Flavor Stones ( Base ) 1 shot concentrates

I was thinking we should have at least a thread dedicated toward flavor bases. I know plenty of ppl who use them but it’s kinda a weird ya need to know who’s recipe it is and bum it off of them kinda deal. So why not put your 1 shots / flavor stones here !

@Pro_Vapes @Alisa I know you guys have some stones I’d love to see ya post them here !
example : Strawberry stone by PV and CreamStone by Alisa

I can also add @et3rn1ty for his Milkstone 2.0 I adore it so much !


Here is one of my favorites ! It’s intense no joke ! Of course it’ll require the kitchen sink to make it is the drawback !

darkberry jam flavor base

Ingredient %
Acai Berry (TPA) 0.75
Bilberry (FA) 0.25
Blackberry (LA) 2
Blackcurrant (FA) 0.2
Blueberry (FW) 0.2
Blueberry Candy (TPA) 0.5
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 4
Blueberry Jam (CAP) 0.25
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 2
Boysenberry (Flavorah) 1.25
Elderberry (TPA) 0.5
Goji (FE) 0.5
Harvest Berry (CAP) 0.25
Huckleberry (TPA) 0.2
Raspberry (Flavorah) 1.25

Flavor total: 14.1%

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You need to use the Blue Wrench to make the 1 shot flavor base then I tend to use it 2-6% in a mix.

WIPs ( I have plenty of test batches steeping w/ the SB Jam base II ) will update if it is a success or not !

Strawberry Jam Base II

Ingredient %
Strawberry (Flavorah) 1
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2
Strawberry (TPA) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2
Strawberry Taffy (CAP) 2
Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors) 3

Flavor total: 15%

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Amy's Cream Base II

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (CAP) 3
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 2
Vanilla Cream (Delosi) 2
Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 2

Flavor total: 10%

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** Again you must use the wrench to make the base **


This one is NOT Mine *** it is @et3rn1ty

Milkstone 2.0

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 27
Coconut Extra (TPA) 10
Marshmallow (TPA) 14
Vanilla Custard (TPA) 35
Whipped Cream (TPA) 14

Flavor total: 100%

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Here are the two that I use most.

Custard Stone
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2%
Custard (FA) 2%
New York Cheesecake V2 (CAP) 1%
Sweetener (TPA) 1%
Vanilla Custard V2 (CAP) 4%

Cheesecake Stone
Graham Cracker Clear (TPA) 1.5%
New York Cheesecake V2 (CAP) 6%
Sweet Cream (TPA) 1%
Sweetener (sucralose) 1%


Thanks Louie for contributing to the thread those look great. Are they your creations ?

Here is another Cheesecake Base but it is by Tex

give it a little over 20 days to steep in your mix !

Cheesecake (Base) (or use as is and add your own fruit flavor)

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (CAP) 1
Butter Cream (CAP) 0.5
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP) 1
Marshmallow (FA) 0.5
Meringue (FA) 1
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 9%

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The Custard is mine but the Cheescake is Wayne Walkers.


Nice and thanks for giving ownership to the creator !

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Always. It came from this old recipe of his.


I use it for this recipe here. I literally vape 40-50ml of this each week. I make it by the liter. I honestly cant get enough of it.


great idea for a thread. I have never made one yet but I did calculate one the other day in my juice calc for use later and for the life of me cant remember what it is lol.

found it, posted by @woftam the other day and I decided to make a stone from it in my calculator to try using in future recipes. now I just need to mix it up and order replacement flavors as it will use a good bit of each of the 3 x 30ml bottles I have of these:

Cheesecake Base Stone (RFSC)
44.44% Sweet Cream (Real Flavors)
37.04% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)
18.52% Cheesecake (Real Flavors)


Here ya go …


Thank you !!! Those look terrific :sunny:



Wow yummy these look great !
I can’t wait to try all of these different bases from you guys ! Thanks again.

I’m still working on a white frosting that is a buttercream base.


Best Post Ever!


A question for the stoners. Two of the recipes I make the most have koolada in them. Is it ok to make a stone with koolada? Has this been done before?


Of course it’s fine ! I haven’t a clue if it’s been done before. I bet milkstone 2.0 w/ koolada and peppermint would be amaze balls !


Thank you Amy!


Hi: sorry Amy2 i don’t understand the percentages, is over how much, thanks


It is not a juice to be vaped like that, it is a flavour base, so basically a flavour concentrate. You can add it to a recipe at the percentage you would like. Say you want a slightly creamy note in your recipe, you use around 2% of the stone. You want a heavy cream you go up with the % just like with any other flavours you use.