Good deals?

Funny you should mention that. I was thinking the same thing! LOL

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There are just a hand full of tobaccos in my stash that are great as stand alone or up to 3 flavor mixes; ECX Mile Seven being one of them. The inherent flavors in the tobacco concentrate just don’t need to much help from other mixers to be great. And to be honest, the tobacco note is not that huge; thus, me adding some INW DNB to the mix.

I just love the maple note that the Mile Seven has going for it. :kissing_heart: I get compliments all the time from bystanders! They say, “you’re making me wanna go get some pancakes!”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 Likes - Clapton Jig V2
Continuing the discussion from Vaped3d Clapton Jig v2:

I just picked up one for $18.72 after the Memorial day sale and coupon code. Newest version with all the upgrades included.


Kanger Subtank Mini $9.99

At that price, it’s worth it for parts!

@ozo you might be interested in this.


Thanks for this. Just grabbed a few for backup.
@ozo it’s early Christmas! :blush:


list of sales ending today 5/30:


Thanks @d_fabes I just ordered with a pair of LG batteries …with shipping <$25! I would have spent $30 @ the B&M with Sales Tax for just batteries


Hell yeah! I had a hard time not buying more than 2.

Wish they were black, but at that price I can buy a can of krylon or something (not really tho)


agreed! Just a couple coils could be ten bucks, plus I see their little RBA in the pic …another $10. Great price. I was about to buy batteries anyway, on sale too!

Never any love for the 18500. :frowning:
Since I do low watts, like the size of 500’s and 350’s.
The search continues…
( nice thing about 18350 in a mech mod, if my build ‘goes south’,
light enough to throw in my neighbors yard! )


Also @MisterSinner

How much was shipping?

For my order of just two tanks it was $3.00. Total $22.98.


For 2 minis to my office $3.00 :ok_hand:

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20% off everything today.


Thank you!

Don’t forget to use coupon code MEM20 for 20% more off. Brings the Boreas to just under $20! :thumbsup:


Code MEM20
I allready have a Boreas. wish I had waited.

I have 3, but at this price I now have 2 for now and 2 to put in my bunker.

Thanks for the share!

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Your Welcome!!

I know what you mean! I had to limit myself at 2 also…lol