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I realise all I do around here is ask for information, but I would like to build a set of really detailed flavour notes as a reference for other users initially I would keep them posted here and copy them as docs on my Facebook group. But what I really want to do is make cross referenced site just about flavours suppose a bit like a favour bible for anyone to access.

Disclosure they are for myself as much as anyone else and I don’t mind collating them from various sources if I have the mixers permission to do so.


a true flavor bible would be great , one that decribes. the flavor and goes as far as explaing what flavors go with it and at suggested mixing percents ( this may be harder ) example

strawberry ripe standalone ???
mixes pct ???
pair with Vanilla custard @ ??? = this ???

if you look at the flavor bible you could actually use the notes for pairing


That’s what I mean exactly, even a range as a mixing percent as opinions will differ but if the notes are written by mixers who know their flavours well I/we would get a fairly accurate result.

I am be no means a talented or even experienced mixer but I would gladly collate all the information and stick up a website probably free hosting to begin with and find a way everyone involved could post or amend entries.

Do you think the flavour bible pairing examples would be sufficient for concentrates.

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I personally don’t mind. It would bug me a bit if there was money involved and if so my belief is there should be a kick back to elr to support this amazing free resource. Also links back to the source.

Beyond that my feeling is that the flavor listing on elr is the holy grail, the flavor bible, the sweat and tears of 100’s maybe 1000’s of people work meant to be shared.

Personally at this point if I wear to have my own group of followers I would teach people how to actually use the resources available. How to post on Reddit without getting booted. How to work with a HIC recpie. How to search recipies on elr. How to understand and to extrapolate+interprite data from elr to get better results regarding single flavors vs average/median mixing percentages.


I really hope you don’t take this wrong,… What more could you want than what ELR offers?
Flavor is so subjective, we really need what we already have IMHO. A ‘Bible’ suggests
there is just one opinion.

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I would just like to do it as a project and wouldn’t be looking for any credit and would always credit the author and link to the original, their profile etc

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Just love to see how others describe a flavour, simply because I am not so good at it. Collating information would simply be a distraction for me something to do. But you are right ELR has everything anyone would need.

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anything that helps an individual understand is great , taste is subjective with anything vape , cooking , whatever it is , before i looked at the actual Flavor Bible i never would have put cinnamon with blueberry i thi k thats the only thing missing from ELR not just recipes with the flavor as we all know there could be 500recipes for a flavor and only a few are worth talking about , the way i see a project like this it would have to be tested and proven before moving forward with suggestions but if you could pull it off and take a little of everything available to us and combine it GO FOR IT yes ELR is hands down the best place but not rhe only place i think most people have other sites they use like Diy or Die and reddit and lediypournuls, because they offer something different

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Yeah as you say it’s something I would have to look at and figure out how it could add to what ELR offers already. Which is a task in itself, thanks for the positive response. Maybe the description could point to a few recipes using the flavour. Vetted one’s (but vetted by who).

When I think about it what I really like and think would be beneficial for others is a list of good recipes with flavour notes like on reddit all in one place by multiple authors.

The reason it hasn’t been done yet (at least in the format I’m picturing) is because it’s an undertaking of truly monumental proportions.

One, you have notes on the flavors themselves, and with literally thousands of flavors by many vendors (not including the rebrands, and hybrids (secondary vendors who combine raw flavors to craft their own “new flavor”)… Then you have:

Two, different strengths (percentage-wise) for different applications. RDA’s take the least typically, then tanks, then MTL pens, etc.

Third. Then you have the lines blurring as the tank technology has been improving. So older styles that used to require more flavoring, are actually delivering improvements in taste due to the design changes.

Fourth. Then there’s the ever changing palette. Some folks are more sensitive, where others seem like they need to have 20-30% of a single flavor to taste it…

I’m not trying to discourage your attempt, or hopes, but just saying that there’s a lot to consider and include if you really want to create THE perfect reference. I wish you luck though! =D

EDIT: Once you’ve been mixing for a while, you’ll start to be able to see how someone Vapes simply by looking at their recipes. (I’ve only been mixing for about 6 months, and I’m starting to see some correlations, but again, there’s always an exception…)


Hi thanks for taking the time to post such a well thought out and detailed response, it has made me think that in reality it would not be an easy task and one that would soon be outdated unless I kept informed about the changes and improvements in tanks ect. (Which I won’t) Think i would be better of making my own notes and offering support when I can.

True, I always try and run before I can walk. Thanks again for pointing out so efficiently how difficult it would be to maintain.

take a look at the flavor bible but using vape flaves , that is how it shiuld be done and your right the projest would be huge think about Acytel Pyrazine and the list of things this would pair well with anyway great idea again if it was to replicate the Flavor BIble and i would not associate any recipes with flavors just what flavor is tatse like , goes well with and at what percents as a top note or bottomas a supporting flave etc , for things like Anise its there in the flavor bible already mostly done as far as what it pairs with this project would be great if done right


Oh I know! I have a couple copies of it (one in epub and one in pdf (thanks to @Pro_Vapes or @LordVapor IIRC). Either way, there’s a link to it here in the forums should he want to add it to his arsenal! Just a short search away! :wink:

All I was saying was that the percentages aspect would probably be the single biggest obstacle. Due to the sheer variety of types of applications alone. (Never mind the palette differences…)

Then you have to factor in that even with just a “basic description” flavor: ie: Blueberry, TFA is different from Cap is different from FA, than from Ina, than RF, than MF, than Hangsen… And that’s not even factoring in the variants. Wild, Ripe, Extra, bilberry, etc

It’s just such an involved endeavor.


Oh, and then you have (what I refer to as) “flavor shift” with “complex flavors” (think Cap’s Cinnamon Danish Swirl)

Where it tastes one way at ‘x’ percentage, but then other aspects start to show up when you increase the percentage to ‘y’.

Just so many variables!


It would have to be a collaborative project with an agreed format and your right every variant would need to be listed. Not everyone might agree with a description and certainly not the percentages used ( would have to be a range). And using already existing flavour notes would be difficult because they would have to adhere to the same format which may require additional information.


Feeling defeated ;(

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I feel your pain. I came in with a semi-grandiose idea as well in my opening post, which looking back now (in only this short time), I know had to have at least a few folks chuckling inside. :grin: Thinking “Yep, he’s definitely a newbie!” lmao

I stated one of my goals was "wanting to FOLLOW HIC’s lead, and do likewise with descriptions, but for another flavor company. At least that’s what I had in mind. But even with that… The investment in both time and money, as well as making specific notes… Yeah, I realized that that isn’t going to happen. In just sticking to my flavor profiles, I’m already up to over 125 flavors, and even those are from at least 6 manufacturers. ><

Fortunately, they were their usual kind and welcoming selves, and overlooked my statement (when they could have rightly given me hell) all the while recognizing it for “the simple enthusiasm” that it was! =)


Thanks for the kind words in a way my post is worse because I was suggesting using others work and even if there were a group of decent mixers willing to participate choosing say 5 -10 flavours each it would be a lot of work and barely scratch the surface. Meanwhile more flavours would be getting released.

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It would still be a really great resource if created and I bet it would be popular too.


Thanks for the feedback and input folks been a pleasure, got to go and organise my abandoned kids and messy house.