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I’d add a tiny bit of yoghurt (tpa/wf/flv) and/or cookie dough/cupcake batter/cake batter (flv/fw/cap) or any “moist” cake, for example (wf) white fluffy cake but be careful with this one, it has a slight butter cream filling, which is perfect to bend dryer cakes into more wetter cakes, but too much and you’ll taste it. (Fw) creamy sponge cake etc.

All of these suggestions will add a “raw” layer, which might work in your case, if used sparingly, unless the dryness comes from the Orange or cranberry. I don’t own both of these fruits to be able to say that.

Can’t say anything about (flv) pound cake, I don’t have it, but maybe just lowering percentage a tad might do the trick too. I wouldn’t switch the cream for pudding tho, all that’s gonna do is making it denser, and in most cases that just amplifies the dryness instead of taking it away.

The reason I list several brands, I’m not stuck to one, all of these will perform the same duty, it’s just a matter of percentage and someone might have on hand or personally prefers. Hope it helps.


ty ive rarely used the cake type flavors , so any suggestions are great ones , i do have FLV greek yogurt do you think that would work ???


It should, try super low first tho, since you don’t want the Greek yogurt taste.

I normally use tpa Greek yogurt at .5% because it’s not a potent yogurt and you can’t taste it till around 2% but you get the benefits already at .5%.

Same for frozen yoghurt (wf) I do a .35%.

I just got Greek yogurt (flv) in, I don’t know how potent it is yet, so maybe not try it at .5% but way lower lol.


I started off using FLV Greek at 2% and it was just too sour for me. I’m now down to .3-.7 depending on the recipe and I get a more natural taste of yogurt. It adds a nice bit of moisture and creaminess without being too sour at lower %s.


yes i read your notes and wondered if you have went lower since then … ty for yiur input


I need to update several of my notes because I’m using a lot less flavor than I did early on. Thanks for the reminder!


Hi everyone!
I need help with a recipe, but it’s not mine (I hop doing this is not wrong or bothers the creator)
It’s @Chip2786 recipe (Sorry, I don’t know how to insert properly the recipe, so I’m gonna attach the link, I promise I will learn)

It’s a clone / remix of “baker’s daughter” from Coil Spill. You can read in the description “A delicious sugar cookie with hints of white chocolate and soft melted marshmallows. Baker’s Daughter is sweet, warm, and satisfying, perfect for fall time vaping!” I tried the e-liquid and damn. DAMN.

You can read in the recipe’s comments that @TheGoouch confirms that the recipes are practically identical, that he has also been working on a similar one).
However, TPA’s white chocolate at that percentage without the “help” of any cream makes me a little skeptical. Maybe the high marshmallow percentage is what that chocolate needs?

I know, I should try it before, but right now I can not order concentrates because I’m living out a few weeks, and I’d like to give a couple of turns to the recipe with your help while.

¿Maybe reducing TPA white chocolate and adding some sweet cream?

Thank you all and I’m sorry if I did something wrong, both in the presentation and in the theme


Here’s the recipe for anyone that want to help out…

Coil Spill Bakers Daughter Remix

Ingredient %
Marshmallow (TPA) 9.36
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 7.58
Super Sweet (CAP) 1.50
White Chocolate (TPA) 9.36

Flavor total: 27.8%

Remember to rate it at!

Holy crap, it certainly doesnt follow your less is more train of thought does it?


Thank you a lot for putting the recipe correctly!

And yeah @worm1, I’ve been following lately the @Pro_Vapes less is more train of thought, but if this recipe comes close to the baker’s daughter, I needed to give it a try


I believe this falls under the old “understanding” that ‘it gets easier to spot where someone is at…’* once you have more experience! :wink: :rofl:

*= as in:

  • blown taste buds
  • MTL hardware
  • using weak flavors
  • still learning how to mix
  • etc :wink:

All in all, different strokes for different folks! chuckles


TBH I read a thread on ECF a long time ago of mixers intentionally over flavoring recipes to obtain a SnV mix. This was long before many people even tried to steep juices. Maybe that’s one of those type recipes… but I’d definitely start with small batches… maybe 2 or 3 batches so you can save one for a long steep and see if it holds…

But from my experiences with DIYing, I’d suggest that you cut all the %s in half (the bare max IMO) and work it from there.


That is EXACTLY whay I’m gonna do.
I will try a batch with the original recipe, since the author and another user praised its resemblance to the original recipe, although the percentages still seem too surreal. I will update you of the results in case someone is curious

Thanks to everybody!


I’m needing advice on percentages for combining (TPA) Ripe Strawberry, (CAP) Sweet Strawberry and (CAP) Sweet Watermelon. Wanting to do a cool menthol and will also be using (FA) Arctic Winter and WS-23. Thanks for any suggestions!


These are some highly rated recipes that you can sort by ratings and view the usage %s.

Here’s a self help tool to help when researching flavor %s and flavor usage…


This is just a suggestion but have you thought about Molin Berry Glamour Chocolate? They are based in Europe,Poland I think and and other flavour vendors sell it too including Creme de Vape. This to me is a very realistic chocolate and has the flavour of Met4’s Golden Ticket,if you’ve ever tried it. It’s between a milk and dark chocolate flavour and very smooth without any chalkiness or off flavours. Just trying to help out here.:slightly_smiling_face:


Have you tried to clone Golden Ticket? If so, please tell me what you got that comes close.


Hi,I bought the Glamour Chocolate specifically for using it in one of the popular clone recipes but I just haven’t got around to doing it yet. I still have some of the original left at the moment and I should really try cloning it while I still have it to compare to. There is a popular clone recipe for Golden Ticket online that uses Glamour Chocolate in the recipe and when I did a single flavour test at 6% I noticed the similarity to the original. I am glad that I have been reminded of this as chocolate flavours are my favourite vape but I have been distracted by so many other great recipes on ELR that I wanted to try and make.



Here’s a prime example of the DIYers challenges. I started this thread in May of last year. At that point I had been trying to create some semblance of Pina Colada. I got a lot of help from people here, and I remember @Pro_Vapes posting his solution. I still need to try that but was and still am short on some flavors. I look at my stash and think there simply has to be a combination available here that will make a decent PC vape. Fast forward 7 months from the original post in this thread. I make one that I don’t try. So I just discovered it hiding away in the back of a shelf and give it a go. It’s a year old so I wonder - what was it like fresh, 2 weeks old, a month old etc. Guess I’ll have to try again but I can safely say after a year this is the closest I’ve ever come to a good Pina Colada. It’s very simple…

It’s encouraging to see how this thread turned out and all the little nuggets of wisdom tucked in here and there. Anyway, I’m going to remix this and also do a couple variations. With luck by mid January I’ll have more to report. If I can remember not to forget :slight_smile: