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FLV Ginger Beer Recipe?


Ive been wanting to make a nice spicy ginger beer recipe thats similar to English ginger beer. Has anyone tried this recipe from Flavorah? https://www.flavorah.com/ginger-beer-ejuice-recipe-idea/
Ive tried OoO’s ginger beer but , eh, wasnt that great, tasted more like ginger ale.



Vanilla Bean is a lot higher than how I use it, (it’s an additive, not a flavor… between .12 and .2% maybe a stretch at .4%) but the only way you will really know, is by mixing those flavors as solos and then the recipe. See if you like it

I’d also cut the root beer down to around 1.2% but that is just me :slight_smile:

it’s also dependent on what device you use.



using .13 meshcoil 55w, would this mean lower the flavor?



Try them all out as solos, starting super low and bring them up…
watch this vid… for dealing with all flv flavors… :slight_smile:

but of course make the recipe the way it was writtn, see if you like that… then get in control of your tastebuds and find where you like the flavors… see if you are close or if the juice is off for your liking :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

device, setup, when your body chemistry… it all can effect the way you taste things…



the other thought I had… not sure if you heard of it… was thinking on this last night…
You might want to try this recipe out, and add 1-6 drops of flv ginger into it… it’s more of a citrus beer, but with the ginger… who knows?



the lime and rootbeer I understand but vanilla and caramel seems a bit odd , going to get them and give it a whirl



His recipe link explains it all.

ginger beer and root beer are 2 different things :slight_smile:

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i have vanilla ice cream from liquid barn think that could sub for the vanilla bean flv?



Vanilla bean is an additive… like adding a spice… who knows, but try it and find out… unless you have it tho, hard call… but anyways…



oh i missed that thanks for pointing that out makes sense now



If you want an actual beer with ginger tho, like from the farmer’s market… mine is a lot closer to that. even tho ginger is yes a root type, root beer is from the sassafras tree, while ginger beer is from ginger spice [fine ground ginger], yeast and cane sugar. :smile:

Also you might want to read up on it… found this, might help explain a bit better on ginger…




nice vid, what type of RDA is he using where he can test one after another, wouldnt the last flavor he tried still be on the cotton?



Yep thats the difference im after. My fams from the UK , and the old school British ginger beer is a lot different than most commercial ones here in the states. Even though the ginger beer Im after is non alcoholic, Im wondering if this unique taste comes from some type of fermentation. I saw in an english recipe that cream of tartar is used aka potassium hydrogen tartrate or tartaric acid , not sure how that could be represented in an ejuice mix but might be why the lime works well.



it is a video series, and last time Christopher and I talked he wants to redo them… I think he says what he is using somewhere in the videos, where, I can’t tell you that atm…

is why I added the yakima hops. ginger beer. :smile:



So I tried the ginger beer recipe and it tastes like ginger ale, lime was way to strong, and the ginger way weak. Going to try the yakima and bump up the ginger and cut the lime in half, and probably not use the rootbeer at all



That is why I said try them all as solos first… get a feel for the flavors, yourself…
You might not like it where I do… kick out what you do not want… add in what you think… only after a solo first! This is the best part… customizing things for yourself, not based on anyone else… :slight_smile:



yea I did try them as solos like in the vid, I was just giving the initial recipe a try



I love ginger beer. I usually keep a four pack in the fridge. Can’t wait to find out how the recipe turns out. And, of course, more flavors now to add to the shopping list.



Im determind to make a nice one for my ADV. My favorite ginger beer is Stones Original. I really think SmokyBlues sudgestion of the hops is going to work well, so looking forward to getting the order I placed for it. Next attempt is going to be something like this: Ginger (flv) Yakima Hops (flv) Honey (FA) Ethyl matol tpa, sour tpa, Lime (flv)



Ginger Beer’s biggest fan. Mmm Chartreuse Liqueur and Ginger Beer …amazing. I’ve vaped DOM B&B at straight 10% (actual liqueur) …wondering now about whipping up a nice Chartreuse Mule vape.

[Disclaimer: Kids don’t try this, it’s UNhealthy to vape all those food colorings and sugars]

@EagleSpiritWolf Honey (FA) might not be the sweet flavor you’re looking for, but Stevia < 0.50% makes for maximum sugary sweetness. Fizz? No Champagne (TPA)? …or Cream Soda (TPA) (Vanilla-ey)? @SmokyBlue does Flavorah make any such fizzy flavors? Did I see a Chartreuse flavoring available (Amoretti)?