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DIY N.E.T. ~ Naturally Extracted Tobacco

I read a post on ECF about tobacco extractions and gave it a try. I used to like Black and Mile cigars so I did an extraction with it… came out yummy. If you do your own extractions, let us know what you are extracting and your techniques.
This is the process I used and it came out great. I only let it sit for 1 week, shaking daily.



Wow, thanks for the link. So at what percentage did you use the flavour?
Also , do you have to store it in a cool place? I mean is it ok to store in the refrigerator once the tobacco is mixed with the vodka & VG?

I started @ 10% and now I’m @7% mixing in other flavors. I put it in a dark cabinet @ room temp.


Thanks, mixed up some - will see after a week :slight_smile:

I made my own ground coffee extract in PG and it turned out great. I heated (10g coffee / 50ml PG) in a small jar in a boiling water bath for about 20 minutes then filtering twice to remove all debris. Tastes awesome!


There’s a FB group: DIY Tobbaco EJuice that has lots of good info about extraction. The members are very helpful. I haven’t started NET processes yet, but in the future I probably will…once everything gets regulated and taxed to death.


Indeed, i made some coffee extract yesterday , it was great :slight_smile:


I tried Pauls method but the results weren’t good. Mine tasted really nasty for some reason. I decided to try a cold steep instead and it came out perfect. Maybe it has to do with the brand of coffee. Some are stronger than others. I used Chocked full o’ nuts.

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That’s strange but glad it worked out with a cold steep. Another note in the notebook for future use! :slight_smile:

How long did u do the cold steep?

I tested it after 3 days and the flavor was a little lite for me. I give it 5 days but I guess it would depend on your taste and how strong the coffee your using is. I used Chock full o nuts and it’s pretty strong. I’ve been experimenting a little by adding TPA Sweet cream and cotton candy. It’s really tasty.

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Great, thanks :slight_smile:

What’s your process @Stixx?

  1. I get hand rolled Nicaraguan cigars (any cigars will do), better taste by quality leaves
  2. Purify them in a coffee bean grinder until the tobacco is powder.
  3. Put the powder in a bowl and mix with distilled water and alcohol.
  4. Strain the liquid (with a mesh strainer) into a metal mixing bowl (bought at a 99 cent store).
  5. Put the metal bowl into pan of hot water (low flame) until the alcohol is evaporated.
  6. Add PG to what’s left (sparingly) and pour into a bottle.

Works great!!


That was how I did my first NET nicotine batch. Heated it down to what looked like molasses. After my wife did some reading, she forbid me to do it again without full protective gear! And she’s right! I started using premade bottled tobacco flavors and nicotine after a while and have not gone back to NET.

The article below is how I’d like to try it the next time. Seems like it would taste a lot better and I wouldn’t have to wear a clean suit and protective gear! The boil it down method is a bit volatile, since all you have left is basically the nicotine.


There’s also a FB group that deals with NET…and let me tell you, they are into it like nobody’s business!

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From reading and talking to folks in the NET forums, this process is for the flavor factor of the tobacco or tea leaves. As I say, I haven’t proven this through experimentation as of yet, but it does seem that the boiling of the tobacco extract would produce a harsh flavor. Letting it sit in a cool dark spot for a month or so seems to be the way of getting a great flavor out of the tobacco.

Eventually, I’ll give it a try here soon and see how it fares.

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No boiling involved here…I evaporate the alcohol and excess water in the metal mixing bowl in a pan of hot water. I get the water to a boil, then back off the flame to low. I agree with what you said about boiling the tobacco though…it would tend to be harsh. Cough Cough!!

Ah! A double boiler kinda thing?

Exactly! …

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I found this on ECF… Looked interesting. maybe it can be of some use here.

#First comprehensive scientific analysis of NET

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