Flavor RDA Choices

Hey good people. Hope you all are doing great. I am trying to decide on a new tester RDA that i can also use for sitting around the house changing flavors when I’m in that mood. I have been looking at the M atty, the Aeolus, hobo v3.1, and the old standby Velocity mini.
Any input on these or others I may be missing?

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I would strongly recommend the Alliance V2+ or the Mutation xs V4. Wicked with hemp and Ti they are the best flavor producing atomizers I own. Performance is about equal, but the Alliance has a massive capacity and nifty features like thermal isolation for the deck and mouthpiece. It is built very solidly. I have an authentic and a clone on the way. I have 5 Mutation XS, just in case of the apocalypse.

Deadmodz RDA good flavor :thumbsup:

Really depends on how many watts you’re running normally. If you like 40W and up, my vote would go to a Mutation xs v4 or a Velocity. If you like less than 40W but above 20, I’d say get a Hobo v3.1 - that one also comes with a squonking pin, in case you should fancy trying a squonker in the future!
If you normally stay below 30W you could consider the AX1, too (if they’re selling any where you are).

On a final, honorary note, I’d like to suggest getting a mesh dripper. I didn’t believe the hype before I got one, to be honest. Especially creams and tobaccos and anything rather sweet really benefits tremendously from mesh. And it’s not hard to do, I promise! And you don’t have to change wicks a lot (twice a year or so). Oh and did I mention almost zero ghosting (lingering of flavour in the cotton wick)?
If you consider getting one, the best one would be the Hellfire Raptor from the UK. But that one’s sold out and has been for quite a while. So second would be the Origen Dripper (any version). If you don’t like spending top dollar to try, there are

If you need help or advice on how to prepare those mesh wicks, give me a shout.

Thanks for the replies. I am looking for something small with great flavor. I don’t think I want to fuss with mesh. I don’t need huge clouds or high watts. Easy to build is also a plus.

I am loving my Geekvape Tsunami RDA. Great flavor, vapor production, airflow and big easy build deck.


Let’s put the defibrillator on this thread for a minute. CLEAR!

What are people liking nowadays? For me, the superior flavor RDAs in my rotation tend to have one thing in common…bottom air flow.

Lost Vape Delirium V2
Reload RDA
Cigreen Gear
Envii Kilted
Freakshow II

These are all a little dated. Not had anything new in the past year that blew my socks off. As for non-bottom-airflow, well there are some good ones but nothing I’ve found compares to the bottom AF.

Whatcha got?


Haku Cruiser
Wasp Nano
Etna (mtl but very good flavor for me)


Goon v1 for side airflow
Reload x bottom airflow (new to me. Still on first build but like it for sure)
Entheon (for small single coil)
Kayfun v5 single coil rta
Reload rta for duel coil builds.


Old but always great for flavor is the DERRINGER

velocity v2 and the newest one for me is the drop which im not sure of yet …


VGod Pro Drip, bottom airflow and has been my go to flavor rda for over a year.


i think eightvape has that in their clearance section


I don’t use dual coil anymore, neither bottom airflow :frowning: But I did as I was using dual liked the very old peerless rda and the royal hunter. (most of these are now in clearance bins in a couple of stores and run around $1-$15)

These are the ones I use :slight_smile:

Long Term (using this longer than 6+/- months)

  1. Wasp Nano
  2. Recurve

Ones I just acquired a couple weeks ago, but do like are:

  1. Hermetic
  2. Ammit 22mm MTL (but it ain’t mtl that’s for sure, more like very restricted dl, if interested in this, eightvape currently does have them for $5, I paid around $31, three weeks ago lol.)

I am probably not much help here, but still listing it, maybe it’s from interest to some. I am more of a RTA person, that’s probably the reason I don’t have 300 RDA’s flying around lol.


I’ve been using 1 RDA for about a year.

The Augvape/Vapeshouse Druga 24mm dual coil with side airflow. It’s a workhorse and gives great flavor.

I had a Freakshow 22mm that was very difficult for an RDA and coiling noob. Switched to the Druga and never looked back. Well, I tried twice to revive the Freakshow, but still couldn’t dial it in.

It’s about time to find a new RDA! I’ll be following this thread.

Ps. The Kylin is pretty good for my first RTA. I’ve been running plain 26g SS but think some basic fused claptons might elevate the flavor. It’s a solid 80% compared to the RDA.


Unlike many people I know, I’ve yet to tire of the Goon. I think once you’re used to building on it that clamp style deck is no longer an issue. All around, it’s fantastic. Got my first one on the recommendation of @LordVapor

Indeed. Great flavor atty without a doubt. I do so wish it had better airflow. Do you drip or squonk with this one? I tried dripping but abandoned that right away. Squoking is the way to go for me with the Recurve.


Lol. Yeah I am a goon v1 nut. I think I have 7 and three of the color v1 top caps. I’ve trie other side airflows but due to my simplicity of round wire builds I need it cut down two 1/2 holes. Basically it’s one hole but two of them split in half.


I don’t mind the airflow, just wish it would be a bit more restrictive and bigger wells. I’m in that weird phase right now lol

Anyways, like you I squonk with it. Dripping in general was never my thing, way toooo messy :wink:

I always have one on me every day, sometimes two.


I’ve never built or used an RDA. Been doing a lot of research. Every thread including recommendations turns up a dozen new names. There must be a couple hundred different ones, originals & knock offs. How to choose? I don’t mind paying for quality & features. But big price doesn’t always translate to good equipment, easy build, easy use, etc…


Lots of answers to a big question.

Bottom airflow for best flavor but quick to leak if you are not careful.

Side airflow for great flavor but coil placement and coil type are important for the best flavor results.

Top air flow is shit for flavor on most RDAs but practically leak proof unless you really fuck up.

One with a velocity style deck, or postless deck is probably the easiest to build on.