Ele8vape Shipping Woes

I placed this order on Friday the 3rd and it’s still in limbo. 5th day status… Shipping Label Created

I emailed Ele8vape about it on the 7th. Here’s the emails…

I’ve been checking my tracking status and it still says Shipping Label Created. I’d like to know if this Item has shipped.

I have taken a look at your tracking and can see that it is not updating. I will take a look into this and see what’s going on. There could be a chance that it never made it out of our facility, or the USPS just isn’t scanning it properly. This 4th of July weekend sale was a huge sale, so somethings may get lost in the shuffle. I will reply to this email within the next 24 hours and update you on if I was able to find your package or if it was re shipped.

Best regards,
Elev8 Vape Customer Support

I noticed on your site that the Snow Wolf is not in stock. If for some reason you can’t locate my order and you don’t have a replacement to ship today, I’d like to request a refund. Under no circumstance do I want to wait for it to restock. If you ship today as a courtesy you should upgrade shipping to expedited since it has already been delayed.

No more replies yesterday. It looks to me like they over sold their stock. I think it’s bs saying the P.O. isn’t scanning it right. Maybe one scan but not every scan. I ordered my Goliath the same day and it arrived Monday. I’ve ordered from them twice before and my last order arrived in under 48hrs. They obviously has screwed up and I’m going to call today and request a refund. I will keep my progress posted so we’ll know how they deal with issues.

Wish me luck.


good luck!!

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Good luck !

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Update… They don’t take phone calls… voice mail only through some app called you mail. They fail to contact me in 24hrs as stated in the email. I put in another ticket today and waiting for a reply. If I don’t hear back from them today I will contact my Bank tomorrow. They have a shoppers protection plan and will reverse the charge. Here is my second ticket.

I’m contacting you because my status is still at Shipping Label Created. I am requesting that my payment be refunded. This is my second attempt to resolve this issue. I’ve made two calls and no one will answer the phone. Please reply as soon as possible.
Order Total: $88.34 USD
Date Placed: 3rd Jul 2015
Payment Method: Credit/Debit

Wow, this looks a little familiar. Good luck! They should take care of it, but it will take some headache. I did warn you all. :wink: Pretty much word for word what they told me when I asked where my shipment was. “The tracking isn’t updating.” Funny how they’re the only place that has this particular “problem” of all the places I’ve ordered from. I’m thinking the same thing happened with my order…they sold me a PV and then when they didn’t have the stock to fill the order, they just stuck the box to the side and forgot about it.

Yep same scenario. My first 2 orders were fast and perfect. Did they take your calls?
We need to start a band vendors list.

I didn’t try and call them, it was all done through email. It did seem like they took a little while to get back to me, but they did get back to me. It seems like their MO is to just do whatever and not tell you about it, so check your bank often. They may just issue the refund and not communicate anything further.

Edit: I think you mean banned (as in not allowed) not band (as in musicians).

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and it’s not like it’s only a few bucks not that it should matter :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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I’m convinced the Snow Wolf I ordered is jinxed. I think it may be lost in the mail. It’s been stuck in Memphis Tn. for 3+ days. I phoned the P.O. today and they are looking into it. This has become a nightmare. Everything below has happened after all of the above.

Now it’s stranded about 150 miles away…

I got a reply from the P.O., It’s been sent back to where it originated… meaning Elev8 Vape, without a single delivery attempt. That’s strange… I emailed them and ask them to check the tracking and let me know what’s going on.

It does look as if there is some bad JuJu surrounding this Snow Wolf thing!


The P.O. called me back. There’s a problem with the label so they sent it back to the sender. I contacted Elev8 to check with them. They don’t know either. I updated my address, and asked them to send it back when it returns… waiting for a reply. So far it haven’t cost me anything… but a few gray hairs. :confused:

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I have “deemed” this the Elev8 Vape spirit doll. I can send it to you, so start collecting sharp objects to jab into it! It comes with an incantation which should be good for one horde of satans minions to attack said offenders.


If I had a shipping invoice I could get Asmodus In Cali to replace it. All they sent was that Broke Ass SW and no paperwork.

I have 2 of the 3…

#The Snow Wolf 200W Box Mod is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 30 days after purchase. This 30 day period covers any NON AESTHETIC manufacturer defects that the device may have. User error will void the warranty.

The warranty process is as follows:
•Obtain an original purchase receipt for the item. If purchased online please provide a packing slip / invoice from the shipment.
•Print out a merchandise return form and fill it out completely and legibly. Click here to access the return form.
•Pre-pay for return shipping of the item by using the “Buy Now” buttons found below. Please print out the receipt of the payment.
•Package the device and include the 3 forms of documentation that were described in the previous steps and send the item to the following address:

15962 Downey Ave
Paramount, CA 90723

Here’s one for Asmodus!


Well it’s finally over… I hope. I got the other Snow Wolf today and it’s working beautifully. I pray for no more issues with this one. 1 bonus is I have another 1 for spare parts.