Downgrading Schmuck Alert!

I know none of us live and die by the star rating system. However, I’ve noticed as of late, there’s a schmuck on the ELR calculator site that loves to downgrade recipes just because he/she doesn’t like the fact you gave yourself a 5 star rating on your own recipe. This has happened to me on several occasions.

I publish a few recipes at a time on one day (with a five star rating) and the next day (or within hours) the recipe has another vote, but the recipe has a three star rating now. It hit me that this schmuck is just being a d@ckhead and giving the recipe one star just to reduce the rating.

So, be aware, not all star rating votes on the ELR calculator site are accurate. Some folks are just smallminded d@cks!

Moving on…


I wonder if there is a way to pull average rating given from the user stats.
Or maybe a rule that a comment has to be left before adding a 1 or 2 rating


This is good to know Jim. Being a new mixer I have chosen recipes by the star rating. If you are publishing a recipe one would expect it to be rated 5star by its author. It’s a truly flawed rating system. Unless the person borrowing said recipe creates that juice exactly to recommendations he or she has not created that particular recipe. To intentionally lower someone else’s rating like that is indeed Dickly. If the reason it is downgraded is because the author rates their juice 5stars he or she does not understand the rating system. Moron.


Not in defense of said dickhead perp but I have clicked the like heart on a few recipes myself and noticed that the stars dropped, I always check to make sure they are as high or higher than before, I have had to add stars back to some. Hope I havent rushed through and down graded anyone myself.


I’m my worst critic…I guess in this case it’s a good thing! LoL. I tend to rate other people’s recipes more graciously than I do my own. Of everything I’ve made, only the PB Banana Cookie and Salted Creamy Caramel have gotten 5 stars from me. So, I haven’t experienced said scumbag yet. Fingers crossed I won’t. I do wish there was a way to weed those people’s votes out of the search results.


Now I didn’t even think about that @David28470! That could be it and I might be jumping to conclusions! I just felt a bit slighted when I saw 10 of my recipes downgraded to 3 stars! It could have just been a fat finger mistake on the “heart” select, say if their using a cell phone.

That thought makes me feel better anyway!!! ; )


Ive had it happen quite a few times and caught it. I mostly use my smart phone or tablet. My computer hasnt been on in over a year. Im pretty cramped up for living space and dont have anywhere to set it up. It wont be much longer tho. Im starting a remodel project in a couple of weeks that will fix that.



Stupid cranial penis…

Actually, could a feature be put in that would allow you to see who rated the recipes? Like the “Like” feature?


Now that would settle things!


What recipe was it on, I will check who it is :smile:


LoL There you go…pays to have friends in high places! :wink:


I would love to know who rates my recipes. That way, I can ask them what they did or didn’t like about a
certain recipe. It never hurts to know what other people think. I have a couple of my recipes that have
gotten a ‘downgrade’, but no idea why. That’s kind of frustrating.


Wow! Guess it is kinda cool to know a “supreme being” or “the creator” to get some answers to why, exactly, bad things happen!

I could just say that the day it happened was July 6th, but to be exact about the string of hits, here you go:

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and it was just a fat finger mistake for tapping the heart to save the recipe! ; )

Thanks @daath for taking the time to look into this!


One theory I had was blown to heck. Not one of those recipes contained a FW flavor. It’s good to know that it’s not getting that petty!


That would be very sad, indeed! If I had three wishes from a genie in a bottle, one would be to make all the curmudgeons and d@ckheads on the planet just disappear!


I’m bad… Just had to go re-rate them all 5 stars. Now, what do they look like to you?

Wait…are you saying @daath is god?? I knew it. I always knew it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though, I hope this gets worked out. I hate that that happened. Interestingly, I can’t favorite or rate any recipes at the moment. Is this a glitch in the matrix or “God” working behind the scenes to sort stuff out?


It looked to be one guy, all his rates were 1 except on his own recipes. I deleted his ratings.

EDIT: I need to make a page where you can see a persons ratings.

Uhm, I’m not doing anything… Sounds like a cache problem - Try entering your browser’s settings a clear it’s cache… :smile:


ROFL!! Thank you, exactly what i needed after a 7 hour drive.



It’s good to know the King! Thanks @daath! I had my suspicions that guy just had issues with people top rating their own recipes. Harumph!