FASTTECH?!? What's the deal?

I live in the Uk so I can imagine it’s gonna take a month for the stuff to get here but what’s the quality like? I am assume it’s all clones and rip offs but it’s so cheap, will everything I order be safe to use?

Is it worth buyin 30items in one go rather than 1-2?

What’s everyone’s experiences?

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I keep my orders under $25 or thereabouts - this works best for me with customs here in Denmark.

As for delivery time - check if it’s “In stock” or “Ships in X business days” - if it’s in stock, it’s pretty fast. If you have the option to use ePacket, it should get to you a lot faster. Like in a week or so. I don’t so mine comes after about a month. I don’t mind. It’s like small surprise gifts come dropping in every now and then :laughing:

As for quality? Depends. I have loads of FT-stuff and I like most of it. Not everything is crap. They also sell authentic stuff (although those prices are higher)… I love FT :slight_smile: And GearBest, and :smiley: Oh, and sometimes even Alibaba and AliExpress :smile:


Cheers @daath. How does customs work do you pay upon delivery? I’ve got a sample box on order from the states and I’m shitting myself it’s going to double in price when it gets here haha

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Every experience I have had with them has been exceptional, they have even sent me double of an item that was left out of a previous order at no cost to me. Granted they were cheap batteries …It sounds to me that you know what your getting, and your prepared for the slow shipping time, I say go for the 30.


Thanks @jaybird what sort of things have you bought from FT?

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I’ve bought tones of stuff from FT . Great customer service and cheap !! Some of the stuff I’ve bought has been less than satisfying but they either give you your money back or send you brand new . Shipping is slow! I’ve had packages range from 10 to 60 dollars and they all come marked as 20 to avoid paying more duties I’m sure, but I’d break up your orders . Read reviews and pay the extra couple bucks for epacket shipping it’s worth it .


So if it’s less than $20 you don’t pay customs or tax etc? @MixedUp1

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I can see me spending a lot of time on fast tech tomorrow at work haha

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I think the UK limit is something like £15, above that you pay VAT on both the value of the goods plus the shipping.
The level of duty depends on the type of goods you’re importing but for vape gear it’s over £100.

My last couple of FT orders have arrived in 6 or 7 days using ePacket which costs an extra $2.50.

I too would recommend breaking up your delivery into smaller chunks - if one gets ‘lost’ it’s not the end of the world and it’s less likely to get checked by customs.

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I’m guessing …don’t quote me on that ! China seems to have it figured out tho . One thing I will say is that you’ll need to get a cheap bottle of vodka to soak the clones in before giving them a good scrub . And be prepared to drill out a few air holes and sand down a few sharp threads . Also go ahead and order replacement glass for your tanks as they are insanely cheap especially the Lemo as the glass is thin and breaks easily . That being said fasttech is good for cheap clones but supporting local business is important as well and it’s faster and usually has better quicker service .


Yup. Get ready for a good long wait when you see this! In fact, just try to forget you ordered the product. Then, when it does hit your mail box, you’ll be like, “What? Vape mail for me!..oh yeah, I ordered that a month ago”. I’m not slamming FT; just be prepared is all I’m saying.


Ive placed around 35 orders, to the US, and have been happy with every item i have purchased except one and they credited me immediately.

When ordering from FT ALWAYS read the discussions and reviews. ONLY order in stock or ships next day. For the US we use epacket shipping. When ordering anything with batteries in it expect much longer shipping times. The only time anything took longer than two weeks to reach me was when i ordered an item that was brand new, they take “pre-orders” and when they have enough they place the order to their suppliers. FT manufactures nothing, they are a distribution channel for other Chinese manufacturers.


I’ve bought quit a bit of stuff from FT and have had good experiences with all my orders to the U.S. after my first order I learned about the “in stock” and “ships in x days” rule lol. I never order anything that is more then 2 days out if I can help it. Most likely everything I order has to be in stock or ships next day. And read the reviews and discussions. There’s some good stuff on there for cheap. I’m a happy customer 97% of the time


I bought my first mod from them a couple years ago, the vamo v2, it came as a kit that included batteries, charger, and addy.since then I have bought several kanger mini pro tanks, my wife loves them, a cloned big block 454, and I always add replacement coils to my order for the minis. I also got a vamo v5 " think its a 5" everything is still working, passed the vamos and some of the minis off to my kids.


Heres another good idea…just arrived yesterday for super cheap…silicone cases for the iStick 50w or 30w


I’ve just received 2 packages from FT.

1 for around $35
The other for around $20.

Both orders I purchased epacket for $2.50.

From shipping to my address took around 10 days.

Delivered by PostmanPat each time and my signature required.

Neither of which have I been asked to pay anythg extra etc.



No need to buy the Goblin clone - Gearbest sells the original for $20…


How is gearbest .?.I’ve heard some bad stuff about them

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I’ve only made 3 orders - no problems with them so far :smile:

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Is the shipping decent ? Or can you upgrade like fasttech or is it just snail speed

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