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I was assuming u PM’d her, :rofl: welcome to the map and glad so many have chimed in, i think its kinda nice, grows community a tad closer imo. no worries to most of u my truck is not reliable enuff for long distance stalking


The moon? :thinking:


I see what you did there. The name comes from an old Creedence Clearwater Revival tune. I’m an old fan. Where I’d rather be would be a beach. Any beach but I have a bit of a preference for NC beaches. I just need some salt air badly.


You mean you would pick, say, Topsail, over Durham? Lol


I hear ya! Some white pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, hot sun and not too many people around :sailboat:


Actually, Topsail Island would be my first choice. Spent a lot of time there with the family over the years but haven’t been back in far too long. I know the place well.


Once all the kids are out of high school, that’s where I’m headed. You can find houses for relatively cheap on the the island, especially the northern part.


Don’t forget fishing. Night surf fishing on the beach, cooler by my side…that’s living.


That’s because many of them are falling into the ocean. I’ve seen several reclaimed by the sea. But I would still be perfectly happy with most anything up north of the bridge. I always have had a preference for the southern end myself but nothing wrong with North Topsail at all.


I have the exact same wish. I only left the US once but that was almost 30 years ago and i was 12. I still remember being amazed as we flew over the turqouise waters and white sand and was baffled how it was totally clear when you were up close to the water. I hope i make it back for a couple of weeks before i die, lol.


I hail from Dildo Newfoundland, put my picture on the map


Put you on the map, but the software won’t let me put any new pics on the map unfortunately. So, you’re an orange house like most others. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hrhrhr seriously?


Minot, ND USA for me please!


Pretty sure he means
Troll Falls
Kananaskis, AB


Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please and thank you @Alisa :earth_americas:


Northern Afghanistan Salam!


Walton le Dale, Lancashire, England :grinning:


You can add me: Pittsburg, CA


And pretty close to my house too.