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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win US-Made Mamasan Premium E-liquid, Enjoy Best Flavor & Vapor--4/4




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Hey guys! I know we all like to make our own eliquid, but curiosity really has me wanting to win this and try these eliquids…probably because I have never ever had commercial juice of any kind, but this giveaway needs at least 20 participants, but so far we only have 7, so I am asking if anyone can help this giveaway out and maybe just post one entry if your really not interested just to get the numbers up…and hey, if you happen to win and really don’t want it, just have them send it to me instead because I will gladly take it!!! Thanks everyone for your help!

Also, this is only open to U.S. residents, so if you are not in the U.S. I am very sorry for tagging you, but I really don’t know where everyone is from off the top of my head…


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Continued from last post…
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1.Which flavor of the Mamasan Premium E-liquid do you most want to try?
Purple Cheesecake! (that color sounds delicious!)

2.What e-liquid flavor and PG/VG ratio do you usually use?
Unicorn Milk 40/60 PG/VG (9mg)

3.Tag more than 3 of your vape friends here.
@anon60225325 @gpc2012 @Sprkslfly @Lolly

4.Share anything related to e-juice, such as your e-liquid collection, meme, vapor tricks.
I have a mini collection of Joyetech MODS and Tanks! I make e-juice!

5.Share the Mamasan Premium E-liquid on any of your social media pages.


I like 70%vg and 30% pg
@SunnyT i cant win this but happy to help make up some numbers good luck



If by some chance i win please give it to @SunnyT as i dont live in America

  1. Not a Contest Entry, I want to help to get the participant count up.
    Good Luck, I hope whomever wins Loves their Mamasan :slight_smile:


Guava Pop for sure.


70vg/30pg or 85vg/15pg


@GalacticResidue @Cutlass92 @fidalgo_vapes


The HOARD !!!