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FDA says Cherry, Vanilla, Peach, Raspberry Flavors are OK!


Here is the New Flavor line up:

Georgia Peach
California Rasberry
Orange Vanillia

Where is the FDA control here?

When one of the ‘kids’ downs a six pack of this stuff he has consumed over:

200 mgs of Caffeine
250 grams (= 1/2 a POUND !!) of Pure Sugar !!!

Caffeine is a very powerful central Nervous System Stimulant and can be toxic.
It was added to the World Health Organization list of addictive drugs in 2015: See: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10)-2015-WHO Version for ;2015

And the problems with Sugar are much more severe and well documented.

Related: I am researching the new product lines with Beers and other Alcoholic Beverages, and will make a follow on post on that subject later.



You and I both know where the Gooberment is. Filling their pockets. A couple billion tubby children guzzling poison and living vicariously via cell phone is of no concern. The money flowing in from that is stable and needs no effort to sustain. Money surrounding vaping however requires some effort to maintain. It’s just how parasites work.



And somehow that Lucky Charms flavored Beer just sells out to purely excited adults. Funny how that standard thing works.



Dude, you just described me.



I tastes like baby aspirin.



If there was billionaires that Vaped and throw money at it. The gvmnt wouldn’t be so anal about the ‘teen epidemic’. The teens still get plastered Friday nights after school. Where’s the control on that. Oh it’s the “kids will be kids” motto



Caffeine. Dude, don’t blaspheme my “morning binky” ! What’s next, rabid tea-baggers coming for all my “Constant Comment” teabags ? You’ll have to wrest my precious alkaloids “from my cold, dead hands!” :grimacing:

But … relying on the Flagellation Deployment Avatars (FDA) to do anything other than decimate and destroy whatever delicate matters of natural rights to autonomy and civil liberties surrounding potentially mood altering human activities they get their mitts on forms circular firing squads between various declared demon-molecules. Fashionable ways to wind up a bloated, sweaty corpse from a million sinful indulgences rule the day. The festooned, uniformed scrambled-eggs teams over at the CDC are even more bellicose.


Sacred Cows: One shall not question if the following “endanger the public morals”:

Sucrose: (or Fructose component ~13 times more reactive than Glucose component);

Ethanol: Very harmful, and associated with well over 100,000 annual deaths in the U.S;

NSAIDs: ~17,000 annual deaths from internal bleeding, not counting those associated with kidney and liver damage, and those associated with cardiovascular events (and not a single physician or distributor blamed);

Tylenol: ~17,000 annual hosp. admits for Acetaminophen poisoning. Liver failures/death;

Firearms: People appreciate the ability to blow holes in and end the lives of self/others;

Environmental Carnage: Is and will dwarf any/all less ubiquitous potential/real toxicities.


In modern performance of the ancient ritual of scapegoating worries away, real threats and true scourges becomes the occurrences of folks privately pleasuring themselves. Authoritarian restrictive control of pleasure is a key element in the administration of pain. Autonomy threatens wage-slavery, commerce, and revenue-extraction activities. They won’t let you die (they care so much about first extracting all your assets)

Festooned autocrats at FDA/CDC stand ready to intervene, “saving us from ourselves”. They engender and thrive upon learned helplessness of the populace to validate their roles. Where would we be were it not for their unctuous soirees into our bodies and minds ? Such ham-fisted moral-nanny life-coach zealot-clone infestations “make US great again” ! :clown_face:


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