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DIY NET Samples available from a Maker

Maybe you have been curious about real NETs. Or maybe you are already an experienced extractor of NETs and want a sample of particular tobacco that you have been curious to know its vapable flavor profile. Then a source of good samples might be something that will serve you well.

I have been making DIY NET extractions for my personal use for some time now. I got started on this with a lot of help from many folks that post here on the forum. I am standing on the shoulders of giants, particularly I want to thank all the expert help from @Kinnikinnick . My own background has been a career in industrial chemistry and process development so it was a natural for me to do a little ‘kitchen chemistry’ and explore tobacco extractions. I have scaled my batch size to about 150mls per tobacco sample, and this leaves me with far more product than I could vape in a lifetime.

I want to offer this overage to you and anyone that is interested in exploring NET. If you do not have the time or the necessary equipment, or are not sure NET is right for you, then a source of good samples might be something that will serve you well.

And, hopefully, if you have access to samples like what I am offering, then you may be excited enough about the results to start in on your own extractions. If that happens you will find much helpful support from the community of NETers here on the forum. Just ask if you have any questions. Also I would be happy to share the details of how any particular sample extraction was made.

I would not want to fit in this forum post all the information, which is quite a lot, so click here to see my web site that will give you all the details.


Wow! That’s very kind of you!

Awesome!.. & incredibly generous! :+1::+1::+1:

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This was exactly how I started my love for NET… sampling a wide variety of NET tobaccos. However, I paid $ dearly $ for my inquisitive nature… buying product from online NET vendors. @50YearsOfCigars… you’re basically giving away the same high quality NET which I paid $15 to $18 per 15ml. :flushed:

I hope folks take advantage of your kind offer. Having sampled quite a few of your NET extracts myself, folks who have any interest in NET would be remiss in sampling your product at such a low outlay of cash.

You’re one of the good ones! :sunglasses:


Well, I had posted a price sheet on the site that says I would like ~$15 for ten each 3ml samples plus my postage. I want to be very clear that I was only asking for reimbursement to cover my costs. However it is noted that some people are very sensitive to any talk of money, so to make it clear, if someone wants samples and has a genuine interest I will wave the reimbursement and get some samples out to them with no money changing hands (FREE!)

I understand that the internet forum space can be very adversarial. As a result of making what I thought was an offer in the true sprit of DIY Makers, all I got in return was to be thrown off (banned) from ECF as a result. I think the atmosphere here at e-liquids is a lot more reasonable so hopefully this all goes well.

Thanks again @Kinnikinnick for all your help over the last year, and for the kind words.



From what I have tasted out of your NET stock… as well you should ask for enough to cover your costs! Yes, making your own NET is quite inexpensive… however, the PG, VG, PGA, Nicotine, bottles, tools, time and effort are things which have a price. Asking for a little something in return for an awesome product is a reasonable request. :wink:


I just came across this post, however just a bit late. By chance are the NETs still available to sample ? I’ve steered clear of this area for awhile, up till now I’d like to get my feet wet in NETs. Can you get anything that is vapeable in the real fruits etc… isle ? I mean can you make let’s say a Peanut Butter, in it’s “nut” raw form ? TIA

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I just received your samples in the mail and tried out the “Missouri Meerschaum: American Patriot” and it’s quite interesting.

I’m vaping it on a 3 mm ID 26 g 0.9 ohm coil @ 15 watts on my geekvape ammit RDA and it’s got quite the kick to it. I’m not sure how much of that aspect is the 6 mg nic (I usually vape super super low 0.1 mg) and how much is the flavoring.

The taste is very dry and smokey (In a good way.) even compared to my previous experiences with tobacco flavors such as INW black for pipe. The whole experience is definitely much closer in flavor to actually smoking tobacco.

I’m excited to get some pipe tobacco and make my own.

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You can always experiment by cutting it 50% with some VG. Give that a try and see what you think. Yes, us tobacco NET types usually mix for strong flavor profiles, so if you have been using commercial mixes then I can see why you might react that way. Anyhow, have fun and -enjoy :grinning: ! Your RDA setup sounds just right. When you try the Turkish samples you will be in a might ‘lighter’ zone of extracts, the AP is a typical American English Pipe Shop blend, the Turkish samples will subtract out a lot of those ‘smoking pipe’ notes.

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