Everyday vape picture - Enter to win a ProVari 2.5 Starter Kit

Ok guys! We’re having a competition for a ProVari 2.5 in the color of your choice!

For those of you who don’t know ProVari - They’re incredibly well built variable voltage devices, made the the USA. They’re workhorses that just keep going.

They’re available in many colors!

The Prize

The winner gets a ProVari 2.5 long or mini starter kit, which includes a standard charger, two batteries and a Nautilus 510 tank. The winner gets to choose if they want the long or mini and the color of the device from the available stock. The mini includes two AW 18350 batteries, and the long comes with two AW 18490 batteries

How do I enter?

Simple. Post an original photo with the theme: Everyday vaping
Only one submission per user. You can submit entries until Sunday, March 15th 2015, at midnight GMT.
The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 18th, 2015.

Who can enter?

This competition is open to users of all countries.

The entries will be judged by the ELR Forum staff.

Good luck!

PS. To all you new users, you cannot upload to the site right away - Try browsing around a bit, and reply to other peoples posts - Before you know it, you can make topics yourself and upload to the site! :smile:


My new work radio for every day use!!! Ha-ha


Everyday Vaping

Tornado yeeha. Look out Dorothy.


Nice! :smiley: Is that actually functional? :laughing:

It took down the south side of my house shortly after that picture.


Not yet… the idea came to me when I read this thread lol I’m seriously gonna look into making it possible!!!

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@quitter1, Nice! Dual purpose equipment!

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When I win that provari i can dismantle my mod to experiment Ha-ha!!

I can’t upload photos yet. Can I post a link to a photo?

Everyday Vaping !!

I NEED that Green ProVari !!! :smile:


Yes, upload to imgur.com and paste a link on a line by itself - But I suggest you browse around and comment on stuff… Before you know it, you can post your own topics and upload images :smiley:

Thanks! Will do. I’m looking forward to hanging out when I’m not drowning in schoolwork. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is what consumes me in vaping right now. Tools of the trade, if you will. The clippers are clean, I swear. :smiley:


Here’s my “Everyday” vape. Camo and clouds.


Vape + tube amp = my everyday.


Everyday Vaping? Pretty much. I’m like a 50 yr old kid, always messing around. Here’s my cup o clouds…made from Coffee Caramel liquid. Ymmmmm. :smile:


I vape outside.


Sorry I couldn’t do just a picture :smile:

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