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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


Here’s a prime example of the DIYers challenges. I started this thread in May of last year. At that point I had been trying to create some semblance of Pina Colada. I got a lot of help from people here, and I remember @Pro_Vapes posting his solution. I still need to try that but was and still am short on some flavors. I look at my stash and think there simply has to be a combination available here that will make a decent PC vape. Fast forward 7 months from the original post in this thread. I make one that I don’t try. So I just discovered it hiding away in the back of a shelf and give it a go. It’s a year old so I wonder - what was it like fresh, 2 weeks old, a month old etc. Guess I’ll have to try again but I can safely say after a year this is the closest I’ve ever come to a good Pina Colada. It’s very simple…

It’s encouraging to see how this thread turned out and all the little nuggets of wisdom tucked in here and there. Anyway, I’m going to remix this and also do a couple variations. With luck by mid January I’ll have more to report. If I can remember not to forget :slight_smile:


Looking for some advise on this one, how do my % look? I have tried numerous cinnamon roll recipes, from other mixers and my own inventions, and none have hit the mark. FW cinnamon roll is the closest single flavor I have, so I’m trying to build off that, the flavor revolution cinnamon roll is very strong, and it has a good strong bready note, like the outer ring of a cinnamon roll, the biscuit is to help that note. The sugar cookie is to help the FW stay more like the gooey center, and the joy is to bring the yeast note that is present in a real cinnamon roll. I’m gonna mix this up in a day or two whenever I have time, the plan is to get the base notes right and then add in cream cheese icing to top it off, and some flavorah rich cinnamon if the cinnamon needs a boost.


Reads nummy, but I’d drop the Joy down to 0.5% (of course that’s just me). chuckles

I’m close to being able to mix that up, but of course, missing the FR…


Well I mixed it up last night, I’ll give it a day or two then test it out.


A Caramel Corn profile. It’s not bad but it’s missing “something”, but I can’t figure out what. It’s a little sweet, a little buttery and caramelly, a little popcorny… checks a lot of boxes but it reminds me of a Hollywood western tavern set. Look at it from the street and it looks great, but go around back and you realize it’s just a front.



I tried and tried forever to get something close to Steep Pop Deez and finally got there … Check out my Pop dis not deez recipe the butter rum , peanut butter and FLV popcorn finally set it off…


Good call @fidalgo_vapes.


Thanks, sounds good!


Right off the bat I’d say (only from working with these flavors in the past) I’d try the following -

Reduce FA Butter to 0.2%
Omit the Brown Sugar
Reduce MF Vanilla to 0.5%
Add 0.3% Saline

That MF Caramel is a good flavor, but I don’t know if it’s best used here. I think perhaps trying without it. If you feel it’s missing a caramel note I might try Holy Holy Ry4 or FLV Caramel.

Just spitballin.


Hey, I’ll take spitballin’, especially from you. I don’t have Saline or FLV Caramel, but I do have TPA Caramel (Original). I appreciate the input, saliva included.


saline is extremely easy to make, Distilled water and non iodized or sea salt .9% solution


So water at a low % is OK? Never thought of adding water to a juice. Learn something new every day.


use very little to take dryness out of some flavors, works nicely. Some add DW to tanks in cold weather where high vg wont wick right.


Probably no help but I always throw a tiny bit of butterscotch in my caramel mixes, seems to lift them up a bit, or honey if I plan on a more bakery oriented recipe that needs some good caramel.

Maybe worth a try if nothing else works.


Oh, if I could also ask… Why DW as opposed to spring or tap?


Cleaner i would assume and most choose not to drink their tap let alone vape it, so many chemicals and sure vaping that shit be toxic


I use these when I mix with NS…

And on the occasion that I have used it in a recipe with caramel, I found it really emphasised the caramel for some reason. Sometimes more than I wanted. :rofl:


By now I get mine from Amazon since its sterile but since you wanted to know how to do it diy, I’ll link a video that pretty much shows it and explains it. Still viable even so it’s older. Hope it helps.


Nice link and viewed before but not sure what i do overly right? ingredients in a bottle, shake it well and your done. Boiling the mess evaporates off all your goodies!


Nothing wrong with either method. in my case, I was using these big Salt crystals and they wouldn’t stay dissolved just by shaking, so I boiled the dw prior. Also I was paranoid about bacteria etc, boiling was a great idea to that time and I still think it is.