Help with an RDA - Favorite Wick for Best Flavor?

I bought this Anyvape Sega Tank RDA V2 Coil Head deck… it came in the mail today.

I’ve gone through all the 5 stages of grief and accepted the fact I’m building coils again.

I’m ready to put on my reading glasses and get out the tiny screw drivers.

I’ve watched many video’s to make sure I don’t have any unwanted cadmium explosions…

That being said… what is everyone’s favorite wicking material for a coil deck like this. I bought some cotton bacon V2 on ebay (per a members advice) but I would like to ask what people feel will give them the best flavor in one of these little guys? How long do you get on a wick if you chain vape?

And thank you all for any comments!

I personally go through stages…meaning I’ll use a material until I’m sick of it, then switch it up…
Cotton bacon v2
Koh gen do cotton
Drago Egyptian cotton
Native wicks
Those are the ones I rotate…but I am currently awaiting a delivery from…they are sending me a sampler pack of his wicks…
Hope this helps…


I’d like to know how his stuff works out! Keep us posted!:ok_hand:He’s a bit more expensive than most, but I bet it’s great stuff! :wink:

I’ve only got 150 more pads to go :scream:…had this package for about 6 months now! Works great for me!

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I bought the same ones. They work great! I bought them on ebay for somewhere around 5 bucks.

I have only used a couple dozen pads myself but have given a bunch away. Anytime someone buys some juice from me I will throw in a couple free pads :smile:


Oh wow, thanks all of you guys! If I can ask, with those pads how long do you guys feel like they last before you have to switch out the cotton?

I switch often

Did you see his sampler for $8?

Lone vote for hemp. At minimum it doesn’t burn as easily and it doesn’t do that weird decomposition you get with really elderly cotton wicks. I also feel it wicks faster, but I think the claim of 80% greater juice capacity is total bogus.

That said, I am discovering tonight that I can’t wick my Bellus with hemp without major leaks, but I think I may be getting errant strands across an oring here and there causing them…but I’m not certain yet.

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I haven’t scoured his website yet… I’ll look around for the sampler! Thx for the heads up! :wink:

I noticed your choice of tanks are not any of the choices of top tanks that a lot of vapers post on ELR. You seem to have issues with what you buying. I know it’s mostly about preference but it may help if you try a popular tank setup. I only use organic Japanese cotton but I don’t think it actually contribute to the performance of the tank itself. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a tanks performance but I’ve found that wicking material has had no effect on the tanks I use.

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@Pro_Vapes oh yes, I know the Atlantis 2 was indeed a bad choice - but I’m stuck with these tanks for a while. I am hoping Aspire will just stop goofing around and make a cheap, safe stock coil that doesn’t taste like cardboard - but in the mean time spending $10.00 on a couple of these decks wasn’t that expensive.

Most of the folks on this site have been telling me if I don’t build my own coils and wicks, I will never know what I’m vaping, and they are right! There are also folks that absolutely love these new rda’s on other blogs.

I did find an ebay seller yesterday who is cloning the Atlantis 2 coil already and making it with better cotton. I bought 5. The first one of the pack is not too shabby! I only paid 8.00 for 5 of them. If I can get a whole lot of those at that price, this rda can go in the drawer until the next best thing comes out.

I am grateful for everyone’s suggestions! (But I cant try everything because that would cost a lot lol)

I am looking for the favorite wick of this group, I put the pads that were suggested in my cart at Amazon. I will try the hemp.

Out of curiosity - Has anyone tried the ceramics? I really like the idea of a rock in the coil I don’t have to change very often.

i tried the hemp thing, but found that if there were any scragglers at all, when i hit the fire button, they would burn…so i gave up on hemp…i coulda probably done a better job keeping my wick tight but at the time, i wasnt in the mood…maybe i’ll visit that material again sometime…


That is a very good piece of information to have. Thank you!

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I’ve got these Muji things sitting on a shelf. Ordered them and then got a notice that they’d be arriving FROM JAPAN within a couple months. :frowning:

So I bought some random rebagged cotton to tide me over (and cuz I wanted to try a new guage wire) and I still haven’t even gone thru 1/4 of those. I should probably at least open the direct import Muji to make sure it isn’t full of beetles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I don’t even care if there’s a new miracle wick out there, I’m set for a LONG while.

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Upon the advice of you folks, I bought the puffs this afternoon (free shipping) but they are coming from far far away so I am going to have to wait for those.

I have a few squares here of unknown origin or substance from buying the two rda’s and a couple of drippers I bought a long time ago. (Dripping for me personally is for the brave of heart)

The puffs have all 5 star ratings so there must be something very good happening there.

Now if only the drip tip adapters for the Atlantis would get here as I really don’t care for the “gas main size” drip tip on these tanks either.

I do have to say though - these things do manufacture clouds. My husband got up and walked across the room last night when we were watching TV saying he couldn’t see the dog and was afraid he might run into a wall.


That’s too funny! Hey Maureenie, watch some wicking videos where Japanese cotton is used. That’s likely the squares you have now that came with your toppers. I’ve gotten them too and they are always decent quality for sure, and I wouldn’t hesitate to wick it on up. My personal preference is to remove the outer “skin” from the pads, but I have used them with it attached as well with zero adverse effects. In face I used to save those skins to wrap some of the vertical rebuilds I’ve done with some coils. Keep after it…you’ll hit your sweet spot.

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Yes, he is a very funny guy. (Although sarcastic at times) yes the source of the squares I have is reputable (and I do know where they work) so I would say you are right and I will do that!

I love the idea of keeping that outer skin for the vertical rebuilds! Thank you.

It’s so weird with this stuff though. If this vaping thing doesn’t work out, I’m pretty sure I could be a professional hoarder. The pile in the corner of gear just keeps getting bigger and bigger… I’ve branched into 3 closets. Dear God, where does it end?!!

Shoot, I had to dedicate my spare bedroom to my vape gear. The closet is where I am starting to store all the juice I am making. The room itself has been turned into a lab for mixing. I buy a tank or a mod or both every week. I have given away 4 complete setups to my friends who want to quit smoking. I have multiple tanks of the same brands so I can change up my juice whenever I want without having to tear a setup down. Its an addiction I tell ya! But I enjoy it.

The Goliath is a really good tank if you want to try the ceramic coil heads. They vape quite well. The Goliath is about $35 or so. I have only used one of my ceramics because I prefer the vape quality of a custom coil. But it is a very nice vape.


Got my son hooked on the Goliath V2…he loves it and the ceramic coil heads. He’s not a builder like his old man, but I rebuild the ceramic heads for him and he’ll take care of me when I run out of money in my old age! Win! :grinning:

Isn’t that what children are for… a plan B (for backup) retirement plan? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: