How do I start making my own stevia sweetened liquid?

I’m starting from the bottom and need to know everything I will need to diy. I really want to make it with stevia or pyure. I’m totally clueless. What are the best sites to buy from?


Welcome. It would help others recommending sites to shop to know what part of the world you are in. To get started on the info, there are tons of threads for beginners here. The search function is nice for finding threads related to mixing stevia and here is just one of a few Ozo Stevia Stone
Gl to you!


In short of ozo’s Mix you could go with


Might like to read:


Thank you!! I am in the United States, in Indiana. Do I need to add it to my profile somehow?


No, you don’t need a to add a location to your profile. Folks just don’t want to assume your in the US.


Personally I use the KAL brand of stevia for my diy, I did get it from DIYFS (, but for some reason I can’t find it on their site today. Really like stevia for my juice, and I normally only use 1 drop, or 2 drops max per 30ml,3 drops if I want something super-sweet. Super-concentrated. Stevia works really well for me, doesn’t gunk coils that I’m aware and no wierd aftertaste either. The KAL brand is really good, and a 15ml bottle lasts a long, long time.


I use Now brand Glycerite Stevia (at 0.5% in fruit mixes, dont use it in bakery mixes) that I ordered from Amazon as I started using Stevia long before all the DIY vendors had vape specific brands.


Thanks so much for all the links everyone. Very helpful! Not so overwhelmed now! I never realized how many ppl make their own. This is a great community!


@Adrienne22 I am starting to test using Stevia and am using @ozo’s stevia stone. Didn’t want to buy premixed for fear of additives, picked up a tin of Stevita Stevia, and mixed it 1/2 teaspoon in a 15ml bottle, and topped it off with PG. Ozo is the expert for sure and he also uses ACV and Lime juice in an adaption of his stone to further accent fruits, but I’m still working on testing with JUST pure Stevia. The Stevita brand is 100% pure, no additives.


I feel confident with my now brand glycerite ingredients:

If you want to test some PM me your shipping details and I will mail you 15ml to test, no cost. I have 2 x 60ml bottles and it will probably go bad before I can use it as I only use it with fruits and I think I am done with fruit vapes.


@SessionDrummer Did your mix separate after a while? I mixed up 10 mls using 2 g of Stevia (Reb-A) with 9ml of PG (20% dilution). I used in my coffee for about a week, went to use it this morning and it was staring to like ball up. Checked it after work and it was separated, Stevia on the bottom and PG on top.


@28If, No mine did not separate at all. Now I notice you mixed twice the strength (slightly more) than I did. I used just over a gram in 15ml of PG, whereas you used 2 grams in 10ml. I’m still experimenting with it on my end, so I will perhaps have to mix up a 2x strength to match yours and see what results I get. For now, @ 1g per 15ml it’s mixed good.


ok, that helps. I’ll remix it tomorrow at a lower concentration. Thank you for the follow up!

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