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DNA 75C constantly going into Temp. Protect, anyone else?


@Cutlass92 It wasn’t me…


I can tell you that while yes there ohom mods can run TC on kanthal, it pales in comparison to a decent TC mod.


Yeah, enjoy that… :laughing:

The reason why Kanthal does not allow temperature control is because this FeCrAl alloy has much more impurities than any others and does not offer superconductivity properties (a linear relationship of resistance with temperature ).



Is just shit with an extra R


Well nasty or not, I appreciate all the help. Yes I do have waaaay too many DNA mods, and have had for quite a while, that’s why this particular one was causing me so much grief. NO issue with any of the others INCLUDING the PSO model that took a dive @ 20’. It’s cracked, but STILL freakin’ fires !!!

I tried mucking around with this one for days before posting. New coils, different tanks, cleaning, factory resetting, etc. That’s why it was so maddening. I know I turned punch and lock off before, and not sure why it just FIXED itself. Maybe it needed to take 2 factory resets, unlocking, and unboosting, I have no clue.


anything that is not a dna pales in comparison when it comes to TC but it was one of my first tc mods before I got a dna and it does in comparison to any other brand a much better job. Now that does not mean it’s amazing, but I was pointing out that you can vape kanthal in tc with the “correct” mod :wink:


We actually own a couple of them! Not the wrecker, but the Hohm Slice :grin:


I never pulled the trigger on the slice and by the time I wanted some more colors of the wrecker they were discontinued :frowning: That stooopid paint falling off the slice within couple of weeks was always a no go for me lol.


Ours look brand new


The big dumb battery that doesn’t last all day was a killer. There they sit, on the shelf.


Before @worm1 shows up and points that out, let me do this for you!


and yes it needed to be derailed for the hohmslice/wrecker :wink:

But @SessionDrummer I am glad you could fix/find your problem, whatever it might have been :wink:


That would be one for monitoring the charging and/or power circuit.

There’s one dedicated for monitoring ambient temp as well, so it can calculate the differential needed to assess and make any adjustments in order to make sure it delivers the correct temp in whatever the current conditions are, in the environment you’re in. :wink:


Or… It’s something gone awry in the impedance monitoring portion. So calculations aren’t able to be correctly performed! :wink:

Either way, you need to get on the horn with Evolv. (As has already been suggested) chuckles


It shouldn’t be… But… You’d be surprised how many seemingly have been ruined by it. (not talking about corrosion etc)


Possibly… But it could also possibly be that the continued ongoing calculations (adjusting for ambient changes) drifted so far away from the original locked specs, that it simply flaked.

Perhaps removing the lock allowed it to go back and reassess from scratch, and regain its bearings…

Hard to say, but either way, glad you’re up and going again brother! :thumbsup:


There are exceptions to the rule! :wink:
Granted, rare… But they’re out there. grins


Oh I am sure there are, but I am not going to buy 500 + mods to find that one rare one lol. It’s like the people saying they got that one good Smok mod that was created and didn’t fail/broke within the first 48 hours… you know that 1 out of a billion. But I can agree too a point that if I would look much more into that, and go on a spending spree, I probably could find a couple more acceptable ones.


I’m probably not supposed to ask, but this thread is new and I just finished reading it, and there is a user all through this thread that is anon now…who did we lose?? I’ve been seeing a lot of those lately:(


That would of been Grubby. I don’t know what’s going on lately but I did notice that as well, maybe something we said somewhere was received wrong…again. It sucks but I don’t know, pretty sure everybody does have their reason, just wish some would at least say bye before leaving lol.