Flavor Pairing Tools - Post 'em here

I’ve come across a couple of very useful tools recently and I thought I’t might be nice to have a thread that is dedicated to them. I’ve found them fantastic, I’m not a michelin star chef but I could sure use the skills of one when trying to mix something unique.

This one was shown to me by @woftam & @marsh8

There was another one that wofty posted ages ago to, but Ive lost it.

If you have any tricks/ guides for pairing flavors, post them here.




@woftam uses this too



Haven’t read it all but looks like the tweaking bible :grinning:


Bookmarks are your friend!
(Until you’ve done a LOT of reading… And then they can almost turn into an obstacle unto themselves! LMAO)

Anyways, if/when you find a post that you know you’ll want to reference again, at the bottom of the post, look for the 3 little dots “…” and click them once. Your “post options” will expand, and you’ll have the means to bookmark the post!

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I have seen many posting actual food recipes here as well for inspiration. This is worth mentioning here as the pairings can aid w/ the acids found in them:… Opps @Lolly beat me to it I see as i double checked. Besides bookmarks(BMs as i call them which gets peps :thinking:) here, my BM manager sighs when I go to add another to Chrome and don’t forget pages in Notepad of copy/pasted excerpts :
“Blueberries have two curious flavor allies: cinnamon and lemon. I sometimes add a generous measure of either one of these flavorings to blueberry desserts, giving me a lemon-blueberry pie filling or a blueberry-cinnamon bar. But you don’t even need to go that far. Just a tiny amount—a squeeze of lemon or a pinch of cinnamon—enhances the berries’ own fruity flavor, much the same way vanilla extract complements chocolate. Such a small amount of cinnamon or lemon won’t be detectable in the finished dessert, but it will add perceptible depth and complexity. Even in recipes that don’t call for either, I almost always add one or the other, often both, and am delighted with the results.”
I forget where i got that…


Cheater @Lolly stole mine


I have a few bookmarks that some have previously mentioned - cocktail sites are great sources of flavour pairings like

I saw an article on strange food pairings awhile back and have been meaning to do a Chocolate and popcorn mix as a result. A few I will leave alone only since I just cannot vape peanut butter (one day I will try again)

The are also a few there that I would seriously try IRL but as a vape they are squarely in @Bob_Bitchen 's wheelhouse.


Morbid curiosity will have me trying peanut butter on my next burger. :wink:

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Oh that one I have tried with a little twist - i mixed some soy sauce with the pb it was pretty nice.


Thank you! Nothing else to add… fantastic!

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Bookmarked!! :+1:

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When typed into the Search Bar It come back with this… http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/search?q=Flavor%20Pairings

It’s been quite a while since I visited this topic. Lord knows I’ve tried several methods to figure out what goes with what. Left to my own devices, I pretty much fell to create something wonderful. But there’s a method that I and some other mixers have been using for quite a while now that has increased my mix success rate tremendously.

For me, reproducing actual food recipes has really benefited me. All the flavor pairings are already there for you. Using this method has taught me a ton more about pairing flavors than going at it on my own. All you need is accurate flavor choices to easily build a mix.

I hope you noticed I said accurate flavor choices. It is paramount to simplify mixing with this method using the minimal amount of flavorings. Knowing these flavors also helps a lot.


Sounds to me like:

If you only use flavors that you know you like (translated: you know they fit your idea for that specific flavor’s profile), then once you’ve weeded out the ones that don’t fit, you’re going to be more successful.

It sounds to me like all you’re saying is “folks would benefit from doing single flavor testing.
Then, once they have, their chances at being happy with their mixing results will dramatically improve.”

Seems like basic, good common sense advice to me…


You kinda narrowed it down to SF testing to knowing what you’re working with. Simply researching is usually a good start instead of just the name on the bottle… That was one mistake I made as a noob. That’s probably why I started with a stash of 90% TPA.

Just me, but I don’t SF test everything, but I do test some. Sometimes a finger taste is enough for me. Sometimes I do rely on some mixers that I trust A LOT. Some that I know has a style and use flavors that’s close my own.

But the gist of the post isn’t about SF testing or researching and more about pairing the flavors.


Try the tool @cooper1 posted in the op I use it all the time and while it wont automagically create a masterpiece it does list some pairing that you may never have thought of, I do like that you can add more and more pairs as you go.


To my way of thinking though, if you use the wrong flavor, even if the pairing matches, the recipe is going to suffer.

Not trying to be/sound argumentative… For me, you can’t think about pairing until you know the flavor, and what it brings. :wink:

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I totally agree and I think I said this as being "paramount to simplify mixing with this method"


I just tried it and it offers several options… a lot similar to the pairing posts that was previously posted.

The one thing I like about perusing actual recipes is that you can find recipes that appeal to you and actually contains the flavors you have, know and like. It just seem to be a lot less guess work involved.

I did a search for vanilla ice cream, strawberry, and here’s the results…

Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry goes well with…
almond, angel food cake, banana, blueberries, brown sugar, butter, chocolate, chocolate ice cream, cinnamon, cookies, eggs, heavy cream, ice, jello, lemon juice, maraschino cherries, milk, mint, orange juice, orange sorbet, peach, pineapple, powdered sugar, raspberries, rum, SUGAR, vanilla extract, walnut, whipped cream, whipped topping, zest

These type of options haven’t helped me a lot. TBH I’m better at recreating recipes than building them from scratch. It has helped me find combos that work for several different mixes.