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Flavors (and Tobacco) Express by ECX Tasting Notes

In tobacco ventures, I’ve decided to garner a few tobacco flavors which ecigExpress offers under their “house brand” name Tobacco Express. So far, this has been a nice discovery trip and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the the nice pricing and enjoying the myriad of tobacco flavors offered by ecigExpress.

This tobacco has a sweet herbal, mellow but light evergreen or juniper-ish flavor. The maple, as described on the ECX website, is way in the back. Kind of a flavor taste bud stumper to tell the truth. There’s a bit of a cooling effect on the inhale as well; might go well with white or light brown liquor flavors. Tested at 5%, very nice, but will mix at a lower percentage.

234 Dji Sam Soe:
Finally, a clove liquid which is actually quite vapeable! Modeled after a popular Indonesian clove cigarette, this liquid has a clove high note, licorice middle note and subtle chocolate low note. Mixed at low percentages with other tobaccos and a little something sweet or savory, will prove to be a nice all day vape. Stay below 4% and this liquid will not be cloying or harsh, as some clove flavors can be. I can see this liquid being combined with creams, cinnamon, cardamom or other teas type flavors to calm the clove a bit. Mixed at 5% for testing; nice, but lower percentage will be needed.

Black Mile:
This tobacco is in the black and mild pipe tobacco family; very satisfying dark tobacco with notes of caramel, dark chocolate and a touch of licorice (very faint). Primarily used as an adder tobacco when a chocolate note is needed, I find adding it with cigar liquids quite nice. Tested at 5%, somewhat strong, reduce percentage when mixing with other tobaccos.


Just recently, I have been enjoying a few of ECX (tobacco express) tobacco line liquids. I particularly like the fact that these liquids are nicely priced and are among some of the best tasting tobaccos liquids I’ve used in my DIY mixing timeline.

My only regret with purchasing and using the ECX tobacco express line of liquids is not having discovered them sooner! :wink:

So, yes, if the vendor list could be edited to include ECX, I would definitely be choosing ECX as one of my preferred suppliers of DIY liquids.


Wow, that there is some pretty high praise especially since it is coming from you. Makes me wish i liked tobacco mixes.

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Flavors like Black Mile, Black Mile Plus, 555, Captain, Cigar, Cherry Cigar, Hongtashan, Virginia, and a lot more are definitely hidden gems :wink:

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In fact just recently, bulk amounts of FE have began FLYING off the shelves.

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ECX (TE) Mile Seven is just outstanding! :heart_eyes:

I mix this with a little bit of INW DNB and jeez-o-pete… It’s been an ADV of mine for weeks now! I would highly suggest it to anyone looking for an all around pleasant tobacco vape.

Another awesome characteristic about the TE line is the steep time for these tobaccos is insanely low! Most other vendor tobacco liquids can take up to 4 weeks to cure/steep. I won’t say that ECX tobaccos are shake and vape, but give them 48 to 72 hours with proper steep conditions and you’re golden. :+1:


I’m really looking forward to trying some of these. As @Ken_O_Where Ken said, if they’re impressing you @Jimk that is high praise indeed. :wink:


I don’t have this one yet, but it’s on my shopping list; probably much like the FA Black Fire…campfire!

I could be mistaken, but for now I don’t see the ECX TE line carrying anything like a tobacco absolute, such as Inawera has in their tobacco line. If I’m wrong, please link me up!


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Donovan! Flavorah! With these tobaccos and everything else I need my bill is going to approach what I have paid for several cars in the past!



This is the droid you are looking for: http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid/e-liquid-additives/liquid-concentrates/tobacco-absolute-liquid-concentrate.html

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Indeed! I overlooked that by mistake! It’ll be on my next order with ECX!

Thanks again, for keeping the awesome discounts coming every week! I follow ECX on the FB, so the notifications and post ECX keep up are wonderful things!

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Here’s a few mini reviews for the ECX Tobacco thread:

Modeled after a famous brand of Chinese cigarettes, Wuyeshen definitely has an herbal, earthy and slightly sweet flavor on the inhale with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. There’s no ash in this tobacco, so an absolute or DNB may be needed to provide that flavor. Mixed at 5% w/ 40p/60v; probably will hang around the 5% mark when mixing with other flavors.

Modeled after that of a popular Chinese brand of flue-cured tobacco cigarette. This tobacco is a medium bodied flavor with mild woody and floral notes; sweet in tobacco flavor. Mixed at 5% w/ 40p/60v; would suggest adding a bit of other clue cured tobacco or tobacco absolute to this mix for a stronger tobacco kick. This could use a week or three steep time to mellow out the floral notes in the mix.

Red Demon:
A somewhat strong tobacco flavor; has the pleasing aroma of chocolate and coconut. Needs a bit more tobacco kick; perhaps a Cavendish or Virginia blend would mix nicely. Mixed at 5% w/ 40p/60v; will lower that in a mix for the addition of other tobaccos.

Seven Stars:
Modeled after a famous brand of Japanese cigarettes, Seven Stars has a very mellow, slightly earthy flavor and very mild chocolate undertones. There is definitely a woody note of sandalwood or slight cedar which is quite nice on the exhale; wouldn’t classify this tobacco as having a floral note. This would be a nice tobacco for folks that don’t want that “in your face” tobacco flavor. Mixed at 5% w/ 40p/60v; will probably hang around the 5% mark for mixing.

Modeled after a popular Eastern European cigarette, this tobacco has a slightly herbal, sweet and sour note and a pleasantly bitter finish. Not a strong tobacco flavor, so perhaps an absolute of your choice would be called in to play. Mixed at 5% w/ 40p/60v; wanted a bit more flavor.

The Huanghelou and Hongjinlong are very similar in taste.

If you keep the mixing ratio around five or six percent, the floral notes in the floral tobaccos listed, will not take over in the mix; anything over 6% and a cloying quality comes to the forefront.

In all, these tobaccos are not exactly down my alley. The Chinese must really dig on their herbal/floral cigarettes. Many of these tobaccos did have somewhat of a floral background, which to me isn’t that pleasurable, but they were very interesting tobacco flavors, nonetheless


Nice review, thanks!

Of those mentioned, the Red Demon sounds the most interesting. Coconut & chocolate are recent additions here, as tobacco enhancers. I’ve been most impressed with how well the coconut goes with tobacco, as long as the percentage is kept low. The chocolate is still a work in progress.

Anything ‘floral’, is an instant pass for me. Just not up my alley.

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Jim or any tobacco vape lover, ever had a Beedi? It is a leaf rolled Indian smoke. This here was my favorite brand.

Id love to find a tobacco flavoring similar.


I bet they were tasty, but no, I have never tried such a thing! I lived a fairly sheltered smoking life. It was only after I started rolling my own that I tried several different brands of rolling tobacco. After reading a bit about the beedi, it makes me wonder what they actually taste like???


Honestly it has been so many years, a couple decades, since i had one that i have nearly forgotten. If i could smell one right now it would bring it all back. I used to work with a bunch of folks from India and they would always bring me back bunches of these from their trips home.

You sure it was tobacco in them? :wink:

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Hehe, unless it was some non-psychoactive strain then yep, it was tobacco.

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somewhere between a light cigar and strong cigarette, with burning leaf notes, and maybe some mild flavoring.

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Okie dokie… I’ll resurrect a 6 month old thread…why not?!? :wink:

I’ve been on the hunt for flavors in which to create a couple of liqueurs once enjoyed. First being Drambuie and secondly being Chartreuse…loved these in mass quantities at one time! :blush:

After much searching, I’ve found the flavor which gives me great hope in my quest…

Angelica ~ by Fruit Express, an Ecigexpress branded and sold flavor. Did a bit of testing with the Angelica and have discovered one must lean towards a 50pg/50vg mix with this flavor to make it work; less than 50% PG and the flavor of the Angelica is muted. It needs the PG to carry the brightly herbal and some what juniper berry-ish (gin like) flavor. It moves more in the direction of herbal rather than gin, so don’t expect pine trees…far from it! Quite nice indeed. Surprisingly enough, I can almost taste this mixed with a little FA cocoa and cappuccino…possibilities abound! :+1:

Flora vapers…this is looking like it’s going to be a great addition to your stash. I have high hopes that my liqueur vapes are not far away!:heart_eyes: