Don't know how all you do it?

Been mixing as often as I can and I still can’t manage to make anything besides things I copy from others recipes, it’s a tough life learning to mix with ADD. I’ve got enough flavors to choke a horse and just can’t keep it together on one idea long enough to make it get any where and when I go back it seems to get worse. I’d share my flavor list but I can’t remember how at the moment. Going to try and pick one thing and just mess around with it, tried with cheesecake but man I ended up way out of wack on that. Took me a long time to even realize the LA Cheesecake has alcohol in it, at least I was told that a week ago. If custards and creams didn’t need steep time for me to tell if I liked them I’d be al over them right now.

Anyways props to all you guys getting stuff done, please keep those good recipes coming for people like me who rely on you guys and your hard work. I assure you all I appreciate it a lot.


We are in the same boat. Coming up with something original has been a challenge for me as well. I do have a few that may need a little tweeking and I will post them and ask for help. Maybe you might want to do the same? The folks here are really really helpful and may be able to suggest something that will make your juice awesome.


It’s kinda like this:

The Violinist

A violinist is playing a concert at Carnegie Hall. He finishes the piece. Voices in the audience shout, “Again! Play it again!”

The violinist is pleased. He plays the piece all the way through a second time.
“Again!” the voices shout once more. “Play it again!”

The musician’s self-satisfaction knows no bounds: this is Carnegie Hall, and I’m asked to play not one, but two encores?

When he finishes, the voices rise yet a third time, and the same thing happens after several more repetitions.

Incredulous, the violinist finally walks to the front of the stage and addresses the audience: “Seven encores of the same piece at Carnegie Hall? It’s unheard of! Am I that good?”

The audience members shout as one voice: “You’ll do it until you get it right!”

:laughing:… I have some recipes with 7 iterations and working on an 8th! I tweak the recipe til it’s right, no matter how many times it takes! You will as well, I’m sure.

Jack Benny used to tell this joke:
A guy gets into a cab in New York City and asks the cab driver, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” and the cab driver replies, “practice, practice, practice.”

:wink:…mix, mix, mix!


Sometimes I think I nailed it in just one try and still after some time go back to it and tweak it.


I tried to hit the like button 6 times. But it just turns it on and off :wink: Very good advice.

@TELYgamer - I have made 3 single flavor recipes which all turned out kind of weak and flavorless even after steeping for two weeks. So I added a little more flavor and they are steeping some more. Then I made a popular recipe on here - Unicorn Milk. It smells awesome after only a week.

While waiting on juices to steep I have been looking at recipes. Seeing what others have been mixing together has helped me learn a LOT. Read the comments for alterations people have made. That helps understand how to play around with recipes. Instead of Strawberry, maybe a melon flavor will work. Instead of peach, try an apple, etc.

But I suggest first making the actual recipe. While mixing, make an additional 5ml seperate and make your changes. Then you will have an idea what your change did to the recipe.

I think the various creams and custards are my favs. So I am stocking up with flavors to make a few of those types of recipes on here. The bad thing is they get better and better with steeping. So my will to not vape the whole bottle is going to get weaker and weaker as time goes by lol.


@TELYgamer I like to make single flavor mixes of all of my flavors so I know what each tastes like, then I like to mix then together with different flavors that I think may be good together in my tank and before I know it I have a recipe. I may have to play with the percentages a little but for the most part it works!


I thought about doing that myself. Maybe one of these days :blush:

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I’d have to go along w/ @jimk advice. Practice is key and boy did I make some crappy juices when I first started. Heck I made a crappy batch just the last time I mixed so gross I tossed it and deleted the recipe which is not my style I will usually tweak it and continue to do so until I think it’s good enough.

I actually don’t post a recipe unless it’s 3 stars or higher ( really 4 or 5 stars is my goal ) anyways, I tweak them until I have them right. I make so many that others are steeping and I have at least a month a head of time so when it comes around to my next batch of trials they’ve been steeping about a months time.

As for the ADD stick with one flavor profiles at a time in the mixing session : say bakery is what you set out to make think what would go into a pie, or a banana bread or a jello parfait aim to use 3 flavors to test yourself if you can concentrate and feel good then move up to 4 flavors. For a while I didn’t make but 3 flavors in a mix little by little I got more and more complexed in the flavor ratios. Good luck try and stick with it.


@Jimk what flavor profiles did you come up with, with your bakery binge ?

…just did that myself with a FLV Clove recipe! It literally made me sick to my stomach…:scream: I wouldn’t have even called it drain freshener…:-1:


Learning to LET GO is part of growing up :wink:


I have been so physically busy at the theatre this week, I have had no time to devote to mixing anything new. Next week will be no better! :pensive: I had high hopes, but alas, my mixing muse will just have to be pissed off that I’m not paying any attention to her! :rage:


I haven’t made anything new in a week either, I should be mixing right now but will probably wait until later tonight. I feel if you mix when your devoted the juice knows it hee hee turns out much better to me !


I did actually make a “Drambuie” mix (honey, whiskey and herbs) test batch before I got busy… I’m hoping it will turn out good. Then on to bakery and a “Cointreau” mix perhaps! Yummy Cointreau! :tangerine:


Both sound really good ! Here’s hoping ! OOh Cointreau I like oranges, I was thinking of doing a spin off of a pina colada since I recently got INW’s cocopilada but an orange twist or some sort with probably a lime hint.

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I’m impatiently waiting on this one since I never got any angelpiss! Got juniper berries NET waiting around for this creation of yours :yum:
Don’t tell me you didn’t use any!


That’s my downfall too… I still have juice sitting here from May I don’t vape. They are decent juices, but I just don’t have want to vape that particular flavor profile anymore. So, they just sit there. Wish I could meet someone local that needs ejuice! haha I’d load them up.


I know it, I feel the same way. Just tossed at least 250 mls of old mixes down the drain last night. It may be nice to post a thread b4 I dump so much next time to see if anyone is interested. My mixes were from July they were all good, but yes I get tired of a profile and move on.

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Need ideas, got just the thing for you. It’s called Flavor Pairing. What’s that you ask? Flavor pairing is basically mixing flavors that go well together. Chefs, bartenders, and yes, even Ejuice blenders use flavor pairing in their craft. Months ago many of us contributed to a Flavor Pairing Thread right here on ELR for all to see and learn from. For the noobie this is information you just got to make use of. It WILL improve your blending skills since this info will give you a idea of what flavors go well with others. Here’s the link to the Flavor Pairing Thread…

Flavor Pairing, Click…

Good luck and happy blending !!!


@Jimk, I thought you knew better…lol