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@TorturedZen We are very close to one another, im in Kenosha down by the lake and on the north side. The wifes folks just had a house built out in Trevor, just a stones throw from you.


I couldn’t be a line extending from the Pyramids of Egypt, to the Aztec Ruins, to the Hawaiian Volcano, so I picked a point in the middle of our route. :alien: :flying_saucer:


Oh, and @Alisa you can add me too. Kenosha, WI. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I meant to say please and thank you, shame on me.


Woot! You can’t see me in the photo, but I am now riding pinion on Lady Godiva’s horse

(OK, OK, so it might really be that I’m sitting amongst the drunks and and the homeless at the base of the staue ,so far as you can tell from the map, but you’ll just have to take my word for it ,I;'m not)

Thanks, @Alisa :hugs:


Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, Canada PLEASE!!!
Just a little South East of Montreal.
Thanks @Alisa


@Alisa Count me in.
Kingston Ontario Canada


I’ve moved and can be added to Mpls, MN. Thanks!


Bombay Beach CA. Close enough to me. :smile:


Hi would you please add me im in the UK.
Thank you


@daath could we please have a link to the map somewhere on ELR?


It is at the top of this thread…


Yes, but to find the link you have to find this thread first. I meant a link somewhere like on the resources page.


Yes, i was just looking what he could do, perhaps add it to the “resource” page?


Explicitly Opt In. Im in Matawan, New Jersey


You put me on the map and now suddenly I am a resource?? Hey! Ho!
I didn’t sign up for that!


Hey man, it’s 2018, we’re all just entries in databases!


Yes Please add me


Hehehe, sorry for the derail, but what happened here is a classic example of :


You can put me down for Durham, North Carolina, if you don’t mind. Thanks for doing this. Fascinating to see where everyone is. Now if I could only get somebody to put me where I want to be, that would be great.


guess it would help to have Reedley Ca huh