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[Giveaway] Vaptio- Enter to be a lucky tester of the newest ET AUTO Kit!(-Dec17


This time, Vaptio would like to proudly introduce the newest product ET AUTO Kit to you:

Cool ET-Head Design
Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)
Quick Charge System
Magnetic Insert Part
Simplicity Without Any Buttons
Innovative LED Tail Lights
Quick Charge System

More details

Wanna have one? We could like to invite 2 lucky testers to share experience on ELR of using it!

Easy to enter:

Just comment your thoughts of ET AUTO Kit according to information from the home page: ET AUTO Kit

Winners will be announced on **Dec 17 ** .

Good luck and hope you will enjoy the kit!

Freddie's Review of the Vaptio ET AUTO Kit
Vape Mail 2019

My thoughts… To bad my head is empty… I will give it a go anyway.

First, I thought ET, as in extraterrestrial? So I had that thought while I was looking at the device and scrolling down, down, down. Oops, then I saw that the ET was shaped like the Millenial Falcon. YES… am I right? Then I saw it. The ET (alien) is actually on the mod. I like to be right but… am I? The reason for the doubt is the comparison to tail lights on a car. Now if it was the Tesla (the one that was shot into space) that would have been very clever indeed. So I found that I do have thoughts rattling around in that empty space I call a skull and am glad for it.

Then I had another thought and that was this. We have a resident ET right here on ELR @CosmicTruth might be interested in this here ET device, I mean he is an alien right?

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:thinking: Star Wars for the new generation I presume? LMAO

Back in my day,…
I remember when it was still the Millennium Falcon! :wink:

The times, they are a changin’ :grinning:


LOL, I wish I was in the “new” generation. I’m getting to old for this $h!t.

That always happens when I try to get clever, I make a fool of myself, luckily I don’t mind being a dumb dumb. I don’t really have any clever comebacks so …


Just blame auto-correct. :wink:


I would like to test this one. New interesting features.

Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)
Quick Charge System
Magnetic Insert Part


design is nice, many color options and i like the camouflage green one

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nice looking colours, decent battery and interesting coil

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I think the Red Tail lights would go good with the Black or Red device.

But if the Tails Lights were Black-Light it would go well with all the colors, and bring out the whole Alien feel to them.

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Always carry 2-3 small vapes with me. Easy to pocket. But gave away my suorin drop and air cause they didn’t cut it.

Maybe with the cotten-less coils , 10W and bigger battery for a small device will be a good thing.


Oh ya, That dam# auto correct gets me every time!!


ET AUTO Kit has an interesting and unique design; I have not yet seen devices in the form of space ships. I think that it will be convenient to keep it at the expense of such a form, and small sizes make it very comfortable to carry in our pants pocket. Battery: 550mAh - I am sure that it will be enough for the whole day with active use. I like this POD. If I’m lucky, I can still try it.

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This new pod looks intriguing and compact should suit my soon to complete homemade nic salts experiment. Good luck to everyone!!

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I have not used a pod system yet. Buy this one looks really good. It looks to be an advanced pod system and the design is great

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This whole ‘lucky tester’ trend is bullshit (pardon my french)

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Nice design)

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I like the simple design and colors The possibility of getting no dry hits on a pod device,is very intriguing.

" ET AUTO, with cool ET head design, is born to durably create pure stable flavors and prevent dry hits. "


Cotton-Free Tech is most interesting to me in this kit!

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Looks like alien boat)

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Interesting cotton free tech

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