HELP! I'm upgrading this week, BATTERIES/RTA/RDA MODS THE LOT!

A quick bit of background…

Here’s my best friend, my light sabre my fricken superstick.

I’ve had it few months, it’s an ASPIRE CF SUB ohm battery


I’ve recently just got the tank extender to take it up to 5ml of juice per fill… But you guys probably already know exactly what it is.

This was the boy that sparked the obsession with vaping and has got me into diy mixing.

So here’s my problem,

It’s my birthday this week and the wife says I deserve to go mental with this new ‘hobby’ :hear_no_evil:

I’m a chef with no social life or time to really cram everything I’d love to do in so all my vapeducation has came from the only half decent caper shop in my local town vaporiseduk

And my best friend. He’s told me I need to get the kanger sub tank mini. Which il be getting even just to have for the sake of it

I’m not on reedit and I’m hardly ever on YouTube, but I did just see a lemo drip tank? That’s similar to sub tank mini and atlantas?

Anyway the REAL question at hand here is I’m heading to the rightful path of dripping and building my own coils etc, but I need to know with battery I should be going with. The guy in vaporised is begging me to buy a smok m-80 my besty says he’s just not convinced, he’s on an mvp 3 but says he thinks there is better things on the market :see_no_evil:

He says I need to find something with a good variable wattage but now he’s saying from what he’s researched I need to find something with a DNA chip to get better life out of my coils…

I’m between a rock and a hard place, i know I’m heading towards buy a jig? And Japanese cotton but what battery should I be looking for that il be able to run my tanks off of I.e me atlantas and the sub tank mini, then my RDA when I get there.

I’m sorry for the essay but and I know a lot of people would say I should be going through a million reviews and researching for myself but I haven’t the time I wish I did but I turn to you my new vape fam!

Thank you in advance!

I have so much more I would like to ask etc but il keep that to my small comment on other threads

Thanks Logan

P.s my fav juices on the market arm are the ruthless grape drank and swamp think so I’m a vg cloud chasing tastaholic

I don’t have them yet (in the works!), but an eleaf istick 50w, kanger subtank, and a magma were suggested to me as a “beginner” setup ( Mod + Tank/RDA/RBA/RTA for Noobs? ). Take that fwiw. I’ve learned a heck of a lot in the last couple weeks here. I love the setup of this forum, the people, that it’s easy to read through posts, and it’s small enough that it isn’t so overwhelming. Good luck and make sure to let us know what you wind up with!

My mate Phil said to hit up the eleaf Istick too, looks pretty cool. I do like the look of the m-80 too.

However the istick looks like it’s got everything tbf

Thanks for your input @jojo I did read you thread and got a lot from it. What’s the magma?

I’m using the sigeli 100 watt plus with the lemo tank and it really does the job for me. I vape constantly and the batteries will last me at least 2 days without having to be 're charged!!

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Get yourself an istick and a Lemo drop , I’ve went nuts buying Rta . It was my first rebuildable and still remains my favorite . Great flavour easy to build and adequate airflow for nice clouds . You’ll get a lot of opinions I’m sure . The m80 is about the same price as the istick 50 so that may be a way to go as well , I hear they are good too.


I have heard a lot of that as well @Chris21. I can’t quite afford a setup like that yet, but I’m hoping it’s in the cards for the future. Of course, by the time I can afford it either A) something new and better will be around or B) serious vaping in the US will be a black market only operation. :stuck_out_tongue:

@LoganMcguire the Magma is an RDA. I believe it was suggested because it is easy to build on and is one coil. From what I gather, the iStick is versatile enough to be used with pretty much whatever you’d want, has a nice form factor, and is safer when you’re learning to build because it is regulated. I’m a chicken, and the thought of sub ohm vaping and/or an unregulated mech mod scares the crap out of me. I’m convinced I’m going to screw up and blow up something. LoL But, the 50w iStick will do sub ohm if wanted.

Go for the Lemo, Joytech Delta 2 or the if you decide on the Kanger, which I use ,spend the few extra dollars and get the subtank not the Minnie.It holds way more juice.Also heard great things about the Hercules,but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.
Just picked up a IPV 3 150 watt box.It kicks I have a chain coil build in is Mutation X dropper.0.3 ohms ,3.2 volts at 30 watts.Making huge clouds.Have 2 18650 2400 Mah batteries in it.
Going to build a dual chain coil this weekend.

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Cheers @Chris21 I’ve heard some good reviews on the sidelines, but I’m a wee guy I heard it would look huge in my hands and that it doesn’t feel to good, however the 150 looks amazing

Cheers @hairbag I think il hit up the lemo, maybe even wait for the lemo two and get the subtankmini meantime. If I go istick or even m-80 I’d rather go with the mini as its 22 mm and would fit as snug as a bug :smiley: I’ve seen the subtank hanging over a lot of devices and I just don’t think it should however hit up eBay there is replaceable glass for the mini that is barrel shaped gives you an ex 1ml in the tank if that helps dude.

@JoJo hmmmm sooooo I go istick save some pennies and can also add the magma to the collection!!! :thumbsup: BOOOSH!!!

Cheers ma man! You hitting the dropsies yet? If so what you dropping?

Did I not see you mention a goblin on another thread?

Forgot to mention ,if you get A Kanger you might want to go with a different drip tip, as they tend to have a small chimney.

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I have a goblin it’s a great tank but I wouldn’t get it to start out …go single coil Rta to start building . I have a aqua v2 clone from fasttech that is a dripper and a tank …maybe check that out too . Kinda best of both worlds …have a magma clone and a Tobh on route this week as well .

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If you can contain yourself wait the for the Lemo 2 …that’s a big if tho .

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A Lemo 2 is a must though isnt it my friend haha. I’ve seen a job lot n EBAY UK that looks the shit!

If I can get a steal for under £60 I’m a sneak it past the misses in the post…

Just to build my collection…

It’s got a lot to start off with

I also have the sigelei 100 watt & love it. It’s had time to be put threw the paces & I still haven’t seen a bad thing about it. Iv had the MVP & a Istick an while great most of the time there will almost guaranteed be a time when you’ll want more power than an Istick can give you. Weather it’s to try in bring out flavors of a juice at higher watts, or test out the newest super build you seen on youtube. While I don’t always use it to its full power it’s came in handy more than a few times. To me 100 watt device is perfect you can go down to 7watts and use a simple clearomizer or go up in power & sub-ohm with your drippers. Iv got a few drippers & for a cheap an simple one I truly love my igo-w, and iv seen it for as low as $4, it’s actually still one of my favorites. I have samsung 25r’s for batteries they’re great & iv only seen positive reviews on them 99% saying they’re the best batteries out. I bought 2 pairs & that’s enough to keep me vaping 24hrs a day on a sub ohm build if need be. I wouldn’t worry about all the new high tech stuff just yet. Get something that’s tried & tested and simple enough that you can still relax and enjoy vaping. Any questions just ask. Good luck…


And I’d highly suggest online buying if possible as iv seen local vape shop prices nearly double those of online


Indeed, simple is good. I have a few Igo-w attys myself; drilled out to various mm airflow intakes.

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When I started vaping, I frequented the vape shops to learn as much as I could about hardware and mixing. Yes, I bought product at the higher prices; kinda like saying thanks for the information. However, once armed with knowledge, I didn’t frequent the shops anymore. I can’t fault them for the prices they charge; I’m sure owning or renting a brick and mortar shop and the costs associated with such, eat up much of their profits. But for the person who doesn’t have a bundle of expendable cash to blow at the shops, the Internet is your friend.


If you’ve been using the Atlantis and go to the Lemo I think you may be disappointed with the air flow. I had the Orchid before the Atlantis and it all but ruined me from using the Orchid anymore. However, flavor-wise the Lemo stomps the Atlantis.

I saw the Joyetech Delta II mentioned. I have that and let me tell you that having used several tanks, the Delta II by far has the most flavor for the cloud production. Of course as tanks go it gets about as much fuel mileage as an army tank! Big time guzzler…perhaps more than any of my drippers. But I don’t think you would want to pair that with a iStick 50w. Oh it will run it, but the sweet spot most people agree on with the Delta II is 45 watts…which is 90% of the battery’s max output. I think it best to run it on something that will output 80-100 watts or more…just to keep from maxing it out all the time.

That said, I also have the Sub Tank by Kanger and I’m not impressed. To fire it beyond 25 watts you have to pull on it like your sucking a banana through a straw, otherwise wicking can’t keep up and you dry hit. Keep it 25 watts or less and (for me at least) the clouds are not exactly thick and full. Yes, others will argue but this is my experience. The rebuildable atty is not much better, but a little. Still you give up air flow when you use it. I haven’t tried the rebuild deck for the Delta II yet but have heard it’s similar, yet still great vapor and flavor.

Hope my 2 pennies helps.

The reason I suggested the Lemo is basically ease of building for a first time build and flavor . I have a lot of the popular rbas and the Lemo is the easiest which makes it my go to quick build setup . If it’s airflow and massive clouds you want I’d get the goblin …it has great flavor too but is harder to build and wick

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