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I’ve been frequently visiting this site purely because I’m fascinated with the DIY aspect but too afraid to give it a go. I know this will sound boring but custards are my absolute favorite. Are they really that difficult? Should I start with something more simplistic? In my mind, I’d really love to get close to a version of dis won. Am I setting myself up for major disaster starting with custards, lol. Any comments are welcome.


I dont think so…There are so many great Custard flavors now . Ive never vaped dis won but im sure with a little time and effort you can mix something you enjoy maybe even better than dis won


Welcome to ELR @scotty. Custards can be tricky, but you should do what you know or like. Steep times are longer for rich custards, so all things being equal, don’t try to shake and vape them.


Welcome @Scotty!

Killer Custard is still one of two juices I could happily vape forever, and I’m experimenting to try and get a custard I like now I’ve pretty much just started DIYing with decent flavours.

Already I’ve discovered you have to layer several of one flavour - so several custard/cream/vanilla flavours for a decent custard juice but the real difficulty comes from figuring-out how much of each to add in order to get the overall juice you want.

There’s probably lots of good custards in the recipe side but I’ve never given a fuck for following other people’s shit and would much rather create my own - or do it myself if you will - excellent juices from scratch, so I’ve not really looked at the recipe side of the site at all yet.

You certainly don’t need to: just might take you longer to figure it out yourself, depending how good you are at figuring shit out :sunglasses:

Oh and get quality flavours from good brands - don’t even waste your time ordering cheap shit: you’ll end up with 10 bottles of garbage for every 1 you like.

Choosing quality brands makes mixing juices that taste good childs play: even if you mix something that’s not what you wanted - if you’re using flavours that taste good individually, whatever you mix with those flavours will likely taste good too.

At least good enough to not tip down the sink.



Welcome too the community.
Custards are never boring. Im a custard lover also. Im not an expert by any means. However one thing i do know about custards is that they take time to fully mature. Start with a simple . recipe like this one. Dont over complicate it. We all started right where you are.
Just make sure to enjoy the ride.

Kreed's Kustard

Ingredient %
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA) 1.00
French Vanilla (CAP) 4.50
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 4.50
Vanilla Custard (CAP) 6.00

Flavor total: 16%

Remember to rate it at!

There are some very good custards out now. When I started the gold standard was Capella Vanilla Custard which I couldn’t stand. Now, there’s FA Premium Custard, INW Custard, and MB Legendary Custard, plus others which are all very good. Custards aren’t hard to make but they usually need time to steep after mixing.


You sound like an aussie! Thanks for the information!! I’ve picked up a few flavors, mainly Cap Vanilla Custard and some other Cap flavors that I might experiment with. I used to love Killer Custard until I got a bad batch:( You should really try Dis Won, it’s really good. They also have a really good tiny amount of tabacco mixed with what seems to be a bit of graham - so good for only 12.00 per 60ml. Unfortunately they are closing their doors due to this vape ban situation. Just horrible. Makes me sad:(


Betcha it was Killer Custard that drove that popularity for custards that resulted in all the versions of DIY flavorings :sunglasses:


I am indeed :slight_smile:

There’s several of us here, though mostly from the states where they’re spoilt for choice and if I hear one more American complain about their cheap-arse having to pay $6 for a 100mL bottle of anything, I will start breaking shit.



Im so tired of these expensive flavors 1.99 for 15ml WTF

Will you send pic of broken stuff pleeease


Should we mention to them all the freebies we get from the flavor companies just for being in the US? Maybe we shouldn’t.


That’s right - you all pay less for juice and flavourings than we pay for a bottle of water here.

And I can’t figure out why outside of that we just keep on paying what we do for everything…



@Scotty still they will complain if the postage is $1 cheaper at some other site :roll_eyes:

God dammit!


That’s why I don’t drink water :rofl: just drink Ice Coffee. What is this water you speak of?


Any of the ‘branded’ trendy waters in Woolies will get you in the ballpark of $6+ or more, though admittedly you can buy water cheaper, and also admittedly I would never buy water in a bottle when the shit gushes out every tap and falls from the sky for nothing.

I’ve seen it there though and wondered who on earth would pay for water, let alone that much…

Wankers, I spose.


Which state are you in?


Welcome and glad you joined.
Could start simple with single flavor and branch out from there:


Queensland the best state of course :sunglasses:


Hahahahahahahaha, Oh wait… you are serious?


Banana benders - they ALL think their state is best :roll_eyes:

I’m sure he’s serious, though I’m unsure why they think that when NSW is the premier state and the one that started the country.

Sydney is in NSW: we win - simple as that :sunglasses:

The first to be a state - we New South Welshians are much more conceited about our superiority than Queenslanders could even hope to be.

Queensland wishes it was NSW :sunglasses:

So sad.