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Flavor Stash In Common

I wish I could, but just others with 500+ flavors, we always missing at least one lol.


Most of them are pretty good, some great and a few I don’t use. My stash is all PG-free, except for the Bacon! MF, RF and NF do mix well together, though there was a steep learning curve as very few ppl use NF and MF in common mixing.

I did a frustrating experiment right after I made this topic: Went to the recipe database and sorted by rating, clicked on 4 or 5 recipes per page(25 show on each page) that looked like recipes I could make. I skimmed through the top 100 pages (2,500 recipes) and couldn’t make anything!

This unique flavor stash thing is what led to the idea for this topic. I do have flavors in common with plenty of mixers, but finding them is a task, for sure! So, shy of sending out samples, there are less than a handful of ppl who could ever mix my recipes. And, this site is all about sharing knowledge and recipes! It struck me that I could create mixes for others to try if I could easily get a short list of common flavors, and the idea was born.

If you ever have a question about the flavors I have, or need to mix for someone who is PG- sensitive, hit me up!


Make a NF guide, with notes etc :wink:

I’ve looked at these flavors many times, but they are not offered by the vendors I buy from.

However, if there would be more info besides a couple of spare notes or outdated info, I am more then willing to shop with other vendors to get some of these and I’m pretty sure others would too.

I just don’t like flavors that either need to steep for months, used at high percentage or/and are $22+ a bottle. Hence I don’t mess around with MF lol.
Not sure in which category NF would fall, for sure they are cheaper than MF I figured that out by now :wink:

But I don’t know anything about the potency, steep time (approx) or if they all just taste natural/fresh, artificial, candy etc.



You have ACE Pazzo also i saw. So far all the notes are baffling me because Im on my 5th tester making it with just creams now @5%

I have not gotten 1 fruit taste or anything tropical out of it yet. Thinking 7 days would be good for fruits. So im letting this one sit for longer.

Do you get fruits or tropical stuff from Ace like everyone is saying? It has an aroma I cant describe. But seems like it was ment to go with tobaccos?

It is semi pleasent or else i would just abandon it, or like use 0.2% in a mix just to make it unique and woodyish.

Is it me? the flavor? or does it need a month steep?

It seems like the fruit was all picked from these tropical tress when they make mine and all that was left was the tree part. :slight_smile:


I get a tropical vibe from it. There’s nuances of coconut, pineapple, jackfruit but it’s all muddled together and not distinctive layered or fruits like you would find in a fruit salad.

More of a fancier pina colada and that’s what I sometimes use it as. Mostly in beverages or ice creams/yogurt/sherbet.
imo it doesn’t work in anything else.

However I don’t use it at 5%, it’s too weird for me lol. I use it between 2.50%-3.50% and it takes around 3 day steep unless I use extremely thick/heavy creams with it, then it’s a bit longer.

In cocktails/sodas paired with let’s say lemonade or sherbet it’s a 48hr steep.


I made a prototype, because I thought it would be a fun little way of procrastinating :stuck_out_tongue: To see which flavors you have in common with @Plunderdrum see this link http://e-liquid-recipes.com/stash_in_common/128236

WIth me: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/stash_in_common/5

With @anon28032772: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/stash_in_common/86585

To add yourself (or another person) to the mix, put the user IDs in the URL like so:
http://e-liquid-recipes.com/stash_in_common/86585?uids=5,128236 (Wow. 2 flavors in common?!)

Let me know if it isn’t working at all - My mind is half gone now, so I am not sure at all, that it is working - but it’s definitely doing something :wink:


This may actually force me to enter my flavor stash!!!


Brilliant Work!


You freaking did it!! Awesome, man!


Wow a 3 person list :+1:

Great for helping someone Mix

Next request @daath … Just reverse the returned list for:

A list of flavors they have that I don’t So I can request a trade. And they can see mine they don’t have to trade in return.


@anon28032772, we could actually make a killer Strawberry Tangerine Cookie with Icing!


You really need to check out DIYVS (DIY Vapor Supply)!!

They’ve got a great selection, and carry a lot of hard to find things. NF at forefront… Among others.

While they are a little more expensive than our “usual suspects”, they are great for venturing outside the usual places like NR or BCF for less well publicized brands. (I usually get my staples from the normal places, but then I start my “esoteric” shopping there.)


I’m amazed, I would’ve thought we had nothing in common with all your non-PG concentrates


They’re very much in line with FLV and Ina IME
Frequently very low percentages, and very true to the named Profile.


That’s badass Lars!!!

Can’t wait to have that around permanently!


Here’s a noob question for you…
What’s the fastest/easiest way to get a user’s uid to add to this url?


I know, right?! I’m totally going to make a recipe from ours! That Tangerine is alcohol based, found it on WL Pg-free menu.


I suppose you have the sugar cookie in mind and not the cookies and cream…
I really have no clue what to do with that last one :smiley:


Also for @Sprkslfly

When you guys have verified that it works, I’ll put a link on people’s public stash page - not sure yet, how to design the interface so that you can add more users. Possibly an autocomplete drop down based on the users you follow… Not sure…


Yes, definitely!