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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. A friend at work asked if I would whip a juice for his wife, not an uncommon occurrence. I know she likes fruits, pineapple and mango are favorites. She likes in your face flavor, and she likes em sweet.Well yesterday he asked if I had anything for her yet and I told him I didn’t have a chance yet. He said no worries I’ll just pick her up a small bottle of Beetlejuice on my way home. Well to day I took her some of my “Fashionably Late” (please rate it at… wherever you go to do things like that, lol) Anyway, had Beetlejuice on my mind. Now I’m not one for clones, but I’ll mess with one until I’ve got it thoroughly pissed off. I thought I would jazz it up with lemon and lime. In the spirit of the origional I kept flavor percentage high. But, untill I start to tweek it i put equal amounts of the main flavors. 3% sweet mango, golden pineapple and raspberry (all Capella) and 3% strawberry and strawberry ripe (both TFA) my personal addition was lemon sicily FA 1% and lime tahity FA 0.25%. I let it steep for 5 minutes (cleaned out and rewicked rda) slight bitterness and an un common sour profile. What do you think, anyboddy want to play?


really cant make a suggestion since I don’t have some of those flavors yet but did a little searching and maybe this might help you in your adventure.

looked at a couple this one looked tasty…


He had the same idea as me, and his flavor percent is more like my usual fare, but Lychee even at .25 uh… no. i may have goten a bad bottle of that but it never got beyond initial testing. Let me ask you this @tartarusspawn if you were to change out one of the main beetlejuice flavors, which one would you take out and what would you put in its place.


working on adapting this to flavors I have on hand…

Zesty Beetlejuice v2
2.00% FlavourArt - Strawberry (Red Touch)
1.75% One Drop Flavors - Pineapple
1.00% One Drop Flavors - Raspberry
0.50% Capella - Sweet Mango
0.50% FlavourArt - Lime Tahity Cold Pressed
0.25% Lychee (FA)

Adapted from

don’t have lychee about to read up on it and see what I think would be a good replacement…

edit: im out of red touch.

so going to try this and see how it turns out…

Zesty Beetlejuice v2
2.00% One Drop Flavors - Strawberry
1.75% One Drop Flavors - Pineapple
1.00% One Drop Flavors - Raspberry
0.50% Capella - Sweet Mango
0.50% FlavourArt - Lime Tahity Distilled
0.25% Inawera - Cactus


Ok, I poured some of this into another bottle and diluted it down with some 30/70 pg/vg. That will help to get this into more of a ADV. Still has that lingering bitter taste, not much but there. I think I will switch out the mango for sweet guava, lowering the percentage so it wont take over.


v2 lime seems a bit strong but did notice in the margarita mix lime started out strong then faded over time…

this is version 3 adjusting for the weakness of the one drop flavors

Zesty Beetlejuice v3
8.00% One Drop Flavors - Strawberry
7.00% One Drop Flavors - Pineapple
4.00% One Drop Flavors - Raspberry
1.00% Capella - Sweet Mango
0.50% FlavourArt - Lime Tahity Distilled
0.25% Inawera - Cactus

going to steep both versions for 14 days


I think the good Lord above was looking down on the Flavour Art facility favorable (say that 3 times fast) when they first bottled cold pressed lime tahity. Okay, I changed out my flavor and mixed up a new bottle. The flavor percentage has gone from 16.25 to 11.75.


v3 defiantly taste better . will see in 2 weeks . made 60ml of both for tasting purposes…


Thanks @tartarusspawn mixing live with another mixer, how cool is that. I hope some others look in later and offer their 2 cents.


it np, as long as it helps . that’s what counts…

other mixers probably will look in and offer suggestions
here ill tag a few

@Pro_Vapes, @Cutlass92 , @Molly_Mcghee, @woftam (the flavor fridge guy)


good idea, I think i’ll do the same
@Letitia @SthrnMixer @SessionDrummer @Sprkslfly @fidalgo_vapes


Hello chuck4 ty for the tag . I read over yours and @tartarusspawn conversation regarding bettlejuice , the concept sounds good . I have never heard of it , so i looked it up , for me ive never had much luck with pineapple or mango :frowning: ( trust me I wanted them to work ) , and lychee I bought years ago and at that time it wasnt my fave fruit flavor … So i wouldnt be much help since pineapple and mango are a big part of the juice … But ty for considering me in this discussion … I do have FLV mango which I bought recently im crossing my fingers it works …


Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m kind of in the same boat as fidalgo_vapes.

Happy hunting to you fellas though!


Have you tried nicotine River golden eye? It’s the only mango I can tolerate and it’s strong, I don’t think I have ever used more than 2% lol


Ooof… Mango and lychee… :nauseated_face: Not my flavor profile. Sorry, but I’ll have to tap out on this one. Best of luck @Chuck4!

PS, I find that with those limes and lemons, less is more!


i just got Golden Eye recently, haven’t done any initial testing with it yet. I guess now I’ll have to get on it.


Thanks @Chuck4, I might have to mix this up to really see what’s going on. Looks ok on paper. As with others, I’ve not had great love for the pineapple guava, but this looks interesting. Are you still getting the bitter finish ?


I’m with you. All my lychee does is sit on my shelf, I dont use it ever. The mango I switched out for sweet guava. I too like the lime taking more of a backseat. I used 3 drops. I have been vaping this some this morning, It’s not bad, not write home to Da Momma but it’s okay.


No that left with the mango. Mango is not a fave for me,I use it mostly for the above mentioned friend.


Someday if you get a chance, try a juice by a company One Last Drop called Picasso’s Palette. It’s incredible. Been working with another mixer for over a year trying to clone this. Yeah, I think it’s that good. If only…