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E-cigarettes and e-liquids banned in Poland

Here’s the top portion which had a LOT more in-depth info as translated by Google (tried MS too, but theirs was FAR worse.)

Safe to say, this DOES affect Inawera, unless they relocate their base of operations to Spain entirely. (As up to now, it was my understanding that Poland was where the majority of the ‘work’ took place, and Spain was only a ‘redistribution point’; read as: affiliate)

The following information is not a belated joke on April 1.

We regret to inform you that on July 6, 2016 Polish parliament passed a shameful law which M.inn. regulates the market of electronic cigarettes and nicotine fluids complementary (eliquidów). It is a black date for all companies in our industry and the people who use electronic cigarettes.


In short, the new law means mainly:

  • A total ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, accessories and eliquidów of nicotine over the internet. Within the next few weeks POLISH ALL SHOPS ARE INTERNET INDUSTRY EP banned and cease to exist. Our online store must also close down. Sale / purchase at auction as the Allegro / ebay are impossible. On the market there are only ordinary storefronts.

  • A total ban on private imports.
    Purchase of equipment and liquidów in a foreign online store (remote
    purchase from Europe or outside Europe) delivered to Polish was banned.

  • Maximum size of bottles for liquids with nicotine (liquidy and databases) that may be offered and sold to 10ml. Eliquidy and base in bottles larger than 10ml disappear from sale across Europe.

  • The market may be offered for sale only clearomizery, atomizers,
    evaporators, etc … with a reservoir of not more than 2 ml.
    Any type evaporators RDA / RBA / DIY / dripu to not meet the technical
    requirements described in the Act (do not provide 100% tightness during
    use and filling), and their sale is prohibited.

  • The nicotine in eliquidach and databases nicotine is 20mg / ml. Eliquidy and base with higher nicotine content than 20mg / ml disappear from sale across Europe.

  • Manufacturers and distributors are obliged to prepare special
    documentation for each new product / liquid: and registration of these
    products in the newly created inspectorate. The costs that will be borne by importers, manufacturers and distributors of the registration are very high. This means an increase in prices in the retail market.

  • Sale of any new product industry ep will be possible until 6 months from the date of registration referred to earlier.
    This means the end of the availability of technical innovations and
    waiting half a year on the possibility of buying a new model / hardware
    relative to the rest of the world.

  • For products e-cigarettes and eliquidy is prohibited sales promotion, tied, type 2 for the price of 1, etc …

  • Prohibited is any form of commercial advertising and popularization of products ep in the media including the Internet. It also means likely to disappear any discussion forums and blogs related to the topic of e-cigarettes.

  • Using in public with e-cigarettes containing nicotine eLiquid is prohibited.

In connection with the completion of a distribution business through the Internet we begin Sale warehouse.

Offer valid until out warehouse."

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As of yet there’s nothing on this on the Inawera site.

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Well, seeing as there has been no word of the plans or state of Inawera thru this ban, I decided to contact them directly via email on their website. I await a response. Once I get one, I will share it here.


The thing i dont understand is how can they ban flavoring? I get they could ban inawera’s ejuice but the flavoring base? I could decide to use koolaid packets and stevia to flavor my ejuice but no bans on that stuff. Just totally blows my freaking mind!


How can they ban any of it? This is the biggest improvement concerning national health ever and they are scrambling to get rid of it as fast as possible.
I don’t know what they are making the most profit on; hardware, liquids or concentrates. It might not be worth their while to just sell concentrates. Anything that’s used for e-cigarettes is produced by the devil him(her)self and flavours are to lure in the kids so they are the biggest evil :imp:
Some companies take a different name, www.justvape247.com is now www.justflavours247.com. I can’t help it either that I like my coffee to be tobacco flavoured :innocent:
You are absolutely right, this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever but it probably makes a lot of money for certain people when it’s banned.


Prohibitions do not apply to flavors :slight_smile:


I can’t for the life of me, figure out just what all these countries that are banning/prohibiting vaping are thinking. Vaping actually saves/improves the lives of millions worldwide. There are so many other problems in the world that need attending to… poverty, homelessness, terrorism, I guess the bottom line is that these issues don’t affect the pocketbook of big tobacco like vaping has the potential to.


So you’re not going out of business then? :sweat_smile:


Can’t forget the other half of the problem.



Well I guess it all depends on where you are, and what kind of nutjobs are in power. =/

But yeah, let’s hope this remains the case.

Edit: forgot to add the most important parts…
/cue Angels and trumpets: HALLELUJAH!
Thank you thank you thank you for your response to something that matters to vapers worldwide!!

PS: if it *ever"comes to the point that it’s either “close up and go out of business” or “uproot your life and family” please take a moment and realize that the handful of companies that provide our first tier flavors (IMO so far: Inawera, FA, Capella, TFA, FW) you all would be welcomed in any sensible country, and are what I regard as “royalty” in the sociological sense. You’re at the front line in making a difference in saving lives.


Clearly none of this is about health. If that were the case, tobacco would have been banned decades ago. Here is what probably happened:

Some Tobacco Company: “Hey Poland… We’ll give you x amount of money if you ban ecigs”.
Poland: “Sure… what the hell”.


Well, as I said, since not hearing anything about inawera as of yet officially, I emailed them thru the contact form on their site…
This is the response I just received.


Good to hear. Can you expand on that and give us some information as to where you stand and how it will affect us as consumers of your flavour concentrate’s?
Thank you in advance.


No, at least not quickly.


That’s good to hear :joy:


A further explanation of what’s happening over there. To cut a long story short, it doesn’t matter what evidence is provided to these lawmakers, they just go ahead and ignore the facts. :rage:

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If it has to come to it… Rename your products and sell them as something different, remove any reference to vaping, that’s how the legal highs circumvented regulations for so many years.


Or…the company sells…say, “pencils”. And FREE, with the price of the “pencil” (whatever a particular “pencil” may cost), comes your choice of atomizer, mod or juice as a “bonus gift” for buying their “pencils”. :grinning:


That’s a good idea, I want them to sell the pencils with a seed in the end that you can plant when the pencil is a stub. I want a tobacco plant seed in my pencil so I can grow that and a tree-box mod with my pencil :upside_down: