Flavormonks - Tasting Notes

Hi everyone,
It’s been too long, but life got the better of me and I started smoking again. I shouldn’t have left the forum but I felt betraying the vape community and was shy to keep posting. Anyway most people have a fallback sometimes and now it’s time for me to get back up and start vaping again. My budget is limited and super concentrates are out of my leage for now. As I live in Belgium I thought to support a belgian flavor company to rekindle my vaping journey. So I ordered almost every flavor from Flavormonks and my goal is to find flavors that work for me, from a company I can drive to to buy my needs. My tastebuds are still those of a noob with a hint of analogs in the background, so posting my flavornotes wouldn’t be very helpfull for the community I think. Let me just say that with what I tested so far their flavors are comparable to TPA. Some are potent enough, others not so much. If someone is interested I can give you my findings thus far. The benefit of Flavormonks is that none of their flavors contain DAAP’s nor alcohol.
When flavornotes like “not very strong, kind of sweet, and tasting like the real thing” are enough for anyone, I can post them here. Let me know…
Oh, and great to be back… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome back. There is no shame to this at all. It happens sometimes. Hell I enjoy a good pipe every now and then. There is and should be no shame in this at all. Just know we are here to help and try to get your flavor profile back!


It’s better to come back to vaping than to stay smoking. Please, do put your flavor notes on flavormonks here.


I only have a few flavormonks flavors, speculaas, cuberdons, mocha, forest fruits, raspberry. They are kinda weak indeed and I wasn’t too impressed tbh.

In the shop they told me to use them around 15%. I believe I tested them at 8% instead, which I already thought was a bit ridiculous since they’re a whole lot more expensive per ml than the more common brands. I like to support local business too but they still have to be worth it.
If you’re on a budget, just order some flavors from chefs or vapable in the UK. You’ll get much more out of your money. Especially if you have a tendency to fall back on the analogues, you should get some flavors that really work for you. No matter how you look at it, it’s much cheaper than smoking if you DIY.


Just by making the effort to quit again speaks volumes and it shows that you have the right mindset to forge ahead!
How long were you off cigs before you slipped?


Hey :slight_smile: welcome back! this is quite a co-incidence, just coming back (ummm, maybe) after a bit of a relapse, myself!.

I thoroughly agree with @Skullblade, @delltrapp et al

I’ve used Flavormonks myself (primarily cos they have a PG-free range) and , yes, I found them good, but rather too dilute. As @anon28032772 says, they are really not economical at all, compared with other brands. I’d like to add to that list of UK suggestions- RainbowVapes has pretty much the full range of RF superconcentrates at around £2 a throw (or they did , last time I shopped there!) as well as a selection from all the other well-known houses. I’m sure that you’ll easily save the piddling postage costs and much more besides.

But , yes, do please post your flavour notes!


Thanks for the headsup, I never thought ordereing from the UK would turn out cheaper but after checking these vendors you are absolutly right.
For the moment I bought only 1ml testers from Flavormonks so nothing lost there…
To me it is a part of the fun atm to test this company. I knew in advance that they would never be as good as Flavorah or Medicine Flower, but part of the newbie experience for me is trying out the more regular (old school) flavors. I’ve done a fair bit of testing from TPA, FA and Capella and now I’m testing Flavormonks. I’m sure that somewhere in the future I will make the transition to more concentrated flavors. My path might not be the best, cheapest or most sensible but it’s my path and I like it. I’m testing almost all fruit flavors at 10% and some of them are quite nice and even strong. Others not so much and some just plain bad. Strawberry and Tropical are the best so far imho. Flavornotes will follow in the near future.
@TorturedZen How long were you off cigs before you slipped?
Four months
@jay210 I saw your post, hope all is going well and thx for the welcome!


It’s been a long time since I ordered from Rainbowvapes so I’m not sure about them, but both Chefs and Vapable have rebottled concentrates. They’re the same as e.g. FlavourArt but they call it Flavour Creative, giving you something like a 30% discount on the original. They don’t have the full range but it’s definitely worth checking them out.


Ahh! so that’s the big draw.! From my own POV, since Chef’s took almost all of the PG-free products off their shelves, I tend to think of Chef’s as a place where you’re stifled for choice. Conversely, i’ve noticed that RV offers a much wider range of flavours from some brands (yes, including brands I can’t vape) at better prices, so , on the face of it, it, it looks like a better place to shop, period. . So it always beats me that people keep banging on about Chef’s and turning up their noses at RV.

Now you’ve explained that! I’m still mightily pissed-off with Chef;s though, and will continue promote the competition whenever a chance arises! *grin *


@jay210 You’re right, I was looking for some LB flavours and the choice was chef’s and RV never bought from RV (usually buy from VD) but I noticed that difference and they changed a lot since the last two years and I think this time my order will go to RV and try them out!


Just wanted to chip in with a +1 for RainbowVapes, they have good customer service too, and also worth mentioning there are discount codes for them on the forum (code varies for how much you spend, I won’t pretend to remember what they are)


unfortunately they sold out the Lava Cake :cry:
Apologize for the OT.


Thats awesome can just drive and get what you need, no waiting. :wink: Hopefully you can find a go-to flavor or recipe for keeps this time.


First off I want to mention that Flavormonks have a line of PG based and PG free flavors. I’m not allergic to PG so I only ordered the PG based.

Tested at 10%
SNV: warm, slightly burned fruit combination, taste a little blackberry and elderberry, reasonably strong, knuckle test mildly sweet strawberry blueberry and something else
After 2 weeks: faded a bit but still strong enough, that burned fruit taste settled now and is gone, more strawberry in the mix of fruits noticeable, as a single flavor it lacks for me, needs a little lemon to boost the other flavors perhaps
3 weeks: mix of fruits comes together as a wholesome new flavor, strawberry still noticeable, sweet but could be stronger with something lifting the fruits

Tested at 10%
SNV: hard candy raspberry, great taste, finally a farely strong tasting raspberry, although not the real fruit it tastes yummie, knuckle test very sweet raspberry hard candy
After 2 weeks: reasonably strong, sweet candy raspberry, could be single flavor recipe, faded a little bit
3 weeks: strong raspberry hard candy, very sweet and a little bitter, tastes great

Tested at 10%
SNV: tastes like the real candy, reasonably strong, after taste is stronger then in or exhale, knuckle test tastes more like pomegranate syrup then cuberdon
After 2 weeks: almost faded completely, some sweetness remains
3 weeks: flavor is comming back now, still not very strong but very tasty, the real candy, mildly sweet

Tested at 10 %
SNV: sweet tropical taste, fairly strong, mango for sure, maybe pineapple, maybe lychee, great taste, knuckle test sweet tropical fruit mix
After 2 weeks: mango, papaya, lychee, great sweet tropical flavors, strong tasting, could be used as a single flavor recipe
3 weeks: not fading, a mix of tropical fruits, could be used as a standalone flavor

Tested at 10%
SNV: real strawberry taste, mildly strong, a bit cinnamon taste in it, knuckle test tastes like real strawberries a little sweet but not very much
After 2 weeks: sweet real strawberry with a hint of cinnamon, very strong, might drop % but not tested yet
3 weeks: fuller taste, cinnamon still there, great real strawberry flavor, didn’t fade

Tested at 10%
SNV: sweet candy banana taste, has a little caramel feel to it, fairly strong but very nice, could be a good standalone vape, knuckle test sweet candy banana
After 2 weeks: Faded a lot, watered down banana candy, not what I hoped after SNV results, no more caramel
3 weeks: same as before, faded banana candy, a little sweetness

Tested at 10%
SNV: strong taste, real blackberry, not too sweet, dark and warm, a little elderberry undertone, siropy, knuckle test sweet real blackberry
After 2 weeks: very strong blackberry jelly, sweet and rich in flavor, still elderberry undertone, great as single flavor recipe
3 weeks: still going strong, not fading, elderberry is gone, nice and sweet
Could go lower in % but haven’t tested

Tested at 10 %
SNV: sweet tasting grapefruit, the real taste without the bitterness, at 10% not very strong as I experience with almost all fruitflavors from Flavormonks, what is there tastes great and natural, knuckle test, very sweet grapefruit also without bitterness
After 2 weeks: less sweet and a bit more bitter, still real grapefruit flavor, not very strong and a hint of orange
3 weeks: hasn’t changed

Tested at 10%
SNV: ripe maybe even over ripe pear taste, sweet and not very strong, knuckle test likewise slightly over ripe pear, like other pear flavors maybe could be used as a sweetener
After 2 weeks: over ripe pear, sweet, a bit dry, some people like ripe fruits but if not don’t use this flavor
3 weeks: less dry, still sweet, faded a little, still overly ripe, there are better pear flavors than this one IMHO

Tested at 10%
SNV: tastes exactly like green apple but not very strong, slight burned taste, knuckle test also a little burned, whiskey like taste? or some other alcohol flavor which is strange because there is no alcohol base in Flavormonks flavors
After 2 weeks: still dryburn tasting with some alcohol hint in it, a bit of a green apple but not that good, not sweet at all, rather a bit sour
3 weeks: keeps having some alcohol taste, still tastes burned, less sour, apple whiskey something, getting better after steeping but not straight green apple flavor

Tested at 10%
SNV: not very strong but great apricot flavor, a little sweetness and overall good taste, knuckle test has a bit of marzipan in it and real apricot
After 2 weeks: almost no flavor, a tiny bit of apricot, a little sweetness
if this needs more then 10% flavoring I wouldn’t bother and buy another brand
3 weeks: flavor came back a little, still not strong enough but what a great tasting apricot flavor, sweet but not over the top

Tested at 10%
SNV: a little sweet but not much, whitewine like taste, not very strong but still tasty, a little perfumie, knuckle test gives more grape flavor
After 2 weeks: weak flavor but what is there tastes great, a little sweet, grape taste and a hint of white wine, 10% might not be high enough and thus not a good single flavor, at a lower % it might boost the flavor of other fruits in a mix

Tested at 10%
SNV: might be ok after steeping, candy like cherry but also some straw and musk which is not nice…strong flavor, knuckle test a bit chemical. Definitely needs steeping
After 2 weeks: still strong candy cherry and the straw/musk flavor is almost gone, maybe one more week and this will be very tasty, I can tell this could become my favourite cherry so far, fully steeped could be a single flavor recipe
3 weeks: candy cherry, sweet but maybe overflavored, the musky offnotes don’t go away

Tested at 10%
SNV: not real watermelon, a bit lemony, a bit sour, a bit candy, might get great over time for a summer fresh vape, knuckle test is about the same flavor as mentioned
Ater steeping 14 days: watered down waterlemon taste, lemon subsided, a little sweetness but no candy, could be stronger but still nice tasting
3 weeks: seems to come back a little, still watery, sour is back again and so is the lemon, could use sweetener
As a single flavor use at leats 10%

Tested at 3%
SNV: strong taste, more the cocosmilk rather than the flesh, not sweet on it’s own, tastes like an unripe coconut
After steeping 10 days: still strong, sweet coconut milk, a bit dry
Best paired with other flavors

Tested at 10%
SNV: very feint pineapple taste, clearly 10% is not enough, knuckle test real juicy sweet pineapple, hope more flavor comes with steeping because it smells great
After 2 weeks: still not strong but already a little more, real pineapple, less sweet, sour aftertaste
3 weeks: hasn’t come through, still too weak

Tested at 10%
SNV: slightly sweet, slightly nutty, caramel taste with a hint of cinnamon, not very strong but noticeable enough, could be great with certain fruits, combined with coffee would be killer, knuckle test not very strong but tastes like werthers original only less sweet
After 2 weeks: nice mixture of caramel and cinnamon, maybe not best alone but great tasting and rich flavor, will be using this for sure
3 weeks: faded a lot , cinnamon is gone, slight caramel flavor, what is there tastes great

Tested at 10%
SNV: farely strong blueberry taste, has a little bitterness to it, , knuckle test sweet strong blueberry taste
After 2 weeks: still strong real blueberry taste, bitterness is gone, sweet enough, add some cheesecake or cookie or…and done
3 weeks: sweet blueberry, still no bitterness, could stay a single flavor recipe but would be killer in some sort of combination

Tested at 10%
SNV: sweet melon candy, reasonably strong, a hint of watermelon, knuckle test very sweet melon candy
After 2 weeks: faded, melon candy, still a little sweet
3 weeks: Melon came back a little, real melon no more candy, not very strong

Tested at 10%
SNV: not very sweet, not a strong taste, elastic band or rubbery taste, oh yeah and a hint of cherry, knuckletest burned rubber tastes awfull
After 2 weeks: still rubbery taste, not good but getting sweeter and somehow better, needs more steeping
3 weeks: getting better again although still not there yet, rubber taste is gone, something resembling Amaretto but not the real thing, sweet, a hint of cherry, a hint of marzipan, keep steeping

Tested at 10%
SNV: tastes like kiwi but very artificial, also tastes like when you bite on the little kiwi seeds, even a hint of a dry burn taste, farely strong and might get good after steeping, knuckle test strange chemical kiwi flavor almost awfull
After 2 weeks: sour kiwi, not ripe, not sweet, needs more steeping, still strong taste, less chemical
3 weeks: stays chemical with some nasty off notes

Tested at 10%
SNV: fairly strong lime without sourness, a little bit soapy but not bad, could be a good fresh summer vape as is or in a recipe, would pare well with mint flavors, could be a good starting point for a mochito recipe, knuckle test true lime taste without the sourness
After 2 weeks: less soapy, a bit more bitter but not overwhelming, still a good starter flavor for a mochito recipe IMHO Flavourtec’s Mojito has the same lemon taste in it
3 weeks: strong lime lemonade, less bitter, a little sour

Tested at 10%
SNV: good real orange taste, not very sweet, juicy orange flesh, my favorite orange flavor so far, strong enough, knuckle test between real orange and orange candy
After 2 weeks: real orange, still strong flavor, might need a sweetner, could drop in % but haven’t tested
3 weeks: juicy real orange, a little sour, strong taste

Tested at 10%
SNV: not much flavor, hint of peach, hint of pineapple, a little mango, strawberry aftertaste, not sweet, knuckle test real mango followed by pineapple aftertaste
After 2 weeks: faded completely, only thing left is a little sweetnes which wasn’t there before
If you like vaping straight up VG/PG then this is your flavor
3 weeks: didn’t come back, tasteless, a little sweet

Tested at 10%
SNV: not very strong BUT jummy pistachio icecream flavor, slightly nutty but not like the real pistachio nut, a hint of almonds which gives it a slight marzipan taste, knuckle test delicious pistachio icecream flavor but not like the nut
After 2 weeks: still a good pistachio flavor, the icecream subsided a bit, very good as a standalone
3 weeks: A little sweeter and great pistachio taste

Tested at 10%
SNV: farely strong juicy peach, the real fruit, not overly sweet, mouthwatering real peach taste, knuckle test juicy real peach
After 2 weeks: real juicy ripe peach, not too sweet and not too sour, fantastic taste
3 weeks: juicy peach, little more sour and less sweet

Tested at 10%
SNV: chemical, plasticky, very sweet, a little cherry, not even close to marzipan, knuckle test sweet chemical rubber marzipan aftertaste
After 2 weeks: getting better but still chemical and rubbery, still very sweet, somthing that resembles marzipan, cherry remains
3 weeks: remains rubbery and chemical
Needs more testing, 10% probably way too high

Tested at 10%
SNV: rozemary flavor, herbal spice, not real lemon, knuckle test sour real lemon
After 2 weeks: still spice flavors but not lemon
More testing required, 10% way too much?
3 weeks: same as before, needs diluting

Tested at 10%
SNV: strong tasting flower honey, sweet but not over the top, knuckle test a little chemical fruity honey great honey aftertaste
After 2 weeks: still very strong honey flavor, can surely drop in % but not yet tested
3 weeks: a little less potent but good honey flavor, not overly sweet

Tested at 10%
SNV: very cold and strong menthol, too strong, could drop in %, feels like freshly brushed teeth, knuckle test very strong peppermint icy cold feeling aftertaste
Need to dilute this in order to test further, 10% is way too powerfull

Tested at 10%
SNV: nicely strong speculaas flavor, a little bitterness, a bit of ginger, cereal and carmel, this tastes very promising, knuckle test speculaas with a hint of carmel and cream
After 2 weeks: strong speculaas flavor, hasn’t faded, still some bitterness, ginger and cereal dropped but caramel remains
3 weeks: strong speculaas flavor, sweet, no bitterness, carmel and cinnamon returned, great flavor
Could be a ADV for me

Tested at 10%
SNV: reasonably strong, slight cocoa, slight cookie, slight coconut, tastes good but not real praline, knuckle test sweet chocolaty praline
After 3 weeks: cookie with cocoa and coconut, hasn’t faded, a little hint of praline

Tested at 10%
SNV: little to no flavor, what is there is a bit of lemon and a tiny bit of mint, knuckle test real mojito taste without alcohol
After 3 weeks: lemon and mint, a little sour, gained in strenght

Tested at 10%
SNV: full mouthfeel cream, sweet and a hint of vanilla, knuckle test strong tasting cream with slight vanilla flavor
After 3 weeks: full round flavor, thick cream with vanilla, tastes great

Tested at 10%
SNV: overpowers Mocha (Flavormonks) which is a really strong flavor so be carefull in mixes, strong real cinnamon flavor, a little bitterness on exhale, knuckle test very strong and bitter cinnamon taste
After 3 weeks: very potent, too much at 10%, floral offnotes, dry

Tested at 10%
SNV: strong mocha flavor, good base for a coffee vape, 10% might be too much, knuckle test sweet real mokatine candy
After 3 weeks: mokatine flavor, a little sweet, still very potent

Tested at 10%
SNV: nice chewing gum flavor but nothing like the pink bubblegum, medicinal ‘dettol’ like flavor, this doesn’t sound inviting but I quite like it, knuckle test tastes like chloroform aftertaste like a certain chewing gum I had as a child not the pink bubblegum
After 3 weeks: lost all flavor, still tastes nice on the knuckle but vapes like VG

Tested at 10%
SNV: slight cookie flavor, no sweetness, should be stronger for 10%, knuckle test sweet sand cookie
After 3 weeks: stronger than before, sweet crumble cookie, buttery aftertaste, delicious

Tested at 10%
SNV: vanilla and much butter on the inhale, vanilla less butter on the exhale, knuckle test sweet vanilla pudding, in order to use it as a additive should be stronger at 10%
After 3 weeks: less butter, not enough vanilla for 10%, some sweetness and a little pudding

Tested at 10%
SNV: ‘petit beure’ tasting cookie, sweet and strong, knuckle test sweet baked cake
After 3 weeks: same cookie taste, a little sweetness but less than before, still strong

Tested at 10%
SNV: a bit dry, not a lot of flavor, some fruit mix but not grenadine, knuckle test sweet apricot and berries flavor not grenadine
After 3 weeks: less dry, apricot and pommegranate, tastes nice but nothing like grenadine

Tested at 10%
SNV: sweet candy, grapes, blueberry, raspberry, strong enough, knuckle test hard candy raspberry and grape
After 3 weeks: first grapes then blueberry a little raspberry, sweet

Tested at 10%
SNV: tastes like nesquik cocoa to put in your milk, a little sweetness, not very strong but nice taste, wet mouthfeel, knuckle test strong sweet bitter cocoa
After 3 weeks: got stronger and same profile as before, a little dryer maybe

Tested at 10%
Has a nice cookie flavor to it, a little vanilla, some buttery notes, the sweet betsy part is sucralose and has a bitter diet coke offnote, over the top sweet, knuckle test extremely sweet cookie with diet coke bitter offnotes

Tested at 10%
Very sweet blueberry taste, lemony sour offnote, think it’s the sucralose, bitter diet coke offnotes, knuckle test scary sweet blueberry candy with diet coke bitter offnotes

Tested at 10%
Very sweet cherry candy flavor , same musky offnotes though minimal, diet coke bitterness, knuckle test over the top sweet cherry popsickle

Tested at 10%
As with all Sweet Betsy’s so far way too strong at 10%, too sweet, diet coke bitter offnote, real juicy peach, knuckle test too much sugar sweet peach

Tested at 10%
Very sweet raspberry candy, offnotes : diet coke bitterness, knuckle test same diet coke bitter and very sweet raspberry candy

Tested at 10%
Burned apple taste, sweet diet coke biterness, knuckle test over the top sweet over ripe apple and diet coke bitterness

Tested at 10%
Very sweet lime candy, lime lemonade, diet coke bitter, knuckle test sweet lime lemonade with diet coke offnotes

Tested at 10%
Very sweet strawberry with diet coke bitterness, knuckle test too sweet strawberry candy with diet coke bitter offnote

Tested at 10%
Over the top sweet forest fruit mix with a hint of diet coke bitterness, or actually a lot, knuckle test very sweet and diet coke bitter forest fruit candy

Tested at 10%
Sweet something chemical, not much flavor except diet coke sweet/bitterness, knuckle test super sweet chloroform with a bit of diet coke bitter

Tested at 10%
Very sweet blackberry, cough syrup like with a diet coke bitterness, knuckle test too sweet blackberry with diet coke bitter offnotes

Tested at 10%
Same lemon as without sweet betsy, notes of different herbs, not real lemon, the sourness counters a bit of the diet coke bitterness but it’s still there, knuckle test lemon zest and overly sweet with diet coke bitter

Tested at 10%
Overly sweet, little to no cuberdon, diet coke bitter offnotes, knuckle test very sweet cuberdon with diet coke bitterness

Tested at 10%
Super sweet, little less flavor, same white monk as the normal version, tastes great but too sweet and diet coke bitter offnotes, knuckle test diet coke bitter white monk

Tested at 10%
Very sweet grape candy, diet coke bitter offnotes, hint of blueberry, knuckle test overly sweet grape candy with again diet coke bitter offnotes

Tested at 10%
Overly sweet, hints of coconut and marzipan, not real mango, candy-like, diet coke bitterness, knuckle test too sweet fruit candy with bitter diet coke offnotes


Since you pointed it out to me, I have to mention I have the PG free version.
I still had a tester mixed on 25/8/2018, mixed at 8%. The flavor is pretty strong so you may want to give this a little more time :wink: Same for some other flavors that you find weak after 2 weeks.


Thanks, I’m keeping all my SFT’s and continue to test them week after week. So far Flavormonks overall is not that good but there are some gems in it like the Cherry, Tropical, Blackberry, Strawberry and Raspberry.
More testing on others will reveal more gems like Honey, Mint,… those flavornotes still comming in the near future


Perhaps you should try lower % to mix with these flavors. I’ve found a couple flavors with this property when used too strong.
Chemical taste with concentrates is usually the same issue. Lower % needed.


Yes I think you are right. I only have 1ml of each flavor so those will have to wait or probably never bought again. Testing everything “Flavormonks” is something I wanted to do but I know there are much better alternatives around. After this adventure I’m going to order the ones that stood out. In future I think I’m going to try some Flavorah flavors and eventually transition to them.

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You can always try to dilute those test samples if you still have some left… not guaranteeing that it’ll give you a better result but it’s definitely worth trying.
Not all flavors of a same brand have the same concentration strength. While some may need 10%, others could be good at 5% or even less.

To get a feel for the strength of an unknown flavor, just take a 5 or 10ml bottle with base liquids. Add a drop of concentrate, shake or froth and test vape. Increase until it’s satisfactory. It’ll be a lot easier to get a feel for the strength and especially if you’re moving on to Flavorah, start your way up with drops. Most of them are very potent flavors.
This channel has some pretty good videos on Flavorah testing but the technique can be used on any flavor testing.


Good idea with diluting the flavors.

Once I get my hands on some Flavorah this will deffinately be the way to go. Thanks for the advice

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