Heart and Joan Jett live 8-2-19 Camden, NJ. Outstanding show!

Think more than one 32 oz. got spilled on my phone while recording this mashup. Just bits and pieces but Heart (my first Heart show) was outstanding. If you’re a fan check the tour dates, and go GET you some !!!



Your age is showing…


Not sure about that, but my taste in musicians is.


Oh back-in-the-day…
the musical score to impure thoughts. :rofl:


Nancy Wilson is still hot for her age.


Glad you had a good time @SessionDrummer!

Sadly, watching this makes me feel like they’re just not that into it. Joan Jett & Co. outperformed Heart by a good margin it seems. While they still lacked the energy (as did Heart), at least the band was tight.

Heart wasn’t into it at all it seemed, not only lacking the energy and enthusiasm, but with so many musical miscues… It’s hard to watch. :sad:

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still totally admire who they are, and what they’ve accomplished (and contributed/inspired in others). But it’s just bittersweet. Kind of like watching Eddie Van Halen in his current state…

It’s not “fair” that rock/metal is such a youthful genre (in a sense), but the music itself originates from an “internal fire” that only burns as hot as it does during youth. And that (it would seem, especially as I get older) is such a critical element to the whole thing.

It’s still impressive that they’re out there “getting after it” at their age. Shows they have still have the innate spirit/drive of it!

Thanks for the share regardless. =)
Impressive batch of senior citizens. :laughing:

Final thought?
Interesting how blues and country players can still appear as “not having lost a step” all the way until the week before they die.
/not fair! :wink:


@Sprkslfly I appreciate your perspective on the video, and I’ll share mine. As an ex-working drummer, I was blown away by the performance that Ann (65) and Nancy (69) put on. No other way to put it. I’ve played a shit ton of their material over the years, but never seen them live. I don’t think I’d be rocking much of anything at 65, or 69 years old, but that remains to be seen. I’ll have to research more, but I’m fairly sure the only long time members are the sisters, with the remaining musicians touring musicians. The lead guitarist stage left was very good, but seemed inanimate most of the show (despite being very good). Having never seen them, I was actually in awe how good they sounded, played, and commanded the audience. Nancy (from what I hear) has always struggled with her weight, and appeared to still be doing so, so she was not dashing around or doing any cartwheels, but, it didn’t take away anything from the show or their performance.

When thinking of your comments I was reminded of a POST-END interview with Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson of RUSH, who undoubtably played some of the MOST complicated material for decades, stated, “If we were playing Rolling Stones, we’d still be playing it…”. I wont propose to stage Heart inbetween country and RUSH, but suffice to say, the harder the material, the harder it is to play, and the harder it is to KEEP on playing.

I am more than glad the wife talked me into going to this show, and again, as an ex-working musician, I’m pretty hard on performers. If I see or hear something I don’t like, most often, there’s a good reason for it, and they really didn’t let me down. So much so, that I basically recommended anyone/everyone should go see them, because you never know how long it will last. Hell, they played Zepplin, and Yes, almost better THAN Zepplin, and Yes (and that ain’t no joke).

@SthrnMixer as always Robert, I love it when you chime in brother, ELR wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t. My take on the 65/69 year old sisters, with a pro touring group backing them was, “Yeah, I’d go see them again”. Without hesitation.

For perspective, my wife made me drag out some old studio mixes that I recorded way back when we met, and as we listened to the tracks I was thinking, “Wow, how the hell did I do that”. I couldn’t keep up with them now, AND, I’m not near 65, or 69.



Oh NO DOUBT brother!!
Wasn’t criticizing them at all. I was trying to be complementary in fact.

But to me, it’s the same as trying to go see Metallica, Dream Theatre, or say Anthrax when they’re 65-70… There’s just no way to deliver the goods in an authentic manner.

Great trip down memory lane (nostalgia show) abso-fucking-lutely!! But I’m also one who would rather hold the original memories in place, rather than have them ‘diluted’ (In the similar way I did with seeing Queensryche in one of their last shows [while the behind the scenes legal shit started] and how the show suffered, compared to seeing them in their prime during the Operation Mindcrime tour, or Metallica’s …And Justice For All! tour)

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.
Wasn’t intending to rain on your parade. :frowning:
Just my 2¢

PS: I think your phone prefers SthrnMixer! :rofl:


LOL @'s suck on the cell.


Have you guys ever seen the Wilson sisters doing Led Zeppelin? Watching the boys’ reactions is priceless.


I was going to say they’re out there getting after that paycheck, as quite a few aging musicians need to do. When the passion and fire driving the performances of earlier days is strong, the pay was just icing on the cake. But when factoring in age and all that comes with it, the passion for touring seems to dwindle and take a back seat. There’s little left to motivate them going on tour otherwise except for that check.


I do believe some do it because they simply miss performing for a live audience.


@natbone They did Zepp and Yes, better than Zepp and Yes. I was more than impressed.


Picking up the gauntlet!

I’ve seen Heart a few times. One very memorable performance was in Munich, GE back in the 80s. Then I saw them in Charlotte, NC circa 1995. I remember thinking then just how spot on they still are. Nancy’s guitar playing always impressed me, but Ann’s vocals - totally other-worldly. They still find themselves on all my playlists!!!

FYI I read your words regarding drumming. I haven’t played in over 20 years myself but lately I’ve been checking out kits and starting to salivate at the thought of banging skins again.


Oh I totally agree. I miss being on stage myself and I’m not even close to professional status! But I was more or less bouncing off the observations @Sprkslfly made about enthusiasm and lack of energy some bands/artists exhibit with age.


On a somewhat related note, I was explaining to my oldest son today that when the day comes that the Stones stop touring they’ll probably all be dead within a month. Except for Keith, of course.


Oh YES @SthrnMixer You MUST, You SHALL, You HAVE to get a kit !!!


It’s funny because I saw a LOT of phones out recording at the concert, but no videos up on YT. I changed mine to public, and have had multiple people message me for all the raw clips. Not sure what all those videographers did with their vids.

One of the most striking shots (blurry) was the last pic that I stuck at the end. We were in the 7th row, and almost everyone was recording it. I briefly panned around to show the entire site (blurry), and it was literally packed, including out into the lawn seats. I hate recording an entire show, because then you miss out on it, being there. Wish I would have recorded more.


When I saw Roger Waters last year there was some kind of jamming device in the arena. Most of my video attempts were just a blank screen when viewed. Really sucked because I had no idea such tech was being used at concerts. Freaky.


I think Keith is already dead. Or perhaps…UNdead…:zombie: