Flattering I guess :)

Just found my Kustard being sold as a recipe pack on an Australian site :slight_smile:

Flattering… but would have been nice to have been asked. At least I was credited.

Might be worth a look to see if yours is there too… (@Alisa @thirdworldorder …)



Haha… yup. They are selling my Bust-a-Nut. I’m flattered too!


I wouldn’t be so flattered, I’d want a piece of the pie! Cheeky buggers, they could at least ask first


Was thinking the same thing as @Uncaged. Not such a nice business policy they have to make money off of other peoples hard work without permission. A nice thing would have been to give the people who made those recipes a pice of the earnings.


Is that my Chocolate Eclair?



Very close, looks like they just switched a couple of ingredients, but that would make it a different mix

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They have @thirdworldorder 's Third World Custard on there too!

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Even just ask them first, actually credit them [Manson’s Third world is on there without a credit] and offer them a good amount of the mix.

It’s one thing taking the mix, but they’re blatantly using the original names too


Yeah Third doesn’t get credit either…I see @Wayne_Walker 's Rhondonite and they just screen shotted the ELR recipe page!


He is the type to go after them for it, he’s said he would on his Vlog in the past


Yeah, well, now he know’s!

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Wow, @Wayne_Walker 's is the most expensive on there at $50

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Similar kind of outfit to Flavour Boss I guess.

Tempted to go chat with them on their Facebook page… they’re all advertised on there too.


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I made the choice to make it Public Domain so I can’t complain (if it was mine) and the few changes make sense. Since I know I didn’t copy anyone else’s Chocolate Eclair recipe (and credited the Bronuts and Grant’s Custard bases) the serendipitous combination/ratios and final recipe were all me. I can’t claim to be anywhere the mixer(s) mentioned above, but it’s validation enough

plus I have a 30ml on my desk right now :wink: so there SydneyVapour!


Your right, it is public domain, but where is the common courtesy in asking someone to use their recipe to make money, or at least tell them you are going to do it and give them credit, but I think I already know the answer to that, they didn’t want to have to share the proceeds…


They could get away with your one, because they changed it, and it’s a pretty generic name. But when they take direct recipes AND original names, I think it’s foul play. Like I said, the decent thing to do would be to ask first, give full credit and offer a litre or so of the mix.


true enough, but as already said recipes like Rhodonite are actual Intellectual Properties and somebody is about to be taken to school …Law School

I also think Lars might be a little miffed they mention the French DIY site and it seems many recipes might be from ELR

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Y’all are being way too polite in using the term “flattering”.

This is nothing more than a parasite grafting on the backs of others hard work, while being brazen about it. To actually have the audacity to post a screen shot of ELR’s recipe page IN THE AD is just… Wow.

While I get the counter argument (one could present) that since they’re already in the public domain (read as: shared publicly, for free) then it’s all fair game… I still think, in the kindest words, it’s in very poor taste.

Initial reactions that come to mind:

  • ELR should get percentage-based donations (to keep his/her source of profit active) monthly.

  • persons whose recipes are deemed worthy of being put up for sale, should at very least be offered their free flavorings of choice (based on sales) monthly.

  • if anyone has proof that a (preexisting, published) recipe of theirs was used and not given credit, the ad should be removed.

  • anyone who buys from this person is a lazy fool, and deserves to be ripped off with diluted flavors. Since that’s what I would expect from a person exhibiting such business ethics as evidenced in the above website.

Alot of these are already listed right here on ELR, and it’s already been presented to @daath previously about setting up interactive processes between ELR and vendors. Looks like someone took this idea and ran with it.
I just hope it’s not an ELR member.


I’ve come across it before in a different area, but same idea. In photography, you’re always vulnerable to having your images swiped by companies, for use in advertising in particular. They see amateur photographers as fair game. but with photography you can copyright your images, and you do have some power on your side.

You wouldn’t see sites like this clone a big name juice and put it out there under the same name, exact mix, they’d be shut down pronto


Jesus. Glad you guys brought this to my attention. Let’s see what they say when ya boy sends them a little “email”