Flavor West (and Mt Baker Vapor) Reviews

Over the past year I have mostly used TPA and have now started to branch out towards other flavor vendors. My first conquest has been to buy Flavor West, but have noticed on their website that hardly any reviews have been made. When I emailed the company about this, their answers was as follows:

We receive over 2000 receive a day and most are spam so we have shut the feature off till Magento (which is our cart) comes up with a spam blocker.
Thank You!
Sarah Sterns
Personal Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

So far, I have acquired 16 flavors from them…

Cake Batter Dip - More of an animal cracker taste than frosting
Jungle Juice - Taste just like MBV’s Thug Juice
Sugar Cookie - Very good flavor, but week even at high percentage
Yumberry - Good berry mix, might want to add EM
Cranberry - Very good flavor, not as sour as TPA’s and weaker taste
Tropical Punch - Pretty good, but not outstanding IMO
Fuzzy Navel - Spot on of the alcoholic drink
Candy Watermelon - Amazing flavor much like a Jolly Rancher
Hard Candy - Perfect mixer for turning any flavor into a candylike flavor
Strawberry Lemonade - Perfect blend of the two flavors in my opinion
Cookie Butter - not bad, but feel it would be a better mixer than a stand alone
Boom! - Just like a Rocket Pop. Taste the cherry and lime on the inhale, more blue raspberry on the exhale
Double Dutch Twister - Awesome for desert mixes and pretty good as a stand alone
Cloud 9 - Good fruit salad mix
Caramel Candy - My new favorite Caramel Candy. Like it much more than TPA, but needs high percentage
Tiki Roar - Not bad IMO, will more than likely not use it as a stand alone though

I have noticed that with Flavor West, a higher percentage is needed than TPA’s…


Hi Don!

Mt Baker Vapor flavors are just Flavor West flavors - The reason Thug Juice taste like Jungle Juice, is because it’s more or less the same :smile: I believe thug juice is just has menthol in it! :smiley:

Thanks for the notes! I’m sure they’re useful here! :smile:

PS. I changed your title, so more people would know that they’re the same - I hope you don’t mind!


I use to think the same thing about MBV and FW, but MBV denies that they even use FW…

Don’t mind the title change at all :slight_smile:


Hmmm, wow, that’s interesting! Basically everyone, everywhere says their concentrates are just FW?! Could we be wrong? :smiley: I guess it’s possible…

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I enjoy the capncrunch…adds a great flavour to dessert vapes

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Let’s add a few more from Flavor West. Be aware guys and gals that I use next to nothing as standalones. As mixers all the favors I have mentioned below I would give 4-5 stars (Mostly 5).

Great Mixers are Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Kaluha & Cream, Hazelnut, Cheesecake, Butterscotch, Jamacian Rum, Coconut, Marshmallow, Mango, Yogart, Yellow Cake, Bavarian Cream, Sweet Cream, Whipped Cream, Pear, Cinnamon Bun

Good Standalones are Skittles, Green Goblin, Red & White, Ecto Cooler, (5 stars for all)

Good Favor, good mixers, possible Standalones are Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Lemonade, Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice, Cantalope, Dragonfruit (5 Stars for these)

Totally agree that Caramel Candy, Cloud 9, and Sugar cookie are good (5 Stars).

Banana: If you like banana candy you will like this favor a lot, probably dead on banana taffy like candy.

Tobacco Flavors

USA Blend. Tasted more like a mix of hay and lawn clipping to me. (2stars)

555: Can make a favorful blend at 2% with light doses of hazelnut & caramel candy (terrible smell to work with though) (3 stars)

Stag leaf: Come on now, let’s call this clove. (Hate clove, I’m bias)

East Coast: Slightly toned down TPA M-Type (Which I think is terrible) Maybe as a mixer) (2 stars)

Re(4)nu: More on the lines of pipe tobacco (sweeter). Could have mixing potential. (can’t say yet)

Menthol: As good as any others I tried (5 stars)

Other reviews I’ve seen say Cookies and Cream is bad.
Tobacco Honey Wood is often liked by the user but really turns off anyone else who can smell it.
Tobacco Coumarin Pipe is said to be bad
Mtw Dew was rated bad. I tried VS Mtw dew and tasted like key lime (Could this be why)
Hawaiian Island Punch is rated poorly
Dr. Soda is rated poorly
Coffee & Cream is rated poorly
Butter Cream was rated poorly

I personally was disappointed in the straight Kaluha, seemed more like jamican rum.

Let me change my opinion on the above comment about straight Kaluha. I had just recieved it and had not actually blended with it yet and I was judging by the smell (Even though allergies are hitting me big time right now). My daughter took a wiff and she thought it smelled just like kaluha. I sat down a created a few new flavors today for testing and did use the Kaluha so maybe I can report back soon on a actual review of the flavor. The review will be as a mixer, not a standalone…

Well hopefully this will help everyone out there. I get tired of buying flavors that are ready for the trash the moment I received them. Bet you do too. I have very high regards for Flavor West Products. I know there are a lot of people who swear by TPA but I was not really impressed. My first order to TPA I wasted half my money. The supposed good rating on their tobacco flavors in my opinion was a crock. I liked a few of their flavors but I am happier with Flavor West products even though you sometimes need more concentrate with blends. But…As we all know, it’s all about the taste!!!


Cookies and cream was aweful …I will vouch …god aweful …no cookie or cream …gross

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Good addition!

I’ve talked to a lot of others since Don’s post - Everyone agrees that MBV can say what they want, but they use Flavor West ;D

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Helps me out quite a bit on deciding what to get from them on my next purchase!!! Thanks Ringling

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You’re quite welcome! Perhaps you and the others buying from Flavor West can help me. I would really like to find a tobacco that I can work with. I have no intentions of buying any tobaccos that are flavored (Honey, Cherry, Peach, Ect). If anyone has purchased, or as you purchase Flavor West tobacco flavors, PLEASE REVIEW THEM here. Thanks…

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This may be of no help to you but I use ry4 Double by tpa and love it …I guess you could call it flavoured but it’s very mild …great tobacco flavour


Thanks for the input. Yes it is my intention to try TPAs RY4 double when I order from them again. From what I have seen in different recipe forums, most use some type of RY4 when blending tobacco flavors. Now and then you see someone using 7 leaves, but never seen feedback on that flavor, nor feedback on their recipe. I appreciate your feedback and ask the rest of you again to give feedback on Flavor West Tobacco flavors (And their other flavors, haven’t tried them all).

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Personally I haven’t even seen Mt Baker Vapor product line and can not vouch one way or the other as to whether they use Flavor West products, HOWEVER, it’s common practice for a company who uses another companies products to resale to deny that they use their products. After all, if their current customers knew they could buy the same product from the source company, often at a lower price, why not buy from the source company. Also, if word got around (as it may well be happening) that Mt Baker Vapor sells Flavor West products, then even potential new customers will choose to buy from the source as well. Sooo, if you were reselling another company’s product, wouldn’t you deny the source as well? I’ve been in silver jewelry business and now the Vape business. Rule of thumb, do not tell who you buy from. Anyone with enough cash can buy from any source you have and in turn take some of your business away from you. RULE OF THUMB…

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That is the only tobacco flavor that I have found which I like a lot as well, RY4 Double (TPA)…
Have not tried any of the Flavorwest Tobacco Flavors yet, but will post here if I do.

I have tried FA Black Fire, Cowboy, and RY4 as well, which isn’t bad, but still prefer RY4 Double (TPA)

@ringling I agree with your rule of thumb, but normally a company just will avoid answering the question, not say that they don’t use the product. Seems like bad business to lie about it. I by no means think they did, they seem like a very reputable company and I take their word for it.

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I personally am not saying that Mt Baker Vapor is lying. You could be correct and they denying using Flavor West products may be on the level. Keep in mind that if employees are told to not divulge sources that they will most likely try avoid they question first as you feel they would. Keep pressing them and they are suddenly faced with few alternatives other than a lie. No employee who values their job will tell you the truth in this case. A reputable company may tell a, let’s call it a white lie, to protect themselves if forced to. I personally would think no less of a company who only lied in this case. I would understand why they lied. Once rumors start such as the one Mt Baker Vapor is dealing with, being mum on the subject, is near admitting the rumor is true. That leaves the choice of admitting it to be true or telling one of those white lies and hope for the best. Keep in mind all this rattle is not about Mt Baker Vapor, just businesses in general. Being a reputable company is more a matter of customer service, honesty with customers money, being trustworthy, selling a product that is safe or reliable, and said reputable company should by no means be judged for protecting their sources. Even if it takes a white lie. If you feel they are reputable, then they are reputable. IN MY OPINION…

Thanks for your input on the tobaccos. I guess I just need to place a order with TPA this month and play with some RY4 double. Seems like it is what nearly everyone prefers so why fight the public, right!


They might have also stoped using flavor west and then turned around and said they don’t use it, lol… I did notice they stopped carrying thug juice some time back… :smile:

I like your point of view and agree…

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Here’s another thought. What if they use Flavor West products, TPA, and others to mix their own adaptions of the products. When I first started out I was using Vapor Shots and swore they were using Flavor West products. After beginning to buy from Flavor West it turned out that if they were buying some from them then they were altering the flavors. Adding sweetness or adding cream, ect. I wouldn’t call that selling Flavor West products just buying some of their INGREDIENTS from Flavor West. We’ll never know will we…

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Ive only tried two of FW flavors the chocolate caramel its still in the steeping process because it has a really nutty taste hopefully it will simmer down after a few more days. I also have a chocolate mint its a good base to mix with but does not have the mint taste i was hoping for.

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James, the owner, stated on reddit that they do use FW but that not all of their flavorings are FW. I tried many times to get the information released so that i could continue to use some of their stuff but he said it is a trade secret. I had enough of the trade secret crap from big tobacco and my DIY evolved to the point where i require this information. One of the reasons i got into DIY was so that i could know what i am putting into my body.

I posted about Banana Cream Pie on another thread. Used to love this stuff but it changed and is completely awful now. Tastes like chemicals and sadness.

Root beer tastes like root beer barrel candy
Cinnamon Roll (FW) is perfect and one of my old favorites
Butter Pecan is very nutty and buttery, mixes well with Cinnamon roll
Strawberry is decent but weak
Extreme Ice is great, this is definitely FW
Peach (FW) not one of my favorites and weak

About all i can remember at the moment.


I was thinking about trying Creme De Menthe. Wonder how minty it is.

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