EcigExpress is soon to become FlavorJungle

Hints were dropped here a bit over a month ago:

We value everything you’ve done for ELR and the community immensely. Whatever you guys need to do to continue forward is understandable, and we support and appreciate you!!

My primary reason for posting though, was to let those who might not otherwise know, that it’s happening soon! I got an email from ECX solidifying matters:

As well as now being evident on their home page:

Cheers to ECX and Jungle in hopes of many happy years to come!


I highly welcome the move from companies to get rid of the “vape”, “nicotine” and “ecig” marks in their names.
:+1: @ecigexpress


I don’t. I’m proud to call myself a vaper and I resent having those in “power” and/or ignorance trying to instill a sense of shame onto myself OR the industry who’s been so supportive of finding a solution to quitting smoking!

But that’s not to say (at ALL) that I don’t think it’s wise to add an additional layer of insulation against the ignorant and uninformed. I just think it’s a shame.

I didn’t cower when I smoked, and I’m 10 times prouder to be vaping. I KNOW the difference it’s made in my life.


It’s mainly from a practical point of view. I can’t order from any company with a very obvious name or it’ll give me troubles, and I’m far from the only one in this position. Not only that, but I think a company just stands out when they get a little creative and it looks a bit classier IMO.

The other day I was looking for a UK vape shop to buy some gear, I had to scroll down to page 2 or 3 on search results to find one that wasn’t called some kind of vape or ecig. They all blend into one another.

I totally get where you’re coming from and I completely agree that it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. But having 20 different shops called “Vape Shop” isn’t cool either. Even if there was no vaping taboo and I could order from any online shop, I’d still appreciate a little variety and creativity.


Fair play. :slight_smile:


This guy sums it up nicely.


Plus I would like to know… isn’t Washington state under the flavor ban?
Their solution is to change their name and comb thru their website to drop the word vape from it?

They would be better off moving to Or… or even Canada, and popping up a brand new website.
New company…

I haven’t bought from them in years… for a few reasons. They know why. Specially Ivan and Gary. They lost support and a customer.


then you better hope with all these name changes… that they scrub the word vape off their sites too. There are a lot of them thinking just a name change will convince folks they are not with us… yet they are ate up with the word count of vape and vapor all over their site…

That will fool the fda, cdc, and fema alright… they need to get another 25 people to change that broken light bulb real quick… but eh… I agree with @Sprkslfly… loud and proud or they just will not get my $$…


It’s easier and faster to open a package than to look up on a website what they sell. The name of a company plays a big role in it (a customs agent has told me himself and it is my experience).

So quickly get yourself some EE flavors and ditch those quiet flavorahs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hell no.

I think we both need more coffee :wink: :coffee::coffee::joy:

Like this one :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant what I said, SD…

I havent purchased anything from them, since they pulled their bs with me.
I dont care if they have rainbows and lollypops up on their site and call themselves the dancing tutus…
Burn me once… no more.

and our @Sprkslfly is right… loud and proud will only be the way to fight this. They are in a ban atm, good luck on selling, especially in their own state.

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I got no problems with that kinda rule. :slight_smile:


Flavored Eliquid nicotine and marijuana…

So this was ECX repsonse to that Get rid of All bases VG , PG and Nicotine …Change name , Vhange website etc…Do you understand how much money this costs a business ??? Signs at very location , decals on vehicles everything…It wasnt just as simple as changing a name …yes changing a name and removing ECIG from it all ows them to at least sell half of what they did b4


I hear there are no more locations for them too, @fidalgo_vapes


If thays the case , they are still in leases and have to pay for thise buildings… So all of this mess has cost a company that seviced what we love ( regardless of personal feelings ) and damn near put them out of business…WHICH SUCKS AND PISSES ME OFF…it hurts my feelings to see a company who I like damn near bankrupted…its a shame look at FLV as welk they reside in this state and can’t even mail their product to a loyal customer…its just shitty situation that blows my mind… Time for a :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: JK JK


I had a different experience than you did, @fidalgo_vapes with them. If I posted what I really thought lol… yeah… will leave it at that.

Issue is yes, closing a business or selling illegally in a ban time… or making incomplete changes (not just this company but there is another one) leaves a yet another bad taste for me.

Yes the situation sucks, and wish there was a way the ban could have been flipped… however it does not excuse what happened in the past. It is a risk every single business no matter if it is vape related or not could be going thru. Its a risk owners take. It’s also risky to do what they have done and are doing.

It’s even riskier to run a flavor site and not declare exactly what it is. Take Amaretti for instance. :slight_smile:

Keep that mod and flavors going… :crazy_face:


regardless of anyone’s thoughts , opinions whatever…There is not a Flavor Ban in Wa State there is a Ban on flavored eliquid products nicotine and marijuana…so flavor jungle has taken the right steps to become a Flavor Vendor …they have stopped selling finished products , vg , pg and nicotine … They only sell food grade flavorings for whatever use you may need them for …:pray::v::yellow_heart::hugs::zipper_mouth_face:lol


yeah… right.

its why I won’t deal with shady folks. (tell it to flv, I am sure they can speak up)


FLV can still ship product…


Not inside Wa state. Go make an order… :slight_smile: