Dripping Recipes vs. Tank Recipes

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This is an interesting thing that might be worth adding to the recipes page. If there’s really that big of a flavor difference it might behoove people to know whether a recipe was designed for dripping or for tanks. Maybe a drop-down menu that has RBA or Tank or a checkbox that says “Dripper recipe?” Just a thought.


In all honesty it was just an opinion based on my observations. Most of the juice i have purchased was easily cut in half with VG without losing flavor on a dripper, however in a tank it is very noticeable. The majority of the people i see come into our local B&M buy starter kits or upgrade to non-rebuildable tanks. The juice the B&M makes are made for these types of devices, if i drip even a MaxVG liquid it is overpowering and shorts out my taste buds in a quick. Same goes for any juice i have purchased.

They have a cloud chaser line too, this never needs to be cut down, it is perfect in my RDA’s.

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MFS just released a dripping/subtank line of liquids. I was pretty proud that I knew what that was now! LoL Since I’ve not used either a subtank or a dripper (yet!), I wasn’t sure if it was something that would be worthwhile. I’m interested to know if anyone else feels like theres a difference or if it doesn’t really matter. I know a lot of the master mixers here can look at a recipe and tell by the flavoring brand and percentages whether or not it will be good.


Interesting comments, thank you. My problem is a little different, since I am a “senior citizen”. I have lost a good share of my sense of smell and consequently my sense of taste, so a juice that I can hardly taste in a tank, at least has some flavor in a dripper. So far tobacco based juices seem to have the most flavor for me, and I’m currently vaping a licorice, blackberry, and root beer mix that I really like in my subtank and need to try in my dripper. I guess that is why I decided to start mixing my own juice.

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Since I’ve not used either a subtank or a dripper (yet!)

Once you go sub, you’ll never go back. It’s like night and day. I wish I had tried subbing sooner. I tried my old MVP the other day with a 1.5 ohm tank with hardly any airflow and hated it. But I’m still appreciative for it because it did help me get off the analogs. But I do use my MVP for charging my phone.


New Drip, I totally agree with you on sub ohm vaping.iI notice a huge difference between a .5 and something like a 1.5 or 2 in the same tank with the same juice.Im now making my own coils aiming for .5 to .7 .Using A Kanger Subtank and a Kanger minne .So easy to rebuild the factory OCC and they also come with a RBA setup.

Yeah I’ve been working with the Kanger RBA and noticed it doesn’t wick well wick low ohm builds (.2-.3) so I bored the opening a bit so the cotton would extend into the tank and use more cotton. Now it’s wicking good and it hits real similar to a dripper.

ii haven’t tried the RBA because of that reason,from what I’ve seen on YouTube .How big did open it up?and would open it more or less?

I didn’t measure but I’d say about 3 mls. I used a hand held grinder and a small grinding stone and enlarged the juice channels and the bottom of the cap enough for the cotton to extend into the tank.

Are you happy with the results

I’m very happy with it. I was skeptical about Sub Tanks (RTA’s) but now I’m looking to try one out. I recently made a new post on RTA’s and waiting to see what people have experienced with them. Maybe you can follow that thread and get more info.

Somebody already asked about them so I’m gonna withdraw my thread. Here’s the link to the previous thread.

I’m really happy with my Kanger Subtank at this point.Heard great things about the Lemo. I still use my Innokin I taste at work to stealth Vape during the day to keep it on the lowdown,where as my Heatvape Defender still puts out a lot of vape even when I knock down the wattage.
Going to mod the Kanger RDA and see how that works out.Meanwhile I just rebuild my Kanger Occ coils for pennies on the dollar.

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I haven’t tried to rebuild the OCC yet. I’m gonna review a video and see how its done.

I followed this and it worked out great:

Just be very careful that your positive lead isn’t in contact with the casing which would be very easy to do if you are not careful about placement.

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Is it just me or did this derail off topic? I’ve just started dripping and am wondering what the difference for flavor percentage, Dripping vs tank is if any?

Don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t change the percentages in my mixes for dripping as opposed to tanks. Some folks change the Nic level around (don’t know why); I don’t.

I’d guess it is because people who use drippers typically straight lung inhale and those who use tanks (like clearomizers) mouth-to-lung inhale. I’d imagine it’d be a bigger buzz (maybe unpleasantly so) to lung inhale an 18mg juice if you’re not used to it…?


You’ll only do that once ! Horrible chest discomfort for about 15 minutes the first time I did it. Ugh.

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Oddly I disagree but get your point. I favor vaping over dripping. I can not tolerate anything other than stock coils. Lowest I’ve gone is 0.2 ohms and Yes the flavor is incredible I still prefer vaping over dripping. The reason for this is I can only lung hit a sub ohm and I prefer mouth to lung hits.

After I posted I realized it’s a preference thing. Some people can’t handle that amount of vapor. I’m a full throttle type guy and vaping at 100w is good to me. Some love it and some don’t. Me personally… I love it.

Do u mean tanks over RDAs?

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