, that’s the goal.

On the other hand, why not give making your own NET a try! It’s super easy to do. :sunglasses: All that money you’ll be saving on product and overseas shipping can go to purchasing tobacco and solvents for the making.

In the end, it costs me roughly 23 to 35 cents to make 30ml of ready to vape NET ejuice. :grinning:

Don’t know if you have ever looked at before, but Clay has been doing NET for an extremely long time and has an extraordinarily wide selection of top shelf NET juices and extracts… well worth the money, if you are looking to purchase premade NET liquids or extracts. I can vouch for their product… top of the line!


According to their website it is basically shake and vape but I somehow doubt that very much. I got NET from Denmark in the past and they recommended at least 2 weeks of steeping.
I always let my NET steep for a few weeks; they really improve a lot with some time.
I also like @Kinnikinnick doubt that they are really NET with all the similar brand names but I concur that when it gets your Pops of the stinkies, who cares.


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I’m not one to cast shade on a company for false or misleading advertisement, but… I’ve emailed them 5 times now over the course of months, concerning their “NET concentrates”, and I have yet to receive response from them in any form or fashion. :smirk: That’s a big tell.

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It certainly is, it’s not like you asked them anything awkward like;



There is a topic on bestcigliquid I just found out.


Yeah I was in that thread :slight_smile: I havent made many of my own NET tobaccos to compare to, or tried any other NETs apart from bestciliquid. I do think the Old Captain and Black Mamba concentrates are both really really good though. Have just posted a couple of recipes on here in honour of them (the Navy Flake one I make is a little different though as it does also have another coconut NET tobacco in the one I normally make myself)

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I have completely missed your reply to my post, sorry about that. :blush:
That Black Mamba looks really tasty :+1:

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