Game Changer availability update

First I want to say thank you to all that have waited so patiently on me to produce the homogenizer models. Demand is much higher than I had anticipated so I want to give an update. Several will ship this week to members here. Incredibly, demand from across the world continues.

As in any venture problems develop. Shortly after the first reviews came out I developed an illness. It was not Covid 19. (tested) Next came a tornado that did extensive damage to my property and workshop. Next came a machine breakdown which required me to purchase a new milling machine and have it shipped cross country. I had to send one back and purchased another. A lot of time was lost. I have also experienced long delays and other problems getting necessary materials, particularly for the small model.

I have had weeks of empty promises from suppliers. I have spoken with others in different types of businesses and most are experiencing the same types of difficulties. Even lumber is at all time highs IF people can find it.

Yesterday I finally received a small shipment which will keep production of the small model going for a few weeks. After that, its anyone’s guess. I may have to cut back to offering the larger model which will do all that small one will (and more) except fit in tiny bottles.

I’m sure that all of us would like to have some semblance of normalcy back in our lives. As my friend @mjag said recently…f__k 2020.


This has been a year to test everyone’s patience for sure. For anyone waiting it is worth the wait and then some. I actually ordered a second and asked @anon36682625 to put me at the back of the list so other’s can enjoy it first.

Chin up my friend and thank you for changing the game, it is so appreciated :+1:

As far as 2020…



@anon36682625 I am so happy that you are coping, more strength to you my friend
Yes I agree, 2020 has been a bummer, but you have persevered and overcome, and hopefully come out of this a stronger person.


What type of driver to you have to have for the large,what is the cost? And when you say it won’t fit in small bottles, do you mean 30ml?

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Hi. Thanks for your interest. The following thread should answer your questions. Game Changer Homogenizer Wait List

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I buy 100mg salt nic in vg…
You said to heat the vg, add vg/pg, flavors, mix, let it cool,then add the nic, last… I vape 50mg,so
When I make a 30ml bottle, 15ml of that is my nic which contains about 3/4 of my vg content.

I’ve included a recipe, so you can see my base numbers.

Im not really sure what role the vg plays, when it comes to steep times.

Will the GC work for me?

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I never recommend using heat or a homogenizer with nicotine though I know people that use salts and report far less oxidation than with freebase. However, these people use salts at very low percentages typically at 2 or 3 mg.

Heat will make VG less viscous and more soluble and thereby with combined mechanical forces, the homogenizer causes the flavor materials to dissolve and combine into a vape ready mix.

My opinion is that the device will not work for you with 50mg VG salts. Thanks for asking and for your interest.

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Thanks for the speedy response, I know you didn’t recommend heating and mixing the nic, but without the nic my recipes are 3/4 pg… so in essence id just be mixing a flavor shot, and steep times would be the same because of the vg content of my nic.

I get it…
Thanks for your time.


You’re welcome. You may find this interesting:

The Flavorah Recipe book; (page 15)

“much of what has become known as the “steeping” process by ejuice makers is actually accelerated oxidation of the flavorings caused by the addition of freebase nicotine.”…If nicotine is not added, this undesirable oxidation does not occur and the initial flavoring profile of the recipe will be maintained more consistently over time."…

At that high of nic content, even with salts which do oxidize less, I think the oxidation would ruin the mix in a short time.

It was a very helpful question.