Good deals?

I just paid $5.38 for the STM Air flow / base, by itself, at Fasttech a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a spare…lol.

It always works that way!

This is one of my first posts. You guys knowledge has helped me so much through the years. Wanted to share one of my personal fav liquids.

If you haven’t, YOU MUST TRY TBD Liquids. This stuff is fricken amazing. They sell up to 240 mil bottles of deliciousness!!! And the price is GREAT. I consider myself to be very picky about my flavors. These guys are some of the best. Especially when it comes to after-taste. Highly recommended. Oh… AND they provide lab results for their liquids. Something I would suggest everyone take seriously or at least look into after the “popcorn lung” study. Better safe than sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

(SIDE NOTE: If you are interested I have a 15% off code. Feel free to use it!!!

I grabbed 2 yesterday… got to work this morning and said, what the hell, so ordered 2 more.

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More tanks is for my vape bunker. At this price I couldn’t pass them up. This will give me 3 silver and 3 black. I’ll be beast vaping for a while.


Wow ! Great find @Pro_Vapes , thanks for the share.

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Thanks for sharing! I’ve heard such good thing about these, it’s a shame I don’t like building :frowning:


I don’t like building either but having to pay rent on tanks by constantly replacing expensive coils forced me to learn how.Now my coils last much longer than the factory made ones and the flavor is much… much… better.
Unless there are physical limitations , if so I apologize, keeping you from attempting building I promise it isn’t difficult at all.I understand if you don’t want to give it a shot but if you would like to learn we can get you headed in the right direction.


How many of those are you going to have now. Thats a great price and 4 dollars cheaper than last week end.

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6 Total…


Just grabbed a silver and a black. Thanks for the heads up!


After reading about the Boreas here and the great deal from eciggity had to have one. Ordered one today.


I hear ya, got two more myself…why not, it’s the BOREAS. Got the Billows V3 a couple weeks ago from them and enjoying how easy the builds are and the quality top shelf.

I guess it’s a bit late, but for anyone looking to get those subtank minis on clearance, the RBA is the original V1 with the horribly tiny wicking slots (at least both mine were), so they’ll require a bit of modifying to not suck.

Still worth it at that price, IMO, but YMMV.

I have been rebuilding the standard atomizers for the subtank, the first time or two I just change out the wicking cotton, after that I will build a .6 ohm coil and not use the rebuild deck. I do this for my step daughters subtank and the horizontal coils, I have yet to figure out making a vertical coil inside those little boxes.

Yeah, I notice that too, when mine showed up. I posted about it in the Vape Mail thread.

These must have been old stock. They are the earlier ones with the V1
RBA (tiny juice holes), but they can be modified. They also have the
earlier OCC pre-built coils. They are the 2 piece OCC coils. A twist
with a crescent wrench will separate the case, and they can be rebuilt
easier than the newer, one piece coils. I doubt it will be necessary,
having the RBA’s but I’ll stash them just in case, never know.

A little drilling will be in order. Like you said, still worth it at that price though.

I just got this email from Lightning Vapes.

20% Off All Wire, This Week Only! More Sales Coming!
In case you missed our huge wire sale last month, here’s a chance to stock up again at a great price. Keep your eyes peeled for new sales each week!


They only have the Black one’s in stock…but still it’s a good deal


Quick! 6 hours left on this sale (20% off) …get some 316L stainless steel Clapton wire …or any other wire

6 days left on this sale at Lightning Vapes


It was a ticking clock! I panicked! :sunglasses: