FA only or primarily only user list?

Trying to find more people who have complete usage of FA stuff so I know who I can chat with about recipes and such. I’ve sen some but I’d like to see more besides shatner. Nothing wrong with him, don’t know him at all just would like to know who you all are.

Edit : I know VU has a majority but not everyone goes there or wants to for their own reasons. So all this said, if you’re a big user of FA please let me know. I’ll make a list below and update it as I can.

List of known FA mixers,


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@TELYgamer ; I’m a pretty big proponent of FA. My next choices, in “like” or usage descending order; Inawera, TFA, Flavorah, Capella and Flavor West.

I have noticed around here, since I joined moons ago, folks tend to form flavor combination groups rather than flavor vendor groups. I’m into tobaccos, so if you’re a tobacco fan, you’ll see me all over those threads and not so much on the flora, sweets and fruity threads.

I have watched flavor vendor threads escalate to verbal bloodshed and war before!..it’s not a pretty thing. :rage:

Good to have you on board! :blush:


LOL not my intent, just want to have a kind of way to see who we can ask about maybe a new flavor that comes out and maybe they had and mix to see how strong it is or how it compares to something else we have in our ingredient book. I have a question for you though, there’s a E-book that has a recipe for a Marlbro Red mix, have you tried it or do you know of something that’s very similar? Need to get my fiance off the analogs and that’s a problem since she’s smoked them forever. I don’t vape Tobacco at all so it’s not in my pantry to make the blends I happen to come across but if you do make some similar, let me know I’d like to see about getting a small bottle off you for whatever you charge for it.

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I smoked something similar to red marlboro - What kept me off the stinkies was this: http://tjek.nu/r/9n :smile:

Well, just ask here :slight_smile: You might get lucky :smiley:

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Finding a vapor liquid that is very close to what you’re used to smoking…It’s like searching for the Holy Grail! :confounded:…very hard to simulate!

I rolled my own smokes for years and have just now, 2 years after I quit smoking, found a flavor that comes close to what I was smoking!

That being said, I never tried any of the USA red mixes, 'cause that wasn’t what I smoked. I can tell you the FA Virginia, Maxx Blend, Dark Vapure, Tuscan Reserve, Shade, Latakia, Perique, Western and SoHo are very nice tobacco flavors, which might get them close to a real smoke. (Easy does it with the Latakia and Perique; strong stuff). I would stick with the FA Virginia, Shade and Maxx blend for starters.

More on this later…:wink:

Here’s a few FA threads that you may find useful…



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shatner? Who is this shatner character? Wasn’t he on Star Trek?

Might want to check out:

Good FA reading/rating info material here.

Nice. Thanks guys. Now I see another person I must contact. Southermixer. I’ve got 4 Oz LA cheesecake that’s being difficult to make a tastey cheesecake with. Maybe he can point me at a full cheesecake tasting vape with it. Or maybe Shatner can beam me up one lol.

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Man I just looked on reddit for some FA recipes and the links back to the recipes on VU are still good but the recipes have been removed. That’s so annoying, love the strength of the FA flavors, hate the secrecy with the recipes. It’s like they’re a government agency and you’ve got to join them to get them. Guess it’s guess and go time. Ran out of my favorite juice I buy and was hoping for a quick vape for the weekend, since I’ve got another 7 days straight of work and no time during business hours to go buy a bottle to get me by. More internet searching lol.

Maybe some of them can be found here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?filter=11985


OMG Yes thank you.


I’ve heard good things about these companies NET products, just in case you aren’t happy with the flavor you get with artificial tobacco flavorings.




I have experienced/vaped the liquids from the last company listed and can vouch for the quality of their product; I aspire to create such nice tobacco vape liquids such as theirs.

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Do any of you guys have a FA only tigers blood recipe? I’ve never tried it but my friend says I absolutely must try it.

Try one of these :smile:

Yea I’ve not found an only FA recipe and it’s the only way I have those flavors.

Jusr realized I forgot to say FA flavors only, as those are the only ones I have the flavorings in.

Tiger’s blood is just strawberry coconut and watermelon. I’ve heard FA’s watermelon is decent. Not sure about the strawberry. The coconut probably won’t work unless FA has some sort of coconut candy. The FA coconut is more like real coconut meat or fresh coconut water, not the dessert type coconut. That’s seemed to be the case with many of their flavors, which is usually a good thing. Unless you’re looking for that candy/dessert tasting flavor.

Any particular reason why you want FA only?

I’ve got a good 85% of their line. So many popular flavors I just don’t have. It’s part of the hard time I have when trying to modify a recipe from anywhere.

I see. If I only had to work with FA, I’d definitely say add something like meringue and maybe some sort of cream like vienna to bring that flaked coconut kind of flavor that you get with good Tiger’s blood. Used to be my favorite snow cone when I was a kid. :wink:

I wonder if adding marshmallow would make it more candy-like?